blues festival

June 23, 2006

The second annual oxford blues festival will be happening tomorrow, and i’m going.

Some of you may remember me almost dying during the festival last summer. This year, I plan on not drinking any chocolate milk, and not wearing pants to the show.

Last year, the show was over at the police station / old fire house. This year, it’s happening at scripter beach, the more ghetto of the two local beaches. I would honestly prefer the police station, since it’s closer to town, and the stores that are in it. However, there should be pleanty of things to keep me hydrated.

Last year, the festival started around 10am. This year, it starts at 12pm, and goes until 12am. I will probably show up around 3, or 5. I’m going to ride the bike up there, and chain the thing down.

Speaking of the bike, I bought some new peddals today. I got $4 off the $40 pricetag as a result of the 10% mmba member discount Paintcreek Bicycles has. These peddals are aluminum, and keep a pretty good handle on my feet when they are wet, or jumpy. They also installed them free of charge for me. Huzzah, Paintcreek Bikes.

My new camera will be here on monday. i wish i would have ordered it earlier so i would have it in time for the blues festival, but what are ya gonna do?

If you’re starting to excercise this summer, make sure not to wear a backpack when you excercise. Why? Here’s your answer.

Anyway, that’s all i have to talk about. See ya later, people.


One Response to “blues festival”

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