i crashed today

June 14, 2006

I went out on a very far bike ride, today.

Left home at 5pm, rode up through town, and into downtown lake orion. Spent 5 minutes resting there. Talked to an old guy who was riding a schwinn cruiser bike. He was hard to understand, but it was an OK conversation.

Started east through town, and continued that way through some residential areas. When i reached the point where I usually turn north, i continued east. That took me down some dirt roads, and after riding bike down those dirt roads down some unfamiliar roads, i decided that I had gotten myself lost. So, i continued for a while in search of humans.

a long time later, I found two guys riding their bikes on this trail i had never visited. I asked them where i was, and they told me i was about a mile from addison oaks. So, I continued east until reaching addison.

I went into addison after riding for a much longer time. At addison I met the dad, but just moments before i found him, i fell and banged up my knee. The fall drew blood, and i had trouble walking around. I managed to pick myself up, and got to meet up with dad to help out with the trail.

After spending a half hour there, i left and continued down lake george for a while until reaching the pollyann trail. I hadn’t rode the pollyann trail all year, and i thought it would be a nice trip back home.

The trip back home was fun. Total trip length was 20 miles. I have a big headache now. That’s all the words you get for now.


4 Responses to “i crashed today”

  1. Mike Bailey Says:

    are you sure it was an 11 year old kid?

  2. mikey Says:

    they said so.

  3. Mike Bailey Says:

    do you believe everything people say to you?

  4. Mike Bailey Says:

    that was cruel of me to ask that question. You have a nice site. I read your entries once in a while. Keep up the good work. I hope you had a good birthday. http://www.therealmikebailey.com

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