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November 29, 2005



revisiting the united collections bureau

November 28, 2005

A few minutes ago, i was going over some website statistics, and i found a few hits lying around for people searching for “united collections bureau”. I decided to look back at the google results, and i found this very interesting post about some other people having to deal with them.

It’s really sickening to see how many people these people have harassed. I hope the FTC followed up on my complaint, and fined these bastards hard. I also encourage anybody else who has been harassed by this, or any other bill collection agency file a complaint with the FTC at this website .

die toten hosen

November 27, 2005

Many years ago, I bought a 1998 warped tour documentary. The documentary covered the whole tour, from the US leg, to the EU leg. In the EU part of the documentary, they talked about a german band called Die Toten Hosen. Aparently this band has a huge following out in europe, and they’ve been selling out these huge venues for a while now.

Well, the last night i saw a mini-album called “Weihnachtsmann vom Dach” be released by a band called “Die Roten Rosen”, and instantly remembered die toten hosen. So, i asked about it on irc, and research lead us to a bunch of websites showing a connection between this band, and die toten hosen. I’m thinking die roten rosen is just a pseudonym for die toten hosen.

Well, the conversation on irc sparked all this activity, and now a whole bunch of us are listening to die toten hosen. I just grabbed their 1991 album “Kauf Mich”, and their 1999 album “crash landing” is on the way.

This band is great. I haven’t listened to much german punk in my life, but this band just rocks.


November 24, 2005

Today was an OK day, I woke up around 10:00am. Took a shower, logged on here to check on some things. While checking on things, my grandmother called. She needed a ride up to lapeer to drop her off for my uncle to pick her up so they could go back to her house. The dad went along with it, and left to go wherever she needed her. Well, an hour passed, and the mom got increasingly impatient with every minute the dad wasn’t home. Eventually, she decided she wasn’t going to the uncle’s house.

Around 12:00pm, the dad arrived home. He told stories of horrors on the part of the road leading into lapeer. It was decided that we would not be going to the uncle’s house, and we would just be visiting the grandmother’s house in pontiac.

We left minutes after. We brought along some greenbean caserole. We bring the same thing every year. Prior to her death, my aunt debby would bring one pot, and we would bring another. Now, we bring two pots.

When we got there, just about everyone was there, except for my cousin jimmy. I’m not sure why he and his wife leah weren’t there, but they weren’t. Despite their absence, there still weren’t any places to sit, and i was forced to stand around until the next person got up. That’s how we usually do holidays. Just a constant game of musical chairs, all participants waiting for the big, leather chair to free up.

After a few minutes, dinner was ready. I had some potatoes, green bean caserole, turkey, stuffing, and a roll. It was all good. I was one of the few who ate on the couch, because all table spaces were taken.

During dinner, I heard an argument about wallmart break out in the dining room. You see, some of our relatives from down south came up for the holiday. When they moved down there, they became absolute wallmart fanatics. Much the same way some arabs are islam fanatics, some people from the south are wallmart fanatics.

Well, the argument broke out between some of us northern anti-wallmarters, and the southern wallmartists. I didn’t catch all of it, but the mom was part of the anti-wallmart movement, and the relatives from the south just went on and on about availability of everything, and low prices, while the mom just went on and on about mistreated workers.

I don’t know how i feel about it. I think people should have the right to shop where they want, but wallmart does under-price a lot of their goods. The anti-wallmart movement is pretty big. Why can’t the anti-wallmart people just not shop there? Nobody’s forcing them to.

It’s kinda like webhosting companies who drastically oversell these ridiculously high-quota packages for only $5/month. While these companies do provide a service dirt-cheap, their service is also of a poor quality, and they take business away from stable companies who do provide a good quality of service. Then again, I’m not sure how low-qual the products at wallmart are. I don’t think they could be that good.

The argument ended after just a couple minutes.

After dinner, we all sat around and engaged in a thanksgiving tradition; watching the detroit lions get their asses kicked by whatever team they have to play. My cousin Jason was pretty upset. I’m not sure why he was so suprised the lions were losing so badly, they’ve been terrible for years. I found the whole game pretty funny. The lions went without scoring for the first 3 quarters of the game, but they did manage to score in the middle of the fourth quarter. The final score was 27 – 7.

Had a chat with grandma after dinner. Told her about the town breaking my bike. She is just another entry on the list of people who think I should sue the town. Too bad I can’t afford a lawyer.

We left around 4:15, and got home around 5:00. After getting home, we called over to luke’s and told him we wouldn’t be able to make it out there. We also discussed nana’s need for her dogs to be taken inside. The dad volunteered for that task, and left to let the dog back inside.

There’s thanksgiving. Woo.

approaching family dealings.

November 23, 2005

The last time i met up with the mom’s side of the family was at my cousin’s college graduation party. It was at that party that i got onto my cousin jim’s computer after he asked me to fix things up. They then started feeding me beer after beer after beer. After that, they broke out the very hard stuff, and i got just drunk enough to hold conscious thought, but not sober enough to fix his computer.

If i remember correctly, i had installed a pirated copy of norton internet security on his computer, and his computer was having trouble booting into windows after that. Well, i was forced to walk away from the problem at hand, because i was drunk, and not able-minded enough to handle a task like that. I really should have rode my bike out to his house that’s on the other side of oxford, but i never made it out there.

I’ve lost some weight since our last meetup. Grandma still remembers me making a 34 mile trip to her house that day. I wonder how the family will address my weight loss.

I’ve also lost a head full of hair. They should find that funny, since i’ve always had more hair than this at our meetups.

On thursday we are all going to meetup at the grandmother’s house for thanksgiving dinner. The family will probably ask me all kinds of questions. I’m kinda known as the weirdo of that side of the family.

On the second half of thanksgiving, we’re making a trip from pontiac, all the way to davidson to my uncle’s house. There we will meetup with the bailey side of the family. Two family friends; ron and david won’t be making it out there like they usually do. They’ll probably be at the christmas meetup though.

I’m wondering how they’ll handle my new appearance. Some members of the family usually have a cheezey joke to throw around. I’m expecting a round of “mikey joined the military?” jokes.

This side of the family features my favorite relative; uncle luke. Luke is a very funny guy. Earlier this year, they took some parts of his throat, and.. I don’t know what it was exactly. It was some smoking complication. Well, his throat is now gone, and he’s forced to speak with a voice box. He’s called a few times, and he sounds like the godfather. He’s done some pretty funny impersonations. I haven’t met him in person since the surgury, so i don’t know what to expect.

Tomorrow, I’ve gotta do a bunch of laundry since i don’t have anything to wear. I have been wearing this winter hat for the past few days, because it’s so cold. I can take it off with ease, and it doesn’t mess up my hair. The parents are usually picky about the way i look, so i’ll probably just be wearing the hat during car trips.

It’s shaping up to be a pretty decent holiday. Hopefully no fist fights break out 😛

tonight’s accident

November 21, 2005

Around 5 i left home to ride my bike up to meijer so i could pick up some razor blades, and some deoderant. So, i rode my bike up there, got my stuff, and left.

I need to go get a haircut tomorrow, so i decided to take the long route home so i could pass by roosters to see what time they open.

At the time i left, it was dark. I made sure to be careful out on the roads.

Well, i passed by roosters and caught the time roosters opens (9am), then i continued on my usual route that took me from m24, and back to industrial.

Well, i cut through onto industrial, and jumped on a new bike path they’ve put up. The path takes me past the local beach, around a small section of woods, and down the road past a bunch of local businesses.

It was when i was rounding a corner around the woods that out of nowhere i ran over something which was metal. I was unsure of what i just hit, and while i was thinking i hit another one, and that one sent me flying off my bike, and to the ground. A car was on the road about 20 feet ahead, but he didn’t feel like stopping.

After getting up, i saw there was a construction sign just lying down on the bike path. Upon looking at it, I just started cussing about the stupidity of the construction people who put the sign down there.

After cussing for a few dozen seconds, I got back on my bike. I tried riding it for a little while, but it was broke. On every rotation i made with the peddels, it skips. I am unable to shift into a bunch of gears, and i doubt i’ll ever be able to ride this bike again.

Then later tonight, i looked down at my shin, and i have either a scrape, or a bruise. It hasn’t developed much. Later that night, my ribs started hurting.

Just because some construction workers were too lazy to move their god damn sign, my bike is now unridable, and i’m injured. Fucking idiots.

WHT Stuff

November 20, 2005

So, There’s a guy named gen-t over at WHT.

A few months ago, gen-t got drunk and sent some menacing communications to another member named vito.

Gen-T has always had a grudge against a group of members who used to call themselves BMWADITRW. Vito seemed to be the leader of the group, although it hasn’t ever been announced.

Well, after gen-t sent those first messages (i’m not sure how they were sent), he lost his community guide status, as well as his forum account.

One of the community leaders didn’t like the decision, but others did, so he was banned.

Many months later, he was reinstated as a regular old member.

Then a few days ago, gen-t got drunk, and sent an outside-of-wht email out to vito. In this email, gen-t said he fucked vito’s daughter. You see, gen-t was looking for an easy insult, and although he was unaware of her personal information, he still went for the kick.

That insult backfired on him when all of us learned vito’s daughter is actually 11.

The next day, gen-t posted an apology thread, because he didn’t mean the things he said, and he was genuinly sorry.

Then the thread was tossed before i had the chance to read the whole thing

Then later that night, a thread was started by a miserable cunt named blue27 who went off on a tangent and said that WHT is supporting child molesters by allowing gen-t to post. That thread was removed, so blue started several more, and each of those were removed as they were posted. Eventually, one of his posts was edited with a link to the WHT helpdesk, and blue was suspended.

So, then blue got frustrated because nobody at wht could read his lies, so he ran over to a WHT rival forum called hosthideout, and posted this thread.

In that thread, I cut addressed him claims, and blue responded with some insults because he couldn’t provide a decent argument, which was amazing, because i was drunk while writing the first statement. So, i replied back and took a virtual axe to his knees.

So, now the community leaders are arguing amongst themselves about whether or not gen-t should be banned again. Being that he will still be able to send threatening email to vito, I don’t see the point. In addition to that, none of this happend on wht.

walk the line

November 20, 2005

Tonight, i went to the movies to see that johnny cash movie “walk the line”.

Pardon me, i am near the halfway mark of this fifth of pineapple parrot bay rum. It’s much better than the coconut rum.

Well, the movie was pretty good. There were some hot ladies in it. And the parts where johnny is all binged out on pills and liquor are damn funny. They weren’t meant to be funny or anything, but it was still very funny.

I think you should see this movie if you find drug abuse funny.

It wasn’t all funny. But there’s this moment when he stumbles out on stage unexpectedly, gets really violent with his band-mates, kicks the microphone into the crowd, kicks out some lights, and then passes out. That was all just hilarious.

The movie is also great if you are a fan of music. Johnny plays some good tunes in venues all across the place, and even a prison. The prison performance was the last one, and it was very entertaining.

One thing that bugged me about the movie, was in between scenes in different places, they would show the place, and the year. I’m not sure if this was done on purpose, or just a bug with the theater. But they would show it on either the right, or the left side of the screen, and each time they showed it, a bunch of letters were cut off. I’m not sure why they would do it, I would have liked to know where these things were happening, and when.

Well that’s all from me. I’m feelin’ pass-out worthy.


November 18, 2005

hey people,

Today was an okay day. We’re a few days away from getting our furnace fixed.

For the past couple days, I haven’t been eating much. Only a small dinner, and a small snack late at night. no lunch of dinner.

As a result of these eating habits, I’ve managed to drop 10 pounds without even biking.

I’m still trying to make my way back up town to get my hair cut.

I really want some food. So, i’m thinkin’ ill go to the restaurant down the plaza to grab a burger.

my phone is broken. It won’t charge. I’m probably gonna make a trip to the store to get a new charger, or even a new phone. We’ll see how that works out.

And uhh.. that’s about it. I’m feelin’ very hungry right about now. But we don’t have much to eat. So, i guess i’ll just wait until tomorrow to eat.

Laterios people.

This hippy is getting a haircut.

November 16, 2005

I’m getting sick of having to wash my hair so often. I currently do it twice per shower per day. I’m just not comfortable getting out after only washing it once.

So, I’m considering just getting my head shaved the next time i go out for a haircut.

You’re probably asking yourself “why doesn’t he just do it himself?”. Well, I tend to fuck up anything that requires hand-eye coordination, and my hair would probably be really uneven if i tried to do it myself.

So, if it stops raining this week, I’ll go take a little bike ride to this barbera shop down town called “roosters”, and just have them shave my head.

That roosters place. A guy once told me they serve beer there, and all the ‘hair dressers’ are hot. That’s not my motivation for going there, it’s just the closest place. I’m not a big fan of beer. Hopefully they serve rum 🙂

Well, that’s all. See ya later.