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June 28, 2005

So, this is my 200th post.

I’m not sure what i should write about.

Should i write about my oh-so-boring day?

Well, today i woke up good and late, watched simpsons, had a semi-good dinner (vegetables and chicken, bbq’d), then did work for aonic, and sonataweb.

Maybe i should write about the iggy pop cd i started stealing last night.

I started downloading Iggy_Pop-A_Million_In_Prizes_The_Iggy_Pop_Anthology-2005-2CD-KSi . Is iggy pop still alive? I remember there was that “lust for life” song a few years back. He’s probably still around. SWR says he’s alive..

Maybe i should write about the secret to running the best blog on the internet.

There are alot of blogs out there, and many of them are filled with useless news stories, and tales of personal experiences. I have kept my blog fresh by only writing of things which directly relate to me, or my hobbies. It is because I am the reason the internet exists, that i am able to captivate audiences with tales of eating, walking around, and sleeping.

I’m tired. that’s about all for now.



June 28, 2005


i’m tired.

about 8 years ago i got sick after eating some bad taco salad. for the longest time, i would avoid it. Today, i had taco salad for the first time.

it was okay.

tonight i ate an orange, and there were still seeds in the orange. The worst part was the seeds were huge, and tasted bad when they cracked open after i bit into one.

i downloaded some.. sam’s php5 unleashed ebook or something. i think i’ll start reading it when i’m not so busy.

my camera isn’t broken. I’m happy about that. You see, on saturday, i had dropped it, while it was still in my bag. When i opened my bag, and tried using it, it let out a big beep. But, i hadn’t even used it prior to that. So, i took my rechargable batteries out last night, and charged them overnight. Then today, i put them in my camera, and the camera’s just fine.

i read a few articles about some supreme court decisions today. They said that file sharing companies can now be held responsible for what their users are sharing. That’s pretty stupid. With that same logic, an american could travel to france, murder 8 people, and the America government would be held responsible.

then uhh.. i watched a show the other day called “Andy Milonakis Show” on mtv. I found it funny. All of you should watch it.

That’s about it, people. Have a nice day.

what could be wrong with the tv..

June 26, 2005

We have 3 tv’s in our house. The first connection goes to the parent’s room, then it goes to my room, then it ends up in the living room.

The parent’s television picks up FOX just fine, and their tv is about 10 years old.

In my room, i have 2 tv’s. One of them is hooked up with cable, the other isn’t doing anything. It picks up FOX just fine.

But, in the living room with our brand new somethingity inch sony television, reception on fox has been poor. The audio has a thin layer of static, and the the video is crappy.

All other channels work fine, it’s just fox.

This grows to be an inconvience when watching sunday night’s fox programming.

So, i’m trying to figure out what could be wrong with the connection.

If anybody has any idea what might be wrong with it, let me know.

have a nice day.


June 26, 2005

hello mikeyists,

Today, i woke up to the sounds of some offspring song blaring in my radio. I always set my radio to wake me up at the highest possible volume, that way i’m sure to wake up.

Well, i got dressed, and wrapped my camera in 3 sandwich bags to protect from what was supposed to be rain, then packed in a bottle of water, and my jacket as well.

When getting dressed, i ran into a problem – i had no shorts to wear. so, i had to pick out a pair of pants to wear with this short sleave shirt.

Then, i left, and after about a half hour of walking through 93 degree heat, i reached the show.

i sat down about 10 rows back from the stage, about 30 people were there. Most of them were old. The first band was good, the second was decent.

During those performances, i couldn’t keep my eyes open most of the time, because it was so bright outside. I drank my 1 liter bottle of water during those two performances.

Then i left, and wandered around town.

then i got thirsty again, so i went to a party store, and bought a half gallon of chocolate milk.

an hour later, and many “why would someone that fat wear something like that?” thoughts later, i was feeling very hot.

So, i walked across the street to the party store, and i bought a bottle of smirnov tripple black.

i then wandered back across down, and started drinking it. I had to be careful, because i didn’t have my ID on me, and cops were all over the place.

The smirnov wasn’t going down too well, my saliva was really thick, and it just wasn’t enjoyable. So, i threw the bottle in the garbage, and left.

Then as i was walking away, i saw a couple cops walking up towards the area where i was standing. I was very paranoid at the time, so i just left the place as soon as i could.

Around that time, i started feeling really really bad. i was really really hot, really really tired, and really really sunburnt.

so, i started walking home. the walk home was very difficult. I could hardly breath, and i was feeling generally terrible.

then about an hour later, i got home, and fell onto my couch. Then i got up, and stumbled into the bath room, where i saw that my face was purple. Not Red, purple.

So, i laid down on the kitchen floor, and left the air conditioner cool me.

then i drank a bunch of water.

and eventually the parents came home from a open house they went to.

they didn’t bring dinner. so, i laid around here, and didn’t do anything.

then around 9PM i had dinner. A toasted double decker tuna sandwich.

then uh.. that’s it. laterios people.

here i am

June 23, 2005

hello people,

i’ve been getting out of the blogging thing.. but i feel like i need to post something, so i guess i’ll post something now.

the pistons and the spurs play game 7 tomorrow. that should be a good game.

i’m starting to use secureCRT instead of putty. it’s a pretty good program.

that’s about it, laterios people.


June 20, 2005

Today is my 22nd birthday. i feel like i’m gettin’ old 😦

so.. i stayed up all night, i don’t remember what fucked up logic i came up with to hold myself to this, but i guess it worked.

Around 2:00PM i was in the bathroom, and i had left the wood door open, with the screen door closed. Well, i heard somebody walk in, and i assumed it was my mom. I heard a voice that sounded like my mom’s that said “anybody home?”, and i was sure it would be my mom when i got out. So, i walked down the hallway to see my grandma’s car parked in the parking lot, and when i reached the kitchen she was standing there. She gave me a card, with $20 in it, then left.

later on the parents came home, and my dad was too tired to do anything. My mom pressured him to get up, and he got up, and got a shower.

After that, we left for dinner at the chinese buffet, and on the way there they got in a fight over the way my dad drives.

dinner was okay.

Then uhh, in the mail was a check from my other grandma for $35.00, as well as a card from .

my order of Praga khan – All mixed up was processed today. It should be here any day now.

i read a big chunk of this book for driving. i don’t feel i’m ready for the test, so i’m going to put a week or two into studying,t hen i’m gonna do it.

still going to get my state id renewed tomorrow.

i feel pathetic :\

i need sleep, laterios.

The Children of Acid Garage Sale

June 20, 2005

If any of you are fans of the lords of acid, or praga khan, a big huge sale is happening at . Everything is being marked down with savings of 60% and Up.

The sale is supposed to last for.. i think 3 or 4 days. Anything you buy is greatly appreciated, as my friend ven is running out of space in his house, where all the merchandise is being shipped from.

have a nice day.

The Oxford Blues and BBQ Festival

June 19, 2005

Tonight, i was lying in bed, pretty much hungover from the past days boozing.

Well, i was channel surfing, and i came across channel 19 (oxfordvision), and this guy was talking about a blues festival taking place in this town.

So, i listened on, and he went on to tell us about how it’s gonna be happening on the 25th, and it’s gonna be from 10:00AM until 10:00PM, and it will cost $10 to get in, and there will also be BBQ food.

he didn’t say if the food would be for free.

so, i’m gonna take some of the $350 i put in the bank, and use $20 for this 10 hour festival.

I’ll probably take some pictures.

Of course, it’s 6 days away, but i think it should make for a good day out in the sun.

To Pop or not to Pop

June 17, 2005

The other day, a guy i’ve talked to a few times – Climax (from wht) AIMed me.

He had previously read a blog entry of mine where i typed about needing to lose weight, and he offered to help me out.

I’ve recieved feedback from a few people offering to help me out with this. One guy on WHTIRC who goes by the name of JonnyCash who is a certified trainer offered to help me. And climax of course also offered help.

The thing about me is that i really don’t like being offered help. I guess i’m too proud to let other people help me improve my faults.

Well, in this conversation with climax, I said that i wished effedra were still legal. He then brought up a few places on the net where he had purchased ephedrine, which aided in his weight lose.

He then went on to say that if i gave it a try for 8 weeks, i would probably be satisifed with the results.

I left him hanging, saying i would think about it. I’m really not sure. I tried those “stacker 2” pills a couple times during high school, and each time i tried them, i ended up feeling terrible. But, i’m not sure if that was caused by the pills. Each of those times, i had already stayed up all night, and not ate anything. I’m not sure if appetite supression is a side affect of those pills, but i just didn’t want to eat. Even though i really needed to eat. I had also ignored the directions on those pills, and taken 2, instead of 1 at a time.

I’m also not sure about how i could have the pills sent to my house either. They are shipped via USPS, and if the person who usually checks the mail (mom) found the pills, she would probably be really pissed off.

I’m not sure what i’ll do. Maybe i could go up to the party shop, and the owner will have some still in stock… or he’s still recieving them.. i don’t know.


June 16, 2005

It doesn’t seem like i’ve updated this site in a while. I don’t really feel like waiting for /index.php to load, so i’ll just go along with that assumption.

Today, i stayed up all night, and then fell asleep around 9:00AM. For breakfast, i had ramen noodles. They were good.

I downloaded the latest version of nero, and a program called nerovision express. I downloaded these programs because i’ve been needing to burn a dvd of that final episode of lost.

After hours of downloading, i went to try and burn a dvd. But, i ran into a problem. My dvd burner / reader doesn’t recognize the disc. I have no idea why it doesn’t, but it doesn’t. Now, i’m left without a gift for father’s day. Unless of course, i can get this working.

The auction for ended at $40. Payment, and ownership transfer is being negotiated.

I got paid today. My paypal balance is now $365.05 . I’m going to wait until i recieve $40 until i push all my paypal funds over to my bank account. That way, i can cover the fee for the dsl modem as well as the 1 year subscription fee.

I’m wondering if this computer meets the hardware requirements for the dsl modem. They haven’t really provided any information regarding it. Is it a PCI Card? Maybe it’s an external device that plugs into a serial, or usb port in the back of my computer. I’d hate for it to be a serial port, because this computer didn’t come with one. It would blow hard if my system didn’t meet the requirement for the modem. I’ll probably call up the phone company tomorrow to check on just what kind of hardware it is, and if my computer meets the requirement.

The 4 liters of water per day deal is working out fairly well. Well.. not too well actually. I weighed myself today, and i’ve gained .4 pounds. How that happend, i have no idea. Maybe my body is holding all that water. I don’t get it, i’m peeing 5 times as much as i did without drinking 4 liters of water. Hopefully things will improve.

We had mcdonalds for dinner. It was good.

That’s about it, laterios.