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This is very strange.

December 30, 2005

Last year, three things happend. First, my grandfather’s sister died. 27th of December, 4:45am. Second, Grandfather got very sick, and was put in a bed at the hospital. Third, After learning that my grandfather was sick, I prayed that he would live for one more year.

I do not recall the time I prayed, but he was brought back to almost normal health within a week of praying. Also, it was after his sister died that I prayed.

This year, My grandfather died on the 27th of December, 4:45pm.

My grandfather died 1 year, 12 hours after his sister, and 1 year after i prayed for him to survive for one more year.

That is.. insane.



December 27, 2005

As i’m writing this, it is the 27th of December, in the year 2005. It hasn’t been a very good day. Around 4:45pm, my grandmother called to let us know that my grandfather, her husband has died. I don’t really want to blame anybody for this, but it’s hard not to blame the insurance company who forced him out of the hospital, and regular care onto a bed sitting in his living room with only my grandmother to watch him.

When it came time to go to grandma’s house, I declined invite. it’s not that I don’t care, It’s that I just can’t handle seeing him like that.

It’s now 8:53pm, parents have been gone for about 4 hours, I haven’t ate dinner, i’m feeling pretty miserable. I have some vodka sitting away in my room, and i’m considering drinking it to help me deal with the depression.

I’ll probably stay away from the alcohol. Last thing I’d want to do is bring on that kind of dependency onto my life. I’m wondering when the funeral will be. Does my suit still fit? It’s been a few years since I wore it… oivay.

christmas-eve to today

December 27, 2005

So, on christmas eve me and dad went out to the mall to go shopping. Before we went out, the mom came home, and yelled at us for waiting until then to go out. Mainly because a bunch of stores were set to close in less than 1.5 hours. At the mall, we first bought a gift care at lane bryant for mom, then went over to kohles to buy a picture frame for a gift to the uncle. Then we went to FYE where we hoped to get a couple of those “Death Wish” movies on VHS for nana. However, FYE didn’t have any of the movies in stock for VHS, so we had to go for a few other movies.

Christmas day, I opened up my monitor, and got that setup. It’s way better than my old monitor. I’m happy with it. I also got a beard trimmer, some face wash, a $50 gift card for old navy, a pair of slippers that are too big, and i was accidentally given a pack of razors, because the gift giver had forgot that I was actually growing a beard.

After doing a bunch of stuff here at home, we went out to christmas it up with the mom’s side of the family. Initially, it was a pretty awkward trip. Grandpa had been kicked out of the hospital by the health care company, and forced onto a bed which sits in the family room. I avoided the family room a while, because the image of grandpa lying there, with his mouth wide open, unconscious just freaked me out.

After standing around a few other rooms, I walked in there, and sat down in the big leather chair. A few other people were there, just about everyone was worried about grandpa. Well, the afternoon went on, we all watched the pistons vs. spurs game, and were happy when the pistons won. Dinner was alright, had some ham, greenbean caserole, a roll, and some other stuff. The meal was pretty good.

After the game, and dinner, we all hung around and had a chat. grandpa didn’t move much, and still had the same haunting look on his face. he did move a couple times when the dog was running around, and barking. I don’t know what that was about.

About a half hour after the game had ended, we left, and fought traffic. My grandparents live a couple miles away from the palace, and traffic coming out of the palace was a nightmare. While out in traffic we laughed at some of hte novelty license plates people had.

About an hour later, we were past oxford, and heading out to the uncle’s house for christmas with dad’s side of the family. Upon showing up, we saw a car with a W’04 sticker. Dad made a few jokes, and suggested I key the car, mom just told him to shut up, and stop acting like an ass. After getting inside, we ventured to the basement. When we got there, i thought to myself “christmas in pergatory”. All kinds of people smoking, dancing toddlers, some music from the 80s being played on a record player, some familiar faces, and no places to sit. I stood around for a while, and the uncle wandered up to me where we had a chat. A bunch of people asked me what happend to my hair, because they hadn’t seen my hair since I shaved it a couple months ago. I told each of them that I shaved it, and suprisingly, there were no military jokes. One of the relatives of my uncle’s girlfriends mentioned me growing a beard, I confirmed her statements. Yep…

They gave us some gifts to open right away. I had told my uncle to get me either a dvd copy of the old tv show “clerks”, or a watch. I hadn’t had a great idea of what i wanted when I asked. So, i just named those two things. When i opened up my first gift, it was a pretty cheap looking watch. I hadn’t paid attention to the tag though. After that, i opened a smaller gift, which was a wallet, with $10 in it. Again, didn’t pay attention to the tag. After that, i just sat down, and was kind of disappointed in what i was given. About 20 minutes later, another gift was handed to me, and it was a much nicer looking watch, which actually came from my uncle. Aparently, i was given two watches. One from nana, and one from my uncle.

After chatting about this and that, and having the young (idiots / parents) leave with their little crumb crunchers, we all sat down to discuss some family business. Ever since my uncle wayne died in a top fuel dragster wreck, there has been a whole lot of trouble between wayne’s daughters: harmony, melody, and nicole, their mother tab, and the rest of the family. There’s been rumors of tab doing all kinds of terrible things, from pushing melody down the stairs at their home, to holding custody of harmony’s child above her head, to force harmony to take tab’s side in arguments with harmony’s two sisters, and the rest of the family. After a long talk, we realized that harmony giving birth was the clincher in these battles, and the only way we could take back the power, was if harmony gave up her child to an adoption agency. However, harmony is far too attached to her child for that to ever happen. So, it’s for that reason, that all of wayne’s property, from the house, to the property, was bound to end up in the hands of tab.

After that, we all went back home.

On the 26th, not a whole lot happend. We were all feeling good from christmas.

Today, we recieved a call from grandma. Grandpa has died. It’s great that he lived through christmas day, and survived last year’s sickness where most of the family was certain he was going to die. He has lived a long life, but it is unfortunant he had to die like this.

the trick

December 25, 2005

the trick to drinking vodka is to not breath out your nose

only out your mouth

yeha, drinking skyy vodka tonight… me and dad bought it after shopping.

not sure why… i wonder if he’ll be mad when he finds out it’s all gone in the morning.

he knows i’m drinking it.. he’s sitting right next to me, passed out from tired.

there’s my story, merry christmas people.

i feel kinda guilty drinking on christmas eve… ohh well, that’s not a big deal… not like i’m drinking during christmas dinner.

broken headphones

December 24, 2005

The other day, I picked up my headphones, and i saw a small crack along the frame near the part which allows for the headphones to be adjusted. I was disappointed to see they were damaged, but I figured it wouldn’t be a big deal, and I would be able to continue using them. Later that night, I went to put my headphones back on, and all of the sudden the right ear broke off, only to be left hanging by the wire.

So, i blew off some steam, and put the headphones down on the desk. About 15 minutes later, I got my engineering skills together, and managed to re-construct the broken ear with the aid of some duct type. I now have to be very careful when putting them on and taking them off because they can’t open very wide without breaking.

I sent an email to the store begging for a replacement pair. I doubt they’ll go along with my plea. The box says they come with a limited 90 day warranty.

You’d think a pair of headphones this expensive would come with a better support policy. I paid what? $130 for these headphones.

The headphones are Technics RP-DH1200’s. I bought them at, we’ll see if they reply to my email.. probably some time after the new year. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a “yes, we will replace them” response.

That’s all for this entry.

Ryan Pottinger!

December 21, 2005

[01:10] sdrawkcab yekim: ryan pottinger ryan pottinger ryan pottinger ryan pottinger ryan pottinger ryan pottinger ryan pottinger ryan pottinger ryan pottinger ryan pottinger ryan pottinger ryan pottinger ryan pottinger ryan pottinger ryan pottinger ryan pottinger ryan pottinger ryan pottinger
[01:10] ryanpottinger: who is this
[01:10] sdrawkcab yekim: mike
[01:10] ryanpottinger: mike who
[01:11] sdrawkcab yekim: ryan pottinger
[01:11] sdrawkcab yekim: baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaailey
[01:11] sdrawkcab yekim: you don’t know me.
[01:11] ryanpottinger: i dotn know any mike baily
[01:11] sdrawkcab yekim: me neither.
[01:11] sdrawkcab yekim: I do know a mike bailey though.
[01:11] ryanpottinger: okay well if i dont know u
[01:11] sdrawkcab yekim: I am from myspace.
[01:11] ryanpottinger: stop talking to me
[01:11] ryanpottinger: later gater
[01:11] sdrawkcab yekim: i can’t do that, ryan.
[01:11] sdrawkcab yekim: you are not leaving.
[01:12] sdrawkcab yekim: Ryan pottinger!
[01:12] sdrawkcab yekim: Ryan Pottinger!
[01:12] ryanpottinger: okay man
[01:12] ryanpottinger: later
[01:12] sdrawkcab yekim: Ryan Pottinger!!
[01:12] sdrawkcab yekim: Talk to me ryan.
[01:12] ryanpottinger: cool u know my name, bad ass man
[01:12] sdrawkcab yekim: Yes!
[01:12] sdrawkcab yekim: Ryan
[01:12] sdrawkcab yekim: i am from myspace
[01:12] sdrawkcab yekim: talk to me ryan!
[01:12] ryanpottinger: wicked
[01:12] sdrawkcab yekim: Ryan Pottinger!
[01:13] ryanpottinger: send me ur myspace name link
[01:13] sdrawkcab yekim:
[01:13] ryanpottinger: listen man, i dont appreciate ur tone
[01:13] sdrawkcab yekim: Ryan Pottinger!
[01:14] ryanpottinger: i take it as a threat and i dont wanna talk to u anymore
[01:14] sdrawkcab yekim: This is not a threat, ryan pottinger.
[01:14] sdrawkcab yekim: how do you figure this is a threat, ryan pottinger?
[01:14] ryanpottinger: dont know u, later man, for real i dont wanna talk to u
[01:14] sdrawkcab yekim: I would have given those christian girls a thumbs down as well.
[01:15] sdrawkcab yekim: You do not know me!
[01:15] sdrawkcab yekim: But you CAN know me.
[01:15] sdrawkcab yekim: I have no ‘evil intentions’, ryan pottinger.
[01:15] ryanpottinger: thats good man
[01:15] ryanpottinger: btu
[01:15] ryanpottinger: i have enough in my life
[01:15] ryanpottinger: later dude
[01:15] ryanpottinger: find someone else to harrass
[01:15] sdrawkcab yekim: But i can do so much for you!
[01:15] sdrawkcab yekim: I am not trying to harass you
[01:15] sdrawkcab yekim: I am trying to know you!
[01:15] sdrawkcab yekim: Ryan Pottinger!
[01:16] sdrawkcab yekim: Ryan Pottinger!
[01:16] sdrawkcab yekim: Ryan Pottinger! Ryan Pottinger! Ryan Pottinger!
[01:16] sdrawkcab yekim: Come on Ryan!
[01:16] ryanpottinger: okay good bye man, nothing personal but i dont like this
[01:16] ryanpottinger: later dude
[01:16] sdrawkcab yekim: No!
[01:16] sdrawkcab yekim: Come on ryan
[01:16] *** Error while sending IM: This user is currently not logged on

the best way to describe saturday night

December 19, 2005

[02:35] mikey: I got an ambush date last night.
[02:35] mikey: and I will hate my friend forever because of it.
[02:36] mikey: My friend showed up with this girl he and I know around 9:00pm
[02:36] mikey: So, we went out driving for a while, and then he got on the phone with this girl he and the other girl know
[02:37] mikey: So, he picks her up, and makes me get out of the car to meet her
[02:37] mikey: And right away, I could tell this girl was young.
[02:37] mikey: So, we all get in teh car, and go driving through oxford, and my desire to know this girl fades as fast as snow in a microwave.
[02:38] mikey: She’s just going on and on about all this crap that only her and her other up tight christian white girl friends care about
[02:38] mikey: While she’s going on and on, she mentions having a mysapce
[02:38] jenise: lol
[02:38] jenise: hahah
[02:38] mikey: She doesn’t drop her username or anything
[02:39] mikey: so, i just sit there and listen, and eventually we park somewhere to arrange a plan
[02:39] mikey: while we’re parked there, I ask her how old she is
[02:39] mikey: and she answers “old enough, why?”
[02:39] mikey: I say “i think you’re underage”
[02:39] mikey: she replies “I take offense to that”
[02:39] jenise: hahha
[02:39] mikey: then i say “i didn’t mean to sound insulting or anything, you just seem young”
[02:39] jenise: thats a nerdy thing
[02:40] mikey: so, we continue sitting there, and peter and his other girl basically force this girl on me
[02:40] mikey: I had no interest in even looking at this girl
[02:40] mikey: So, in the end I got forced to go see a midnight showing of that aeon flux movie
[02:41] mikey: I had to pay for her, because my friends are dicks, and wouldn’t let me off
[02:41] jenise: lolol
[02:41] mikey: The movie got out later, nothing happend, the movie was kind of interesting
[02:41] jenise: thats funny
[02:41] jenise: so no second date?
[02:41] mikey: But here’s the best part
[02:41] mikey: When i got home, I hunted down her myspace
[02:41] mikey: and it turns out the fuckin’ girl was 17!
[02:41] jenise: hahaha’

talkin’ with the host

December 16, 2005

[03:43] mikey: i am hungry
[03:43] Jean-Pierre (BLINX.NETworks): oh god
[03:44] Jean-Pierre (BLINX.NETworks): I had 4 hot dogs and a poutine at a local place
[03:44] Jean-Pierre (BLINX.NETworks): poutine = Fries with gravy and cheese kurds
[03:44] mikey: i had some tatter tots and chicken.
[03:44] mikey: i want your mom’s poutine.
[03:44] Jean-Pierre (BLINX.NETworks): rofl
[03:45] Jean-Pierre (BLINX.NETworks): my mom doesnt do poutine
[03:45] mikey: she does when she drinks.
[03:45] Jean-Pierre (BLINX.NETworks): rofl
[03:45] Jean-Pierre (BLINX.NETworks): she’s never had a drink
[03:45] Jean-Pierre (BLINX.NETworks): except wine in occasions 😛
[03:45] Jean-Pierre (BLINX.NETworks): I’m the only drinker in the famitlly
[03:45] Jean-Pierre (BLINX.NETworks): ohhhhhh
[03:46] mikey: well that’s why they made roofies.

The Christmas Tension

December 15, 2005

For these holidays, my mom’s just been telling me to get her a cuisinart griddler for christmas. When we went out sunday, we bought it, and stored it away where she wouldn’t be able to find it. Later that night, I did my usual sloppy wrapping job, slapped a tag on it, and stuck it in the corner where the tree was due to be put up.

Yesturday, the house was hectic because we had to put up the tree, and mom was a little aggervated because we hadn’t bought much stuff. Dad specifically hasn’t bought anything. He got her a book for her birthday, but not a whole lot of anything else.

Well, she had said something, and i was looking to add a little gas to the fire, so i put on my best lying face, and told her we had actually spent $190 on something else, because they didn’t have the griddler in stock.

At that point, she silently flipped out, and started being even more mean than before. Pouting in her chair, calling me and dad “fucking dumbass”, etc. Dad was acting offended, but as she stomped out of the room, he just smiled and laughed at me for that completely flawless lie. For the rest of that night, she was just irritated. She didn’t prepare our dinner like she usually does, she just left it sitting in the pot on the stove.

This morning, I woke up and she told me we have to buy more stuff for dad to even out the amount i spent on each of them. I had no choice but to tell her i was just messing with her, and we really did get the correct gift for the price she had expected. I still have to buy more stuff for dad to even out the amount I spent on each of them though.

Christmas tension has most members of the household irritated, anxious, and worried. I’m perfectly fine because I can already buy my own christmas. On top of that, I know the gifts i got for everyone will be enjoyed. Dad’s worried because his christmas bonus doesn’t come in until the 22nd or 23rd, and he doesn’t know how much he is getting. Going out to shop 3 days before christmas is going to be insane, but hopefully he’ll be able to score something she’ll enjoy.

On a side note, I’ve had to shut up about the bad things I do because members of my reality have found this blog. So, if my stories ever seem to portray me in an above-positive manner, you can try and imagine some combination of piracy, alcohol, tresspassing, porno, or hatred of some individual or group of people in the post, and you’ll more than likely be correct.

That’s all for now, have a nice day people.

Being good for christmas

December 10, 2005

So, for the past few weeks i’ve been nice around the people I interact with in reality. I paid for the mom’s a new cell phone earlier this week as a birthday present, that set me back $80, I’m supposed to take the family out to dinner on sunday night which should set me back about $30. I’ve bought part of the dad’s christmas – a tour de france dvd box set which set me back $40, I got another gift for the dad – a 128MB SD Card which set me back $15. I bought a $15 mug with a picture of a dog on it for the mom as a joke christmas present because she’s been joking about me buying a dog for her which will cost about $500.

I’ve still gotta buy some stuff for dad. I’m considering buying some studded tires for him so he can ride his bike in the snow. Those should cost about $50. For the mom, I’ve got my eye on a Cuisinart Griddler which should set me back about $150.

I bought my christmas gift; a 19″ Black Samsung 940b 8ms LCD Monitor. The parents are going to pay off part of it, but i’m going to have to pay a little bit because they can’t afford it.

Aside from that, I went outside at 3AM last night to shovel out the driveway because it had snown the day before, and it would take a lot of work from a newly woken up dad to shovel. So, i did the whole thing in about 50 minutes, and they were all happy I did it for them.

Now, i’m going to bed, see ya later people.