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she packed my bags.

January 30, 2005

didn’t sleep last night. didn’t get the dvd, didn’t sell domains, didn’t buy anything new.

nothing’s happening.

will call dvd people tomorrow.

going to bed, laterios.

ohh yeah, i got a new pillow; thanks mom.


get down on your knees and start to pray, hope my itchy rash will go away

January 30, 2005


Neither domain has sold, My dvd isn’t here, i downloaded a bunch of templates last night, only to find that they’re all stolen, this afternoon.

Dennis leary is uncensored on comedy central tonight, he’s kinda funny.

Today, i realized that i hate white girls. With shows like “the gilmore girls”, and “my sweet 16” on the tv, i just find them to be the most irritating people on the planet. Don’t think that my opinion is just based on their potrayals on tv, i also hate the ones i know in real life.

Latin, Black, and Asian girls for life.

That’s it, laterios.

and all those nights we spent together never felt so fucking cold

January 28, 2005


Been really busy for the past few days. I’ve virtually surrounded myself in domains, deciding which ones i can sell, and which one i will buy.

Days after i made $200 off of, i have been going nuts trying to make more cash off domains. Yesturday, i registered, and today i had every wht liberal’s friend Theo AKA Radistar AKA TimeChange list it at This Thread . I’m hoping to make $450 off it,. If i do, i’ll probably invest it in more domains.

In addition to, i have also registered, and it is being listed at this page . I’m not sure how much i’ll make off it, but hopefully i’ll make something.

I still have $95 left, I’m considering purchasing one more .sc domain, but at the same time i want to buy something for my own leisure, We’ll see what i do with that money.

In other news, my friend peter thinks i’m a complete moron:

[14:05] Peter: hey mikey
[14:06] mikey: aloha.
[14:06] Peter: whats goin on
[14:06] mikey: workign on selling this domain.
[14:06] Peter: mikey, i needed you help to make a website for my company
[14:06] mikey: you’re starting a company?
[14:07] Peter: no, im working for a company called Cellular Technologies, Verizon Wirelss Authotized Agent
[14:08] Peter: that would be great if you do
[14:08] mikey: how much am i gonna make on this?
[14:08] Peter: i would really apprecaite it
[14:08] Peter: well, its a favor for me
[14:08] Peter: and if you asked me a favor i would do it
[14:08] mikey: you haven’t though.
[14:09] mikey: anyway
[14:09] Peter: well, how about this.. im off tommorow, you wanna do anything
[14:09] mikey: ask your employer to contact me, i’ll do it for money.
[14:09] mikey: i need $500.
[14:10] Peter: mikey.. we’ve known each other for like 4 years
[14:10] Peter: through alot of shit
[14:10] Peter: then you ask me for $500
[14:10] mikey: you come up with a design, i’ll code it.

🙄 .

That’s about it from my end, laterios.


and my dvd still isn’t here 😡

no sir.

January 26, 2005

It was quite the eventful day.

I woke up around 11AM, and then i went back to bed to sleep until 2:30PM.

then i got up, and i went online.

after about an hour the guy i was talking to about sellingi instant messaged me. I told him that due to “objections from fellow site admins” (ballajosue) , we couldn’t sell the domain.

Well, he persisted and i told him that balla told me to up the price to $130, and that that’s the minimum asking price.

well, then aonic messaged me, and he told me to up it to $200, i upped the price to $200, and suprisingly – the guy actually bought it.

After selling, i purchased

To Recap, is no longer mine, postwhatever is now mine, and i now have about $215 in my paypal account, to go willy-nilly with.

My dvd still isn’t here, i emailed ebay customer support tonight to file a report against this guy, i’m gonna call the guy tomorrow afternoon to try and get a refund, or a reship.

I’m thinking about buying a copy of clientexec, to further in the development of, i might also renew the registration on for another year, or i may purchase a new camera, or even a perpetual invision board license.

We’ll see what happens.

That’s about it from my end, laterios.

this is a message from a malcontent

January 26, 2005


It was an okay day. I’m pretty happy because i just found this song that i spent most of my day searching for. If you can find it, download the song “like sprewell” by dillenger four.

DVD Still isn’t here, i’m gonna call them tomorrow and ask what’s up.

I made $15 on a phpBB upgrade tonight, and i made $5.50 doing the same job the night before.

I’m hungry.

We had salad, and garlic chicken for dinner; it was good.

I guess that’s about it for me, lateriosen.

i never liked the weekend, i’ve got a year long holiday – thank god it’s monday

January 24, 2005


Woke up around 2, mom took a personal day today, and her day off is tomorrow – so i get to deal with her 2 days in a row.

dvd’s still not here.. i hate the internet.

i finished downloading NOFX-The_Greatest_Songs_Ever_Written-Advance-2004-SDR last night, it’s great.

I’m probably going to call the people tomorrow to see just what’s going on. Maybe they’ll reship me a copy of the movie.

I published yesturday, and made an enhancement on it today. Check it out if you want, there’s nothing major going on with it.

Here’s a funny quote from a minute ago:

<ub3r> am i allowed to spam my blog now that i removed the porn links?
<Trade_Viceroy> Npo
<Trade_Viceroy> Er…no.
<ub3r> why not?
<ub3r> your original complaint was the porn, the porn is gone now.
<Trade_Viceroy> You are not supposed to be doing it in the first place.
<Trade_Viceroy> Doesn’t matter.
<ub3r> dammit, what did i even remove the links for.
<Trade_Viceroy> You did it on your own accord.
<ub3r> after you asked me to
<ub3r> i assumed that by removing it, i would be allowed to continue to link it.
<Trade_Viceroy> No, I didn’t say that.
<Trade_Viceroy> Well, you assumed wrong then.
<ub3r> :forkfork:
<ub3r> you decieved me.
<ub3r> how dare you?
<ub3r> after all that we’ve gone through together
<ub3r> you just jabbed the dager in my back like that.
<ub3r> the marriage is off!
<Trade_Viceroy> Excuse me?
<ub3r> 😛
<ub3r> you know i love ya, tv baby
* Trade_Viceroy puts ub3r on ignore.
<ub3r> again?


umm… that’s about all that’s going on with me, laterios.

They’re too late

January 24, 2005


T’was an okay night. I had a pizza sub from jets for dinner, parents went out to apple bee’s. I think i might walk way out here some time in the next few weeks, as the review they produced made it sound totally great.

I was going over traffic statistics for this website, and i noticed alot of people searching for information about the scam that is being put on by Guerra Communications. Check out the search result statistics at . For some reason, google hasn’t been able to access our website for the past few weeks, so that would explain the lack of google traffic listed there. However, i recently fixed up a dns error that our servers were experiencing, so hopefully the site will be accessable by google now.

I started a thread called “Ask Uber” at in the “general chat” section, if you have ever wanted to know my opinion on any issue at all, register, and post over there. So far, the thread has been fairly active. I’ve recieved some negative feedback, but with each insult that comes in my direction, i counter with a comeback that is 10 times as worse as their original insult.

Hopefully i’ll get my dvd some time in the next week. I’m getting awfully impatient, and i’m hoping i won’t have to go after the people who sold it to me. However, right now i recommend nobody ever purchase from or ebay user: patan01 .

I’m getting tired here.

I guess that’s about it, laterios.


January 23, 2005

dvd’s still not here, gah!

funk that

January 22, 2005


I’m starving. Dad should be here any minute now with dinner from quiznos.

Haven’t gone to check the mail because i don’t have access to the mailbox key, and i don’t really want to walk all the way out to the mailboxes.

I shoveled snow twice today, the first time went for about 1.5 hours, the second time was for about an hour… There was alot of snow.

I’ve been feelin’ kinda depressed lately.

Prohacker mentioned me in his interview with, it made me laugh when i first read it, read the article here .

Michael Powell resigned from the fcc, read about it at any of the websites that are reporting it .

That’s all from my corner of the internet, laterios.

wake up.

January 21, 2005


Went to bed at 1AM, woke up around 11.

Still haven’t recieved my dvd 😦

i haven’t been doing anything productive latley… i need to go out and do something.

nothing else is going on, laterios.