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May 31, 2005

tonight, a discussion about door-to-door mormon popped up on whtirc.

I remember many years ago, a group of christian people (not sure what kind of christian) showed up at my door. It looked like a family, there were about 6 of them travelling door to door.

Before I go ahead with this story, you should know that there is a sign at the enterance that declares all types of solicitation against the rules.

Well, these people showed up at my door holding pamplets. The one leader guy had a really red face, he was pretty overweight, and he was wearing a white shirt, with a black tie.

When i answered the door, i said “Hello”.

He said “hello sir, we were wondering if you were interested in learning about our lord jesus christ?”

I said “no, not really.”

He said “Are you sure? You might be very interested in what we have to share.”

I said “yeah, I’m not really interested in reading any propaghanda right now.”

He said “Well we’re not really sharing propaghanda, just the truth about our lord”

I said “That’s what the communists said.” in a joking manner.

He said “Well, would you allow us to come inside to share some of our literature?”

I said “No, the place is messy. By the way, did you catch the sign at the enterance that declares solicitation against the rules?”

He said “Well, no sign is going to stop me from sharing the truth about our lord”

I said “speak for yourself, he’s not everyone’s lord.”

He said “Well, okay sir.”

I said “well, i’m not interested anymore, goodbye.”

As i was closing the door, he yelled something about me going to hell if i don’t agree with their religion.

Looking back, i kinda regret not letting them in to talk. I was kind of a dick. But, they should have respected our no-solicitation rules.

I’d like to see some more religious types show up at our door. One time i was walking down the road, and a van pulled over with 2 teenage boys holding a sheet of paper asking people to sign it if the person believes jesus is our lord and savior. i didn’t sign it.

What’s with christian people and solicitation? Can’t they get their existing church members to go along with their plans? Why do they need to recruite people? I think everyone has heard of christianity, and all those interested have signed up.


Cracking Lost

May 29, 2005

For the past few days, i’ve been working on breaking apart some of the easter eggs the producer of the ABC tv show “lost” have setup on a website they put up:

When i began, i had to face a problem. My problem was having to deal with my dialup connection not being able to stream the videos in a smooth, non-skippy way.

So, i worked towards being able to figure out how the videos were loaded. After thinking about it for a few minutes, i realized the videos loaded from inside the first movie.

So, I opened up one of my favorite mozilla componenets. Live HTTP Headers .

After opening that up, i refreshed the page, and watched the following urls be downloaded:

After downloading each one, i attempted opening them with normal old flash player. But, i ran into a problem.

The creators of the movies wrote actionscript to prevent viewing from any location other than .

So, i thought about it, and i remembered an application i had used which can decompile SWFs. That program is Sothlink SWF Decompiler .

So, i downloaded that. Opened up each swf, and viewed each video.

After that, i looked at some of the actionscript the creators made. Here’s the code used to draw in each easter egg:

function generateCharacters()
0 = new Array();
0.push({func:”loadSWF”, args:{file_id:”Charlie1″, file:”egg_charlie.swf”, type:”animation”}});
0.push({func:”loadSWF”, args:{file_id:”Charlie2″, file:”egg_charlie_claire.swf”, type:”animation”}});
1 = new Array();
1.push({func:”activateKate”, args:{}});
1.push({func:”loadSWF”, args:{file_id:”Marshall”, file:”egg_marshall_card.swf”, type:”animation”}});
2 = new Array();
2.push({func:”loadSWF”, args:{file_id:”Locke”, file:”egg_locke.swf”, type:”animation”}});
3 = new Array();
3.push({func:”customMoveJack1″, args:{}});
3.push({func:”loadSWF”, args:{file_id:”Jack1″, file:”egg_jack_url.swf”, type:”animation”}});
3.push({func:”loadSWF”, args:{file_id:”Jack2″, file:”egg_jack_bottle.swf”, type:”animation”}});
4 = new Array();
4.push({func:”loadSWF”, args:{file_id:”Shannon1″, file:”egg_shannon_map.swf”, type:”drag”, position:”below”}});
4.push({func:”loadSWF”, args:{file_id:”Shannon2″, file:”egg_shannon_passport.swf”, type:”stepThrough”, position:”below”, steps:4}});
5 = new Array();
5.push({func:”loadSWF”, args:{file_id:”Boone”, file:”egg_boone.swf”, type:”animation”}});
0 = new Array();
0.push({func:”loadSWF”, args:{file_id:”Rose”, file:”egg_rose.swf”, type:”animation”}});
1 = new Array();
1.push({func:”loadSWF”, args:{file_id:”Kate1″, file:”egg_kate_mugshot.swf”, type:”animation”}});
1.push({func:”loadSWF”, args:{file_id:”Kate2″, file:”egg_kate_plane.swf”, type:”animation”}});
} // End of the function

So, it appers i don’t have all the easter egg videos.

So, i go and download the rest of the movies:

The complete list:

But, this isn’t the only secret.

There is also a secret an unprotected secret at

I’m still working on a way to export an swf without actionscript protection. But, you can always use Sothlink SWF Decompiler to crack it yourself.

When discrimination becomes Acceptable

May 27, 2005

In the past few years, we have seen discrimination against gays grow to be accepted by a great majority of people.

How in the fuck is this acceptable? Gays are people just like you and me. To see politicians push for legislation to abolish the rights of these people just makes me sick.

There used to be a time when religious leaders were decent people. When they preached acceptance for all types of people. Now, we have reverends who preach against gays?

Society is growing to be a terrible place. These corrupt mother fuckers are ruining our country.

What the fuck happend to the seperation of church and state? Religion shouldn’t be used in making any decision related to way this country is run.

So many people believe the end is near. Myself, i quit believing in god when i realized all the people who are supposedly carrying god’s message turned out to be corrupt. In addition to that, i heard many sensible arguments which say god doesn’t exist.

Living without hope sucks.


May 27, 2005


It looks like i’m gonna be really really busy coming up.

Tonight i was hired by dotcanada . I’ll be doing tech support on the weekends.

So, i’ll be working for sonataweb all week, including the weekend. And, I’ll be working for dotcanada on the weekends only.

Dotcanada Hours – 12pm to 8pm – Saturday and Sunday – Paid Biweekly
Sonataweb Hours – 3pm to 4am – Daily – Paid twice per month

This reminds me of the song “some like it hot” By robert palmer.

“Feel the heat, pushing you to decide. Feel the heat, burning you up, ready or not!”

Ohh well, that’s all for today. I’ve gotta wake up at noon tomorrow to discuss the setup with dotcanada.


May 26, 2005


It was a good day. pretty nice outside. I think i’ll go out tomorrow afternoon, depending on if it’s as nice as it was today.

we had.. home made pizza for dinner. it was good.

I had ravoli for lunch.

I upgraded adodb on . it seems a little faster.

Last night i wrote a tutorial on how to make subdomain creation as easy as creating a directory. you can read it here .

Had an orange an hour ago. yum.

That’s about it. laterios.


May 24, 2005

Last night, In my sleep deprived state, I watched the movie Carrie on AMC.

For a while now, my parents have told me that they were absolutely terrified by that movie.

Me, i didn’t find it scary.

There were a few moments where i was a little afraid. Like the moments when she’s walking up the stares, and she hasn’t seen her mom, or the moments when her mom is about to stab her and she’s crawling away, or the moments when carrie telepathically throws knives at her mom. But, those were the only moments where i was afraid.

When she murders all those kids. That wasn’t scary. The size of her eyes was a little scary, but that’s about the only thing that was frightening. For the most part, that was a damn funny scene, because all of those bitches deserved it for being so mean.

I kinda understood carrie. She got revenge out on the people who treated her badly for so many years. The kid was severely by all the people in her life, and i believe all the people who treated her so badly deserved it.

Now, it may sound like I’m in favor of all those school shooters. I’m not. I’m against violence of all types. But, in this movie i identified with carrie. Movies don’t represent reality, ya know.

Anyway, Viva Carrie… in hell.. if such a place exists.. or if she’s just sitting in the ground still alive… they didn’t cover that in the movie.


May 23, 2005

didn’t sleep

rainy day :-\

gonna go out tomorrow.

pistons won game 1 against miami. 90 – 81 final .

that’s about it, laterios.


May 22, 2005

it was a good day.

had a minature pizza from pizza hut for dinner.

i emailed the people at about the price of a pallet of ramen.

MSN got really messed up today, and it started telling me that my username and password aren’t valid. So, I called up a local company called dreamnet and bought dialup with them. The first month is free, after this month, it’s gonna cost $10/month . Bad thing is that my access is capped at 400 hours/month . But, I’m only dropped every 8 hours now, and that’s alot better than being dropped every 6 hours while paying almost $30/month .

I got to talk to a support engineer who lives in south america. It was kinda weird, she sounded dyslexic. She kept on mixing up letters and numbers, and she mis-spoke a bunch of words.

Still working on fixing snmpd on a server. I can’t seem to figure out why it won’t allow for data to be read remotely.

Simpsons was cancelled tonight. Fucking fox…

My buddy is gonna be figuring out a way to get my alcohol gift to me. He’s gonna order the bottle, and have it shipped to his house, then he’s gonna ship it via fedex to my house. I wonder if that’s illegal…

I had an idea for a rant, but i forgot the premise. I’ll try and remember the subject, and write it here.

That’s about it, Laterios.


May 22, 2005


Good day.

did a bunch of work to get cacti and some associated software setup on a few servers. Still trying to figure out why it isn’t working on a third server.

Finished downloading an episode of wonder showzen, it’s good.

gonna start downloading porn later.

Turns out online liquor stores can’t ship to michigan without a michigan government issued alcohol license. Fucking government…

here’s a fun game:

[03:21] sdrawkcab yekim: answer your telephone
[03:22] acegamingacer: why
[03:22] sdrawkcab yekim: answer your telephone!
[03:22] acegamingacer: why
[03:22] sdrawkcab yekim: answer your telephone
[03:22] acegamingacer: too far
[03:23] sdrawkcab yekim: answer your telephone
[03:23] acegamingacer: i’m not walking 7 meters
[03:23] acegamingacer: meh
[03:23] sdrawkcab yekim: answer your telephone
[03:23] acegamingacer: answer your telephone
[03:23] sdrawkcab yekim: weather it rings or not
[03:23] sdrawkcab yekim: answer your telephone


May 21, 2005

good day.

we ordered from a local pizza place called “fatty’s” tonight. It was good. Me and dad had mostacholi, mom had ribs. It was all very good.

I helped a friend who goes by the name of “Wads” tonight. He’s gonna send me a bottle of peach absolut vodka for my birthday. I don’t think it’ll last until my birthday 🙂 .

I’ve been waiting on downloading an episode of wonder showzen for a while now. it seems to mess up an hour after i go to bed, every night.

I changed my access number. I’m now connected with level3, we’ll see if i’m still dropped every 6 hours.

I’m trying to find a better ad blocking solution for opera. If you know of one, let me know.

Yeah, that’s about it. Laterios.