why today was not a good day

June 18, 2006

I could not bike today as a result of much rain coming down from the skies.

It stopped for about 10 minutes, and that gave me enough time to get all my stuff on, jump on the bike, and ride one mile out to the oxford lakes gate. Unfortunantly, the rain turned back on, and i had to ride a mile back home in the rain.

By the time I got home, I was soaking wet. I managed to get two miles on my odometer though.

The thunder storms are supposed to be scattered, tomorrow. I hope to make it out on the bike to ride 13 miles. That’s how many miles i need to ride to hit my 800 mile goal.

The something awful forums were a buzz last night as we watched the online tom green show. Several goons made it onto the show, and one person called in under the alias of “mikey from michigan”, and went on to insult the call screener who had been pissing off many of the goons. That went on until about 4am, and i had to go to bed before they could come back on.

The photo hosting site is getting pretty big. Daily numbers vary, but today we had about a hundred new uploads. We’re using a total of 927MB, and 83.6GB of outgoing bandwidth has been burned this month.

I’m going to be buying this camera in a day or two. I’ve been in need of a new camera for a little while now. Yes.

I’ve had an ongoing headache for a few days now.

I’m going to upgrade this machine to freebsd 6.1-stable tonight… probably tomorrow, actually. That should help with operations.

And that’s about it. Take care, internet users.


One Response to “why today was not a good day”

  1. adb22791 Says:

    You should, vb 3.6 will be awesome.

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