the first 3.5 hours of being 23.

June 19, 2006

I’ve been 23 for 3 and half hours now, and i’m not having very much fun.

CentOS3 on virtuozzo is not a good operating system. Attempting to install yum for this guy, it demands we install libxml2-python, and libxml2-python demands libxml2. We have libxml2 installed, but it demands another version. I check the version, it wants a version older than the one we have installed. I try and find another version, but it never works. FreeBSD is better. Stop using linux, people.

On top of those Centos3 on virtuozzo problems, Centos4 is not available on virtuozzo. Aparently they did at some time, but no longer is this the case.

I did ride the bike today, and my odometer now reads 801.93. The trip took me south from my house to orion, west down indianwood road, north up the pollyann trail up into town, then i rode all the way to stoney beach. The beach is alright. I stayed there for about 10 minutes, then continued back south towards town, then headed east home. On the trip, I found two golf balls outside of two different golf courses.

I’m considering switching a forum from IPB to vB when vB 3.5 is out.

People give me shit too often. He’s probably going to read this some time.. Fuck you, aussie bob. I don’t really hate you, but you were a real dick in that religion thread. From reading my posts about blue27, you know I hate it when people are condescending, and you purposely did it in that thread.

[20:22] Mikey: will i get banned if i send bob a pm telling him to stop being a “condescending cock whore” ?
[20:30] Anonymous Friend: maybe

That’s from the heart.

It turns out my 128MB flash card went dead. I spent a shit load of money on that card, and it’s dead now.. Fucking olympus.

Well, that’s it from me. See ya later, people.


4 Responses to “the first 3.5 hours of being 23.”

  1. Jon Says:

    Woo, 7.1 MP. I remember when 2MP was the new thing.

  2. mikey Says:

    my current camera is 3mp

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