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i crashed and almost died today

August 27, 2006

So, i was entering the seros parking lot when my rear tire got clipped by a parking spot pillar.

naturally, i went out of control, and i finally crashed down to the ground.

next thing i know, i’m rolling over, feeling pain. I get back up, check to make sure my bike and glasses are okay, they’re fine. I look at my arm, it’s bloody. I walk my bike back to seros, and get access to their bathroom to wash up my cuts.

I wash up, they ask me if i’m okay. I tell them I’m okay.

I go back out, put my helmet on, start the trip back home.

I get home, still feeling pretty bad, take a look at my helmet and discover that the crash cracked it in 3 places. one on the front, two on the side. A few little pieces of gravel are actually sticking into the helmet.

If that damage was done to my helmet, how bad would it be if i fell without one?

I sent an email to giro. Maybe they’ll replace it. Kinda sucks that it got that screwed up after only one crash.


baby welcome to my private hell

August 22, 2006

Evening gents,

10 miles today. -70 from paypal, +70 to bank, +70 to wallet, -70 from bank. Chicken for lunch and dinner.

I’m considering a 34 mile trip this week. We’ll see if that works out. I may just do my 17 mile loop tomorrow. The 34 mile trip would just be two of those loops.

I’m feeling pretty hungry.

That’s all i’ve got. See ya later.

she knocks on your door and says your fishsticks are ready

August 20, 2006

It rained for most of the day.

Then at 7:30pm i got pissed off and headed west on the bike.

West lasted for like 5 miles until i reached the end of the road. So, i turned north, and rode for a while until my back started hurting. So, i drank some water, and turned at the nearest east-bound road. Then i rode east up some really big hills until reaching m24. At m24 i turned south, and rode back towards town. Once i reached town, i turned back east, and went back home.

So, I guess you could say i rode like this:

17 miles total. Nothing fun. Really foggy and wet outside. Back pain didn’t help, and neither did the mud on side of the roads.

I think i’ll do it again tomorrow, when it should be nicer outside.

I got my second set of prints back from deviantart. They all look pretty great. You should buy some yourself here. I dropped all my prices a week ago, so I’m not making any profit. I would just like to know that someone has some of my photos somewhere in their house.

That’s all i’ve got. Have fun, folks.

postale employee

August 16, 2006

evening gents,

i’m feeling pretty tired. I don’t remember what i have done since the last post, but it’s probably not important, so let’s just talk about what i did these three days.

Monday my tire went flat during the end of my ride. Walked the last half mile back home, got the tube replaced, figured things would be cool the next day.

Tuesday i got on my bike with 15 minutes left until the bank closed. I had to get there to get $50 out, but with 1 mile to go, my tire blew up. I ran the rest of the way, but i was just a couple minutes too late. I continued walking the bike through town to paintcreek bikes to see if they could do me an IOU. They did, and i got the tire as well as the tube replaced. Tire was $35, tube was $5, service fee was $7. I got back home, dad complimented tire, i rode around on it for a while, and things were cool.

Wednesday, packed up camera, and got the $50 out of the bank. Went to bike shop, paid off debt, went to park, bummed out about all the money i had to pay just to get my tire fixed. Biked back into oxford, passed through town, went down to a subdivision that’s on the southern side of stoney lake, got some not-so-great pictures, left.

I want this.

That’s all i’ve got. Have fun.

i’m tired

August 10, 2006

today i got stranded on the other side of lake orion.

That was not a very fun time.

20 miles total for the day.

73.56 miles done this week.

photos and such are here and here

I’ve met a few crazy people this week. One was saturday. He told me about how he was running for senate, and then he started ranting about this nazi banker who owns all the banks, and controls the media, as well as several high-ranking politicians. He also told me about how the netherlands have an active euthanasia campaign for the elderly.

The other was a guy named travelin’ joe. He was a passive aggressive character. When i came up to him, he was cutting up his shirt with a knife. I stuck around and talked with him. He was pretty cool, but his possession of a knife scared me away.

i got some work with . Anky from WHT got me the job. Rockin’.

I’m out of here. Take care, folks.