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Giving up a few things this week

June 27, 2006

This week I’m giving up two things.

1) Eating at night
2) Masturbating

Giving up each of these things is immensly difficult. I always get hungry after I brush my teeth (brushed at 11pm), and I whenever I have nothing to do, I break out the porn.

I am giving up the masturbation because of the fact that every time i jack off, something bad happens, and each day i avoid it, i build up a good luck strain. So, I figure if I give it up for a week or two, I’ll have enough good luck to pull of something really awesome. In addition to that, I always feel better in the middle of the day if I haven’t looked at porn or anything like that.

You might ask “Why are you giving it up now?” . Well, tonight I was riding my bike through the woods, and I ran into a guy I knew several years ago. His name’s Matt Zimmerman, and he’s wanted to beat my head flat ever since he got the idea that I stole his cell phone. During our original encounter, he forced me to take the blame for his missing cell phone, and said he would beat me up and kill me with his friends if I didn’t. so, I took the blame, and agreed to pay him for his new phone. This encounter was back when I was a teenager, and this forced me to become a recluse for fear that he and his friends would murder me if they found me out in public.

Well, Tonight i just saw him, and biked away before he could say anything. I did get kind of pissed off at myself for not saying anything. So, it’s my plan to build up a strain of good luck by not masturbating, and tell him to fuck off to his face some time after a week has passed.

Hopefully this plan works out. The guy certainly deserves it for fucking up my life so bad.

As for why i’m giving up the late night eating… I just need to, that’s all. I want to lose this weight faster, and I think this will help. My current weight is 230, so I did pass my 50 pound mark. I need to lose more faster though.

In other news, I plan on visiting the fireworks/carnival this weekend. I hope to get some photos of the fireworks, but I”m not sure if the weather will be camera safe. So, We’ll just see how the weather is on sunday. The carnival should be fun though. All the carnies have filled up the parking lot by the pond in orion with their Rv’s and such. I Think they’ll start setting up some time later this week.

Here’s a picture of me. Some people have said I don’t look ugly anymore. Huzzah for that.



June 25, 2006

Today i rode bike for 10 miles, bought bird seed for an injured bird who has been on our lawn for several days, and ate a few mini chicken wings for dinner.

legs are still stiff from yesterday, and my ankle was acting up when riding the bike.

New camera comes today. Should be here in about 7 hours.

I should be going to bed, but i’m not sure… actually, i probably will.

Tomorrow, if I get my camera, I’ll be going out to addison oaks to take photos of dad’s trail for him. I also want to bike around some other places to take some photos. I’m a little concerned about the size of the camera. I’m not sure if it will fit in my camera bag.

And that’s all I have.

Blues Festival: The Aftermath

June 24, 2006

Today was the day of the blues festival. I got up at 2:30, ate lunch, did some internet, and then left.

I rode my bike to the show because i knew my feet would be hurting if i had to stand on my feet all day, and then walk back home. When I got there, i locked my bike up, but my lock didn’t want to secure. I spent about 20 minutes battling it until it finally locked, and let me walk away with my key.

I managed to walk right in without anybody asking for my ticket. I’m not sure how, but they just watched me walk right by without saying a thing.

The event was much busier than last year. Much more people walking around. The stage was the same, just about every event here in oxford uses the same stage. But, the whole thing was much more lively.

I wore a hat, and my sunglasses to the show to prevent overheating.

After an hour and a half i walked across the street to ken’s coney island for dinner. I didn’t feel like getting in one line to buy food tickets to get in another line to buy food with the tickets. The food did look good though.

Ate a cheeseburger and fries at ken’s. They were good.

Came back, walked right in without being asked for my ticket.

Walked into the beer tent, and got my arm band. Bought one 20oz beer for $5. Drank it next to the rednecks hanging out in the beer tent, the only area where you are allowed to drink alcoholic beverages. One redneck had a hot girlfriend, but i resisted looking at her to avoid being beaten up the redneck who would be sure to become enraged if I had looked at her.

As I walked out, some cop said “hey mikey”. I think i recognized the voice, but I don’t know.. yeah, alright. I did say hey back though.

Watched some bands, they were good. More energy than the bands who played last year.

Sat down by the lake with some people and this fat girl wearing a “PRO-LIFE T-SHIRT DAY” shirt walked past us to lay down on her towl. When she lied down, the front of the shirt was shown. “ABORTION KILLS” with a picture of an aborted fetus. I made sure to hang out to say something when she got up to leave. Skip ahead 15 minutes, i had been holding a happy-man smile for about 10 minutes, and when she got up i looked at her with a smiling face and said “I like your shirt”. She gave me the typical look a fat, hot (temperature), angry, pro-life women gives a man.

After that, I was feeling pretty fresh. So, I walked around several of the booths up around the festival. The most interesting one was one for the “NORTH OAKLAND COUNTY REPUBLICAN CLUB”. I stopped by there, and looked at some of the buttons they were selling at $3.00 a peice. Here’s a short list of some of the pins:

  • “Somewhere in arkansas, a village is missing it’s idiot” with a photo of hillary clinton
  • “Big-Ot – A conservative winning an argument with a liberal”
  • “No Gun Control / Yes Border Control”

I don’t think they did did much thinking when coming up with the pins, but I made sure to smile, and laugh at many of them. Eventually, one of the guys came up to talk to me, and he asked me if I was a conservative. I told him “I’m a big time liberal”, and we had a fun chat about how liberals are destroying america, and all these liberal countries are just lazy pussies.

So then i watched a bunch of bands. Each band was great in their own way. Instrumental blues sounds pretty awesome. Then while i was watching this one band, this cop walked up to me and asked to see my wristband. The band was still playing, and i pulled out my ticket to show him. he said “NO! YOU NEED TO HAVE A WRISTBAND! I DON’T CARE IF YOU HAVE A TICKET! YOU NEED A WRISTBAND!”.

So, I walked all the way back down to the gate, and got my wrist band. Then I walked back to where i was, and watched the band for about 25 more minutes.

By that time, I had a big headache. So, I walked back across the street to the parking lot i locked my bike up at, and rode all the way back home.

The show was pretty great. I’m happy to have gone. I just wish I would have brought my camera along to take a picture of all the republican pins.

That’s all.

blues festival

June 23, 2006

The second annual oxford blues festival will be happening tomorrow, and i’m going.

Some of you may remember me almost dying during the festival last summer. This year, I plan on not drinking any chocolate milk, and not wearing pants to the show.

Last year, the show was over at the police station / old fire house. This year, it’s happening at scripter beach, the more ghetto of the two local beaches. I would honestly prefer the police station, since it’s closer to town, and the stores that are in it. However, there should be pleanty of things to keep me hydrated.

Last year, the festival started around 10am. This year, it starts at 12pm, and goes until 12am. I will probably show up around 3, or 5. I’m going to ride the bike up there, and chain the thing down.

Speaking of the bike, I bought some new peddals today. I got $4 off the $40 pricetag as a result of the 10% mmba member discount Paintcreek Bicycles has. These peddals are aluminum, and keep a pretty good handle on my feet when they are wet, or jumpy. They also installed them free of charge for me. Huzzah, Paintcreek Bikes.

My new camera will be here on monday. i wish i would have ordered it earlier so i would have it in time for the blues festival, but what are ya gonna do?

If you’re starting to excercise this summer, make sure not to wear a backpack when you excercise. Why? Here’s your answer.

Anyway, that’s all i have to talk about. See ya later, people.

what happend

June 21, 2006

$50 from grandmother
$100 from parents

Bought a tuner for my bass guitar. Owner of the store gave me a $10 ticket to the blues festival as a birthday gift, as well as a 15 track sampler cd.

Went out to dinner, chinese buffet. That was alright.

Rode bike out to the uncle/cousin’s house. Had a chat with cousin.

Was going to buy some alcohol but i didn’t feel like it.

Happy to get the ticket to the blues festival. I was planning on going.. That’s happening on saturday, i think. Some day… Should be fun.

I ordered a new camera, and I got a 2GB sdcard with it as a special over at newegg. Here’s the camera: canon a620.

Time to go bike. See ya later, folks.

the first 3.5 hours of being 23.

June 19, 2006

I’ve been 23 for 3 and half hours now, and i’m not having very much fun.

CentOS3 on virtuozzo is not a good operating system. Attempting to install yum for this guy, it demands we install libxml2-python, and libxml2-python demands libxml2. We have libxml2 installed, but it demands another version. I check the version, it wants a version older than the one we have installed. I try and find another version, but it never works. FreeBSD is better. Stop using linux, people.

On top of those Centos3 on virtuozzo problems, Centos4 is not available on virtuozzo. Aparently they did at some time, but no longer is this the case.

I did ride the bike today, and my odometer now reads 801.93. The trip took me south from my house to orion, west down indianwood road, north up the pollyann trail up into town, then i rode all the way to stoney beach. The beach is alright. I stayed there for about 10 minutes, then continued back south towards town, then headed east home. On the trip, I found two golf balls outside of two different golf courses.

I’m considering switching a forum from IPB to vB when vB 3.5 is out.

People give me shit too often. He’s probably going to read this some time.. Fuck you, aussie bob. I don’t really hate you, but you were a real dick in that religion thread. From reading my posts about blue27, you know I hate it when people are condescending, and you purposely did it in that thread.

[20:22] Mikey: will i get banned if i send bob a pm telling him to stop being a “condescending cock whore” ?
[20:30] Anonymous Friend: maybe

That’s from the heart.

It turns out my 128MB flash card went dead. I spent a shit load of money on that card, and it’s dead now.. Fucking olympus.

Well, that’s it from me. See ya later, people.

why today was not a good day

June 18, 2006

I could not bike today as a result of much rain coming down from the skies.

It stopped for about 10 minutes, and that gave me enough time to get all my stuff on, jump on the bike, and ride one mile out to the oxford lakes gate. Unfortunantly, the rain turned back on, and i had to ride a mile back home in the rain.

By the time I got home, I was soaking wet. I managed to get two miles on my odometer though.

The thunder storms are supposed to be scattered, tomorrow. I hope to make it out on the bike to ride 13 miles. That’s how many miles i need to ride to hit my 800 mile goal.

The something awful forums were a buzz last night as we watched the online tom green show. Several goons made it onto the show, and one person called in under the alias of “mikey from michigan”, and went on to insult the call screener who had been pissing off many of the goons. That went on until about 4am, and i had to go to bed before they could come back on.

The photo hosting site is getting pretty big. Daily numbers vary, but today we had about a hundred new uploads. We’re using a total of 927MB, and 83.6GB of outgoing bandwidth has been burned this month.

I’m going to be buying this camera in a day or two. I’ve been in need of a new camera for a little while now. Yes.

I’ve had an ongoing headache for a few days now.

I’m going to upgrade this machine to freebsd 6.1-stable tonight… probably tomorrow, actually. That should help with operations.

And that’s about it. Take care, internet users.

Why are 11 year olds bothering me?

June 17, 2006

Earlier this week some guy messaged me;

[16:43] turtlelover7123: hi
[16:43] *** Auto-response sent to turtlelover7123: i am going to bed.
[16:43] sdrawkcab yekim: hi
[16:43] turtlelover7123: hi
[16:44] sdrawkcab yekim: what do you need?
[16:44] turtlelover7123: nm
[16:44] turtlelover7123: wats up
[16:44] sdrawkcab yekim: just watching some tv.
[16:44] sdrawkcab yekim: who are you?
[16:44] turtlelover7123: who are u
[16:44] turtlelover7123: how old
[16:44] turtlelover7123: i am 11
[16:44] sdrawkcab yekim: you messaged me.
[16:44] sdrawkcab yekim: you dumbfuck
[16:44] turtlelover7123: how old u
[16:44] sdrawkcab yekim: fuck that.
[16:44] turtlelover7123: mtoher
[16:44] sdrawkcab yekim: bye
Session Close (turtlelover7123): Mon Jun 12 17:19:08 2006

I know, i was a dick. I just didn’t feel like dealing with any young kids on my aim, especially with all the risks involved in having any contact with youngsters on the internet. So, i just blocked the kid off.

So then this one messages me:

Session Start (sdrawkcabyekim:sucaplaya534): Tue Jun 13 16:36:48 2006
[16:36] sucaplaya534: hey
[16:36] sucaplaya534: this is turltelovers friend
[16:37] sdrawkcab yekim: what do you want
[16:37] sucaplaya534: notin
[16:37] sucaplaya534: i am friends with turtlelover
[16:37] sucaplaya534: i am nice
[16:37] sdrawkcab yekim: i don’t even know who turtlelover is
[16:37] sucaplaya534: hs cool
[16:37] sdrawkcab yekim: It’s a he?
[16:37] sucaplaya534: ya
[16:38] sdrawkcab yekim: that’s pretty hilarious
[16:39] sdrawkcab yekim: okay, so what do you need?
[16:39] sucaplaya534: notin
[16:39] sucaplaya534: just wana talk
[16:40] sdrawkcab yekim: i have a big god damn headache.
[16:41] sucaplaya534: wow
[16:41] sucaplaya534: how old are you?
[16:41] sucaplaya534: like i am 11
[16:41] sdrawkcab yekim: 23 in 7 days.
[16:41] sucaplaya534: shit
[16:41] sdrawkcab yekim: why would i want to talk to an 11 year old?
[16:41] sucaplaya534: dono
[16:41] sucaplaya534: see yah
[16:41] sdrawkcab yekim: laterios.
Session Close (sucaplaya534): Tue Jun 13 16:41:56 2006

Session Start (sdrawkcabyekim:sucaplaya534): Tue Jun 13 16:42:07 2006
[16:42] sucaplaya534: yup
Session Close (sucaplaya534): Tue Jun 13 16:42:11 2006

Session Start (sdrawkcabyekim:sucaplaya534): Tue Jun 13 16:42:12 2006
[16:42] sucaplaya534: your not 23
[16:42] sdrawkcab yekim: yes i am.
[16:42] sucaplaya534: oh
[16:42] sucaplaya534: see yah
Session Close (sucaplaya534): Tue Jun 13 16:42:37 2006

He was a dick.

Well, then the original turtle lover messages me while i’m gone:

Session Start (sdrawkcabyekim:fantastic4fan012): Tue Jun 13 18:36:47 2006
[18:36] fantastic4fan012: hi
[18:36] *** Auto-response sent to fantastic4fan012: i’m out on my bike, and i will see you when i get back.
Session Close (fantastic4fan012): Tue Jun 13 18:38:10 2006

Session Start (sdrawkcabyekim:fantastic4fan012): Tue Jun 13 18:41:44 2006
[18:41] fantastic4fan012: yust so you no this is turtlelover7123 on my other accout I dont really like fantastic 4 a ton but I used this to talk to this annoying kid I hate and make fun of him im friends with sucaplaya534 you talked to earlyer and I want to talk to you im nice and cool and im not mean or trying to stalk you so please unblock turtlelover7123 so i can talk to you ill give you freinds if you want please unblock me
[18:41] *** Auto-response sent to fantastic4fan012: i’m out on my bike, and i will see you when i get back.
Session Close (fantastic4fan012): Tue Jun 13 18:44:17 2006

Session Start (sdrawkcabyekim:fantastic4fan012): Tue Jun 13 18:45:13 2006
[18:45] fantastic4fan012: you off your bike yet
[18:45] *** Auto-response sent to fantastic4fan012: i’m out on my bike, and i will see you when i get back.
Session Close (fantastic4fan012): Tue Jun 13 18:45:24 2006

Session Start (sdrawkcabyekim:fantastic4fan012): Tue Jun 13 19:06:36 2006
[19:06] fantastic4fan012: i just wanted to say one last time hope you can be my friend unblock me turtlelover7123
[19:06] *** Auto-response sent to fantastic4fan012: i’m out on my bike, and i will see you when i get back.
[19:11] sdrawkcab yekim: where did you get this screen name?
[19:11] *** Error while sending IM: This user is currently not logged on
Session Close (fantastic4fan012): Tue Jun 13 19:12:04 2006

Then tonight, i get a notice that someone sent me mail on aim. Can you believe that? I didn’t think anybody used aim mail. I was expecting a notice from AOL that they added some stupid new features, but NO! It was another god damn message from turtle lover!

hi i just wanted you to no that i relly want you to unblock me im nice and cool but i dont have much aim buddys and im not a stalker or somthin so please unblock and wats wrong about having another buddy

why are 11 year olds bothering me?

i crashed today

June 14, 2006

I went out on a very far bike ride, today.

Left home at 5pm, rode up through town, and into downtown lake orion. Spent 5 minutes resting there. Talked to an old guy who was riding a schwinn cruiser bike. He was hard to understand, but it was an OK conversation.

Started east through town, and continued that way through some residential areas. When i reached the point where I usually turn north, i continued east. That took me down some dirt roads, and after riding bike down those dirt roads down some unfamiliar roads, i decided that I had gotten myself lost. So, i continued for a while in search of humans.

a long time later, I found two guys riding their bikes on this trail i had never visited. I asked them where i was, and they told me i was about a mile from addison oaks. So, I continued east until reaching addison.

I went into addison after riding for a much longer time. At addison I met the dad, but just moments before i found him, i fell and banged up my knee. The fall drew blood, and i had trouble walking around. I managed to pick myself up, and got to meet up with dad to help out with the trail.

After spending a half hour there, i left and continued down lake george for a while until reaching the pollyann trail. I hadn’t rode the pollyann trail all year, and i thought it would be a nice trip back home.

The trip back home was fun. Total trip length was 20 miles. I have a big headache now. That’s all the words you get for now.

typing some words

June 12, 2006

i have a headache.

birthday is in 7 days and i’m not too wild about it. birthdays… agh, getting old.

i’m running out of space on my 300gb hard drive. I’m probably goign to install this ide over pci card to get some other hard drives hooked up to the computer.

I’m kind of embarassed to say that i’m getting back into enjoying wrestling. The people on the something awful forums make some hilarious observations, and it makes the whole thing enjoyable.

I’m hoping to get a pair of cycling shoes for my birthday.

i don’t feel like thinking anymore. see ya later