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October 15, 2006

Good Evening,

This has been a pretty boring week. I put an application into the local rite-aid last Saturday, didn’t receive a call all week, called Friday to see if they went through the applications yet, they said that they will be going through the applications Monday, and scheduling interviews. So, I’ll probably have an interview with them Monday or Tuesday.

this song is pretty sweet for being turkish. I think the writer is too dead to go after me for giving the mp3 away. Anyway, it’s an excellent song, and all of you should download it.

That’s all for now. Too cold for typing.


this just in

September 8, 2006

flies ruin sleep.

got kept up this morning by a god damn fly who kept landing on my face, and buzzing in my ear. I tried murdering it a few times, but he kept dodging my hands.

That fly has continued to bother me and the cats all day.

In other news, I went out picture taking this evening. Here’s a decent photo that came from that trip: [clickity].

Saw some ducks. Had a plate of pasta for dinner.

Wednesday I got lost, and ended up riding for about 20 miles. Nobody seems to care about that, so I won’t speak of it.

Thursday i just did 12 miles.

That’s all i have.


September 5, 2006

I really don’t like it when people say that. We should try to forget it. The more you dwell on it, the more angry / sad you get. How long did it take before we quit hating the japanese for bombing pearl harbor?

My life.. Biking a lot. Haven’t got the camera out due to rain concerns. Will be going out to addison oaks this week to get pictures of the dad’s new trail.

I’ve been meaning to break onto the land of the nearby gravel pit to get some industrial-type photos of their equipment. Trouble is, they have offices there, and guards regularly patrol the area. So, I’d have to get out there on the weekend. Another problem, the last time I tried going over there, I spotted a guard, and that was on a sunday. I could probably get out there if I entered from the south, and traveled east. One of the biggest problems with the land is there’s a gigantic fuckin’ lake between the equipment, and the main road. So, if I had to run, I would have to speed as fast as I could several miles, and they would probably have pleanty of time to get police to the gate.

Well.. that’s all I have.

Fall is coming up. that’s when the real fun comes to internet.

I am the helper monkey

June 1, 2006

I enjoy helping out the .

Whether it be pointing out terrible writing topics (eg: celebrity gossip), guiding people on how to properly live their lives (eg: that microsoft guy wasting his time in a commitment that is destined for failure), or helping the admin team kink out bugs and security flaws, it all makes me feel warm inside.

My latest discovery for the admin team was an XSS bug in a part of the website that I won’t disclose right now. I just sent out the report, and I’m happy to have helped.

Helping people is fun. I usually work for cheap, and often do things completely free of charge.

That’s about all I have to say for now. Have a nice day, folks.

The davinci code just lost some big credibility points

May 29, 2006

i was watching tv, and I saw a commercial for this.


May 15, 2006

So, the wedding trip is planned.

Tuesday afternoon through Wednesday night: Don’t sleep. This way I can sleep while spending the night without internets at grandma’s house.

Wednesday night – dad drops me and mom off at grandma’s house. We aren’t goign to keep our cars at grandma’s because she lives in the bad part of pontiac, and we don’t want our car to get stolen.

Thursday Morning: Start Trip in grandma’s really nice car. Bring ipod along for entertainment.

Thursday I think: Arrive at my uncle’s house in tennesee.

Friday I think: I don’t know if we’re going in grandma’s car, or my uncle’s van. But, we’re continuing down to georgia

Friday or saturday: Get hotel or motel or whatever in georgia

Sunday i think: The mistake… I mean, wedding 😐

I’m pretty much clueless about everything that happens outside of the place i’m sitting.

In other news, rain prevented me from biking today. ffffffffffffffffffff

and that’s all i have.

hosting hosting hosting…

April 22, 2006

Last night I went to my blog to see if there were comments, and it hung at “waiting for…”.

So, I waited for a while, and then ctrl+f5’d . It then hung at “connecting to…”

Then it timed out.

I tried several times throughout the night, but it never came up. I checked my MSN list for da host; JP, but he was gone.

So then it was down all night until morning when JP got to the computer and was able to fix it.

This is the second time or third time this has happend, and it’s bugging me. So, I’m thinking about packing up the whole thing, and moving it to my dedicated server.

What do you peeps think?

/me hopes aussie bob reads this post, and hooks me up on one of his super hot hosting servers

fine day

March 29, 2006

It was a good day. sunny, and the temperature was up around 60 degrees.

Rode 10 mile loop, the usual one. Stopped by the music shop to ask them to get a dvd for next week. Dwarves – Fuck up up and get live will be there next tuesday, i can get it for only $15, rockin.

I watched the last hour of donnie darko on bravo last night around 5am. That was a good movie. I hope to see the whole thing some time soon. says it will be on at 2am tonight. I’ll make sure to catch it.

Later this night I rode another 5 miles to the top of oxford and back. I took my camera along. Here’s a couple photos from the very top of oxford:


Nothing exciting. I hope to get some more dynamic photos this summer when i get my new camera, and the beach will be open.

So, it was a 15 mile day. A little windy, but i survived. I saw many different bikers out there on the raod. Good to see i’m not alone out there.

and that’s all i have for you.


March 25, 2006

yeah, a good day.

Fixed my bike computer. It now reads correctly. I was able to tell that I rode 10 miles today, and that my average speed was 15mph, and my maximum speed was 32mph.

I had a rockin’ good time.

Aparently oxford has become a hot spot over the past week. While biking through town, i witnessed a few developing trends:

1) the oxford tap had a gate around the door, with a man who was holding a clipboard standing outside.

2) high-bass rap music was blaring outside of fatty’s pizza

3) teenagers skate boarding around town

4) damn kids not thinking they should get out of the way when a mountain biker is riding down the sidewalk towards them, when there is no god damn room for that mountain biker to get around.

I just looked at some of the bands that are going to be playing at that show tomorrow night. They don’t look very good, but I have nothing better to do. So, I’ll go there, and see the show.

Maybe I’ll get in a fight some drunk guy, and leave with his lady.

yeah, that probably won’t happen.

The walking away with his lady part, that is 😉

I managed to not eat at night for a week. Rockin’.

no book yet. I shot an email off to the people i bought it from, hopefully they’ll reply soon.

and that’s all i have for you.

the war

March 23, 2006

Recently, I’ve seen several different reports from news agencies interviewing war supporting families whose kids died in iraq. You don’t usually see them on the credible news channels, but FOX seems to interview these idiots at least once per week.

The war is a touchy subject these days. It’s hard to answer a question about the war, because the opinions about it differ from person to person. If you say you’re against it to the wrong person, you’re labeled as a whiny liberal. If you say you’re for it to the right person, you’re labeled as a dumbfuck redneck. I’m not afraid to admit that I’m a liberal.

War supporters… Ah, why? Didn’t they see those news reports that declared iraq a null threat? I guess they were too busy knocking up their cousins in their meth lab, in between a commercial break for “blue collar comedy” to catch those reports.

We should have let the south win the civil war, and seceed from the united states. If things would have played out that way, I would be much happier now.

America’s not a very good place to live these days. I know some redneck is going to read this message and say “if you don’t like it, get out!”. Well Finius, I’m afraid the citizenship costs for canada are just too great. I would much rather wait around here for change to take place, then shell out a whole bunch of cash for canadian citizenship.

So, I’m not a big fan of the war. The statements george has been making indicate we must stay there to combat insurgents. I guess he thinks that one day we’ll all wake up, and the terrorists will be gone. I wonder if he realizes that the longer we stay in iraq, the more people become frustrated with the united states, and from there those people become terrorists.

Bush says that if we leave now, terrorists will go to iraq, and start conspiring against the united states. As if they aren’t able to conspire against the united states in other parts of the world. Does the iraqi water contain some magical terrorism additive which gives them better ideas on how to harm the united states?

What’s stopping these people from conspiring against the united states in their own homelands? Does he realize that the longer we stay there, the more terrorists are created?

Anyway, that’s all I have to say. Farewell, folks.