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to a better place out in outer space

November 15, 2006

Evening Gents,
on sunday night i didn’t really want to sleep so i didn’t

then monday i lounged around, and did laundry

around 4 i got an idea to go out biking, i was thinking “push the limit” for some reason.

so i put on some very thick gloves since it was very cold outside, and i also put on a winter coat, and some pants, and my winter hat under my helmet, and I went out biking for a while. When i started biking, i noticed two things: one, my brakes were tighter, much more sensitive to the touch. Two, i couldn’t really feel anything with these gloves on.

I biked for a very long time, about 13 miles, and on this dirt road, it was unusually bumpy, so i turned off the compression in my shock to help keep everything stable during the ride, and that worked out for a while.

Then i was on a regular sidewalk in town, when I got a ridiculous idea to turn compression in my shock back on. So, i sort of leaned over so i could slide the little gauge off, but i had forgotten that the compression off, so i immediately dipped when i leaned onto the handlebars, and then because i wasn’t completely aware, i accidentally applied full pressure to the front brake.

That sent me straight over the handlebars, and my bike over me. I naturally went straight to the ground, and didn’t feel any immediate pain. When i moved over, my elbow hurt a little, and so did my wrist. Apparently i rolled into the crash, and managed to not damage my face. I did hurt my abs, and my elbow, though it’s nothing serious.

When I got up, i was covered in flowers, and my bike was upside down, rear tire in this bucket of flowers, completely backwards. I didn’t feel bad, i looked over at the people in traffic, stopped at a stoplight, and one women smiled at me. I smiled back, and things were pretty cool.

I picked the bike up, and the little thing that my computer mounts on had snapped in half. I managed to fix that when i got back home. That’s about it.

No noticeable damage was done to the bike. I didn’t ride today because my abs still hurt, and it got dark too quickly. That’s about it.

Have a nice day, people.


week of the dragon

November 5, 2006

Evening folks,

I’ve been busy this week. Here is what i did this week

passed out candy for halloween

Didn’t sleep monday night, stayed up all day waiting for fedex to come. Fedex came at 5pm, long after ups, DHL, and even the USPS. They gave me my camera, i messed around with it, and then at 7 dad got home with my bike. Trek turned out to be awesome awesome, and they upgraded me to an 2007 8000 frame, up from my 2005 6700 frame. Here’s a picture of the new bike: . Also, my new camera came. It’s a nikon n80. I bought it from Ankit who owns cernax hosting, and he threw in a whole bunch of extra stuff, including a 75 – 210mm sigma lens, a bag, 5 rolls of kodak film, and all kinds of other, super-awesome stuff. Here’s a photo of the camera: I woke up with a zit, and it was swollen. I tried popping it, but nothing came of it.

went out on bike. Did 14 miles. Zit is the same size

Zit has swollen up a little

Some terrible misinformed person tells me that putting a heating pad on the swollen zit will loosen things up. I stupidly follow their advice

Face is balooned up greatly. It’s hard to see out of my left eye. Person changes their mind, and remembers that heat makes things swell up more, and it’s ice that makes things swell down. I still ride 6 miles that day. Later that night, I tare open the zit, and squeeze out this ridiculously full peice of puss. After that, I bleed for a while, but I do manage to get a lot of bad stuff out of my face.

And now we’re at Sunday. I finished my first wheel of film. I’ll be taking it to the local professional darkroom for development later this week. I talked with their head technician, and they say they can do all kinds of stuff, like scan extremely high quality, 20+MB tiffs for me, and print large, canvas-quality images. The name of the place is “Oxford one hour photo”. Hopefully they’ll do a good job.