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October 15, 2006

Good Evening,

This has been a pretty boring week. I put an application into the local rite-aid last Saturday, didn’t receive a call all week, called Friday to see if they went through the applications yet, they said that they will be going through the applications Monday, and scheduling interviews. So, I’ll probably have an interview with them Monday or Tuesday.

this song is pretty sweet for being turkish. I think the writer is too dead to go after me for giving the mp3 away. Anyway, it’s an excellent song, and all of you should download it.

That’s all for now. Too cold for typing.


some more words

July 3, 2006

Hello internet family,
here’s what I’ve done since the last post:

Gave up porn until friday.
Gave up eating at night until saturday when I ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich at like 11pm
Rode bike for a long time
Did some photoshoping on some new and old photos
Published a photo blog
Rode my bike through extremely hazardous traffic to see the fireworks (forgot camera, Fuck!)
Bought a mitch hedberg cd
Tuned my bass guitar

Yeah, the porn giveup lasted 4 days. I’m happy to have lasted that long without going nuts.
Eating at night is difficult because i’m always hungry.
I rode bike every day like usual.
I photoshopped some new and old photos for that photo blog that i mentioned in the point below that.

The bike trip to orion for the fireworks was the worst idea I’ve had this year. The dad and I left home at 9pm, and biked as fast as we could to orion. I did about 20 miles an hour for the entire trip there, and i was a sweaty mess just after the first 5 mile trip. Downtown orion was barely recognizable, and I almost got hit several times.

Dad and I went out to his friend’s house where we could get a good view of the fireworks. We were able to see the fireworks for the first half, and then there was a 15 minute technical failure. Then they started again, but the barge they were firing from was floating away, thus preventing us from seeing the greater portion of the second half.

The trip back was even more chaotic. Everything was stop and go, except we couldn’t stop. So, it was slow down, and go, and then come close to crashing over this curb, and then get yelled at by a drunk girl who doesn’t seem to like people who ride bikes.

My bike was having trouble for about a week. It’s fixed now. It was making a strange clicking noise on every peddal rotation, it doesn’t anymore.

I bought a mitch hedberg cd today. It’s pretty funny.

When I got home i tuned my bass guitar. That was a time consuming process.

That’s all i have. This blog post was brought to you by winterfresh, the official chewing gum provider of mikey’s blog thing.

Blues Festival: The Aftermath

June 24, 2006

Today was the day of the blues festival. I got up at 2:30, ate lunch, did some internet, and then left.

I rode my bike to the show because i knew my feet would be hurting if i had to stand on my feet all day, and then walk back home. When I got there, i locked my bike up, but my lock didn’t want to secure. I spent about 20 minutes battling it until it finally locked, and let me walk away with my key.

I managed to walk right in without anybody asking for my ticket. I’m not sure how, but they just watched me walk right by without saying a thing.

The event was much busier than last year. Much more people walking around. The stage was the same, just about every event here in oxford uses the same stage. But, the whole thing was much more lively.

I wore a hat, and my sunglasses to the show to prevent overheating.

After an hour and a half i walked across the street to ken’s coney island for dinner. I didn’t feel like getting in one line to buy food tickets to get in another line to buy food with the tickets. The food did look good though.

Ate a cheeseburger and fries at ken’s. They were good.

Came back, walked right in without being asked for my ticket.

Walked into the beer tent, and got my arm band. Bought one 20oz beer for $5. Drank it next to the rednecks hanging out in the beer tent, the only area where you are allowed to drink alcoholic beverages. One redneck had a hot girlfriend, but i resisted looking at her to avoid being beaten up the redneck who would be sure to become enraged if I had looked at her.

As I walked out, some cop said “hey mikey”. I think i recognized the voice, but I don’t know.. yeah, alright. I did say hey back though.

Watched some bands, they were good. More energy than the bands who played last year.

Sat down by the lake with some people and this fat girl wearing a “PRO-LIFE T-SHIRT DAY” shirt walked past us to lay down on her towl. When she lied down, the front of the shirt was shown. “ABORTION KILLS” with a picture of an aborted fetus. I made sure to hang out to say something when she got up to leave. Skip ahead 15 minutes, i had been holding a happy-man smile for about 10 minutes, and when she got up i looked at her with a smiling face and said “I like your shirt”. She gave me the typical look a fat, hot (temperature), angry, pro-life women gives a man.

After that, I was feeling pretty fresh. So, I walked around several of the booths up around the festival. The most interesting one was one for the “NORTH OAKLAND COUNTY REPUBLICAN CLUB”. I stopped by there, and looked at some of the buttons they were selling at $3.00 a peice. Here’s a short list of some of the pins:

  • “Somewhere in arkansas, a village is missing it’s idiot” with a photo of hillary clinton
  • “Big-Ot – A conservative winning an argument with a liberal”
  • “No Gun Control / Yes Border Control”

I don’t think they did did much thinking when coming up with the pins, but I made sure to smile, and laugh at many of them. Eventually, one of the guys came up to talk to me, and he asked me if I was a conservative. I told him “I’m a big time liberal”, and we had a fun chat about how liberals are destroying america, and all these liberal countries are just lazy pussies.

So then i watched a bunch of bands. Each band was great in their own way. Instrumental blues sounds pretty awesome. Then while i was watching this one band, this cop walked up to me and asked to see my wristband. The band was still playing, and i pulled out my ticket to show him. he said “NO! YOU NEED TO HAVE A WRISTBAND! I DON’T CARE IF YOU HAVE A TICKET! YOU NEED A WRISTBAND!”.

So, I walked all the way back down to the gate, and got my wrist band. Then I walked back to where i was, and watched the band for about 25 more minutes.

By that time, I had a big headache. So, I walked back across the street to the parking lot i locked my bike up at, and rode all the way back home.

The show was pretty great. I’m happy to have gone. I just wish I would have brought my camera along to take a picture of all the republican pins.

That’s all.


May 1, 2006

I don’t feel like blogging.

I rode 15 miles last night, and 15 miles tonight. I still have to ride 15 miles every day after this.

I got a new shirt. It’s a hawiaan. It’s pretty big on me in both waist, and height. I can understand the waist, but height? I didn’t know I was going to start shrinking when I started this weight loss thing.

I really need to get a tan. I don’t like having a pale face. Perhaps I’ll blow some cash at a local tanning salon. Summer isn’t due for a couple months.

I haven’t been able to make it out to addison. Sorry, people.

I’ve been tired, angry, and depressed for the past couple days. I don’t know why. I’m just not very happy with life. This diet thing is very difficult. Perhaps my depression is being caused by all the food I have been missing out on. I really don’t like the people who say they go to food for emotional healing. I fear I am becoming one of them.

“Murder by numbers” has to be the greatest title for a movie in the history of cinema.

Man I’m hungry. Does anybody know if replacing food with water in the middle night is a safe?

I’d like to become a vigilante. Too bad there isn’t much crime in oxford.

I think I’ll just start telling people I’m a vigilante. It’s not my fault there isn’t any crime, I was born to be a vigilante!

I’ll probably need to learn karate to be a vigilante..

Maybe I can be the non-violent vigilante.

Yeah, that’s perfect.

This new red hot chilli peppers album is good. So is the new neil young one. Lots of good new music coming out this summer.

Well, that’s all I have for you, internet users. Have a good night.

cool and unusual punishment

April 13, 2006

yeah kids i’m awake


last night we had chinese. i was yummified.

I’m gonna go out for a long long bike ride as soon as the drier finishes it’s run. I’m gonna try and do about 20 miles. We’ll see how that works out. I’m probably going to try and get lost somewhere out on some highways, here in oakland county. I’m not sure which direction I’ll travel. Either south, or west.

South would be less lost-making.

Man i’m tired… Maybe I shouldn’t be doing it.

I think i’ll just go up town and get lunched. Then I’ll come back home for rest, then go back out after food processes.

and that’s all I have to say. Here’s some lyrics for the people who were googling the title of this post:

Absolute shibari, cold noodles and hot sake
The mistress bar in Roppongi is the place
For Japanese hardcore, not the kind you’re gonna find at the record store
Not the kind designed for the kind hearted

Do not pass go, do not get bail
Go directly to Osaka Jail
Where you get locked or drunk under the table

For just under 10,000 yen
You can visit hell and come back again
For the process of hurting and healing
Cake and candle wax dessert
It’s not fun ‘til someone gets hurt
Who’s the next to get hung from the ceiling

So if you want rewards and consequence
They got the cool and unusual punishments
Get on your knees for Japanese instruction
Rope and Cigarette burns, forget about any health concerns
This is pure assisted self-destruction

Kanpai and bottoms up, unhelping hands hogtie you up
One bad deed surely deserves another
Bruised from bamboo caning
Coming home try explaining this to your significant other
Good fucking luck…


March 25, 2006

yeah, a good day.

Fixed my bike computer. It now reads correctly. I was able to tell that I rode 10 miles today, and that my average speed was 15mph, and my maximum speed was 32mph.

I had a rockin’ good time.

Aparently oxford has become a hot spot over the past week. While biking through town, i witnessed a few developing trends:

1) the oxford tap had a gate around the door, with a man who was holding a clipboard standing outside.

2) high-bass rap music was blaring outside of fatty’s pizza

3) teenagers skate boarding around town

4) damn kids not thinking they should get out of the way when a mountain biker is riding down the sidewalk towards them, when there is no god damn room for that mountain biker to get around.

I just looked at some of the bands that are going to be playing at that show tomorrow night. They don’t look very good, but I have nothing better to do. So, I’ll go there, and see the show.

Maybe I’ll get in a fight some drunk guy, and leave with his lady.

yeah, that probably won’t happen.

The walking away with his lady part, that is 😉

I managed to not eat at night for a week. Rockin’.

no book yet. I shot an email off to the people i bought it from, hopefully they’ll reply soon.

and that’s all i have for you.

today’s stuff

March 24, 2006

I am very tired.

I ended up staying up until like 8am. I did some work on setting up linux, but it’s not working very well because the linux kernel hates me.

Went to bed at 8am, woke up at 3:00pm. Last night my bike computer was setup, so I was anxious to test it out. So, I ate some lunch, did some things with the internet, and then got on the bike around 4:00pm. I attached my computer, and it wasn’t responding very well. So, I rode the bike around for a while, but it never worked well. The speedometer would jump between 0, 12, 6, 5, etc. I brought it to dad’s attention later that night, and he thinks the sensor and wheel connection are too far apart. So, he’s going to try and fix things.

I took my speedometer off of my bike, and stashed it in my coat pocket (yes, still wearing winter clothing. It got cold again). Then, I took off in the direction of orion to visit a record store I had always been interested in checking out. So, I went through oxford lakes, and down m24 towards orion.

Skip ahead 45 minutes, i was there. I checked out the record store, and there wasn’t anything interesting there. So, i went on to my usual orion activities. Making it out to the river they have out there, and looking at the stream.

I’ve done this about 4 times now. It’s a nice river.

Then I got back on my bike, and went back in the direction of oxford. I had more energy left, because there wasn’t very much wind out there.

Nearing the oxford lakes enterance that I usually enter through, I decided I could do some more biking. So, I turned at glasepi, and decided I could probably do my usual 10 mile route, on top of the 10 – 15 mile route that I did for the orion trip. My legs started disagreeing with me, but the voices in my head were able to shut them up for the rest of the trip.

So, I went on that route. Down glaspie, cutting onto m24, continuing down that road for several miles until I reached the enterance for the golf course. Then, getting on foot, and hiking up some large hills by the high school, until i had found ashphault, then I rode up a little hill, and back down the biggest hill in oxford. Then, I took glaspie back to the oxford lakes enterance I had previously visited, and riding back home.

On the leg back down glaspie, my legs started tingling. To help keep my mind off the possible loss of limb, I started humming some inspirational music to myself.

Then i continued back through oxford lakes, down the neighborhood streets, and all the way back home.

That reminds me, Yesterday I ran into a mailbox in oxford lakes. I didn’t crash, but my coat was ripped. I was riding down this road, and I had to take the side of the road, because of cars being around. Well, i was trying my best to avoid mailboxes, but one of them caught my arm, and i was nearly knocked off the bike. I managed to stay off the ground, but there’s a small tare on my coat arm now.

When I got back home, I was drenched in sweat. Much more sweat than any previous workout. Both of the arms on my longsleave shirt were soaked, and so was the front of my chest, and my back. I was kind of proud of myself when i looked myself in the mirror.

I was told that I should go to this concert that is happening at rob’s place on saturday. It’s $5 to get in, but I only have a dollar in my wallet. Maybe I’ll bike up to the bank tomorrow to get the cash to see the show. There will be 3 bands, and each are hardcore, local bands.

Session Start (mikey:jeremy): Thu Mar 23 15:23:33 2006
[15:23] jeremy: mike this sat is a concert up at robs u should come up there 5 bands and it will be awesome
[15:23] mikey: which bands?
[15:24] jeremy: class one download and 4 others
[15:24] jeremy: cod is on myspace
[15:24] mikey: what genre?
[15:24] jeremy: punk rock/ hard core, like atreyu and rancid shit
[15:25] mikey: atreyu is not punk rock.
[15:25] mikey: i’ll try and get some cash in hand, i only have a dollar right now
[15:25] mikey:
[15:26] jeremy: yea
[15:36] mikey: alright, i’ll try and get there.
[15:36] *** Error while sending IM: This user is currently not logged on
Session Close (jeremy): Thu Mar 23 22:46:09 2006

yeah, there’s more bands thatn I had expected. I don’t feel like hitting the up arrow to edit that text.

That’s all I have for you nice people. Have a nice day.

I need to learn how to rock out.

March 13, 2006

I got my stuff saturday.

Now, I can play a couple of little things, but I am not able to rock out just yet.

I have bid on this book, and I’m hoping to win the auction.

That book should give me the basic rounds on how to rock out, I am also looking for a dvd guide.

I would probably be better off getting lessons from somebody, but that brings up another problem with my mind. I’m not so good at processing things at the speed of regular people. I know, this may be a shock to some of you, but I have suffered from a learning disability all my life.

There, I said it.

Every person I have ever told this to has been quite suprised. They think that just because I’m skilled with computers, that I must be of genius intelligence in every subject under the sun.

I have been wanting to be on medication for about 10 years, but the medication costs are too great. When I was insured with my parents, they always refused it. Except for when i was put on zoloft, they were fine with mind control at that time.

I was taken away from this post by work… What was i saying?

Ohh yeah, lessons.. Well, that would cost a lot of money, because it would take me so long to learn it. I would be better off just buying some static learning material, and watching it over and over again to learn it.

You folks should watch this:

well, that’s all i have to say. Laterios people.

Should be rocking out Saturday.

March 10, 2006

Looks like fedex actually delivers on saturday. According their shipping status page, they’re delivering my stuff on that day.

I’m getting better at playing without an amp. I still have to learn scales, and chords, and a lot of other stuff, but it’s fun.

my quest to rock out.

March 9, 2006

I got my guitar today.

yeah, it’s nice.

After i got it, I opened it up, and discovered it doesn’t sound too spectacular without an amplifier. I did have some great time strumming it along though.

So, tonight I got an advance on friday’s money, and bought these things:

$99.99 Amplifier: Peavey MAX 158 Bass Practice Combo
$11.99 Cable: Black 18 Foot Fender® ElectroVolt Cable
$12.99 Strap: Navy Yak Pak Skull Guitar Strap 2” Navy

I should be rocking out by monday afternoon, though I am hoping for friday.

i did work for matt aka chew. Fixed up his company’s website, and did some hackin’ around with his invision board installation. He says he’s going to pay me as soon as a client of his pays out some cash. I wonder how much he’ll give me.. I did a lot of work on the thing.

And that’s about it.