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I’m just rearranging hell

February 28, 2005

Good day.

Didn’t do much.

SWR Handed me control of, and gave me free hosting for it. I started coding a layout, but i’m not too satisfied with it. I’ll probably start coding more things tomorrow.

We had pizza from the uncle’s pizza place for the first time in a few months. It was damn good. If you live in lapeer, michigan I recommend you eat at “The Pizza Company”.

I wanna listen to howard stern in the morning, but i’m fairly certain i won’t be able to stay up long enough. We’ll see what happens there.

I’m considering going outside later this week for photography. We’ll see what happens.

That’s about it, laterios.



February 27, 2005

It was an OK Day.

I stayed up until 12:00PM (noon), and then i slept until 7PM.

Bought a subscription renewal, that costed me $20.

One of the weirder things that happend was bidding on a copy of the movie “Napoleon Dynamite” on ebay, only to find out after the auction had ended that the seller requires money order, or check to be sent. I sent him a note trying to figure out if there’s any way he can award the next highest bidder the item, or if he could open a paypal account for me to pay him with. He has yet to respond.

Had a little chat with ven about various projects each us are working on. Ven’s cool.

I’m kinda tired of the internet… I really need to get out of the house. Problem is, weather in michigan has been terrible lately. Hopefully i’ll live to see summer.

Well, that’s about it for today. Laterios.

deep thoughts at 6:35AM

February 26, 2005

For the past few years, I have realized that god controls pretty much every aspect of my life.

Weather it be for the better, or for the worst. God controls my entire life.

But, this is not to say that I have no power in my life. I hold a large portion of the control.

For you see, god makes decisions regarding what will happen in my life based on the way i handle my free time.

One of the largest contributing factors of god’s decisions in my life rests solely on a particularly bad habit of mine – masterbation.

And i know you don’t want to hear this. But it is actually completely true (or so i believe).

See.. it’s like this.

If i go more than 2 days without masterbating, god will reward me by handing a good judgement my way. Examples of this include easy work which pays alot of money, or a simple day where nothing will go wrong.

If i masturbate 1 day after that, and not do it for a few days after that; God will completely balance my life with nothing good or bad happening.

If i masterbate more than 2 days in a row, God will hand a bad day my way. This may include one of my previous jobs failing, and the person needing more help, or the people i live with may treat me badly for a day.

Sometimes, god will exchange a single bad day with something very major. Such as the death of a friend, and or family member. We’ll get to that later.

But, god’s decisions are not completely based on masterbation. Sometimes, it can be a result of another form of immoral activity. Examples of this include treating another person badly, and sometimes drinking too much.

Back on the issue of deaths of family members. I recently came to realize that any time i stop thinking of someone i believe will die soon, that that person will in fact die, or sometimes someone who is closely related to that person will die.

A month ago, My grandfather went into the hospital after i stopped thinking about him for about 3 weeks. It was due to heavy praying to god, that he survived.

Prior to that, i had always believed that the mother of our close family friends: The Shays would die. Only a month after i stopped thinking about them, the father of that family died.

There are numerous other people that i make sure to not stop thinking about. These people include my grandma and grandpa, my uncle luke, my nana (grandmother), my parents, and numerous other people who shall go unnamed, because he’d probably be freaked out if he read his name in this part of this blog entry.

Now, i know after reading all this you’re fairly certain that I have gone completely insane, and after reading all this over again myself, I have to agree with you.

a day too late

February 26, 2005


Yesturday i made $100 for fixing mysql for inogenius, and i made another $50 setting a couple shoutcast transcoders for thsi guy. Today, i spent $110 of that money on a new pair of headphones .

The bank to paypal transfer the mom was waiting on finally processed, and we sent payment for the item she won on ebay.

Today i considered starting a hosting company. That idea may come to play in the next month or so.

Yesturday, registration for finally finished. That site is going to be setup to act as an index for all member blogs, as soon as i code up a system to offer such functionality.

The song “espionage” by Green Day is great, i recommend all of you download it.

Funny quote:

<mikeylove> i just got $100 from inogenius.
<mikeylove> i’m anxious to blow it
* SoftWareRevue quotes mikeylove to TV ” <mikeylove> i’m anxious to blow it”
<mikeylove> hahahahhahaha

Well, that’s about it for now. Laterios.

quick update

February 25, 2005

made $150 tonight, bidding on bose headphones –…753214921#ShippingPayment , gotta go to bed, laterios.

shim sham allakazaam

February 24, 2005

Hi everybody,

I’m pretty tired.

I’ve found that i’m pretty accident prone when i’m tired.

This theory was proven tonight as a accidentally dropped the database which uses.

So.. we’re back to square one on that project.

Today.. i went to bed at 8AM, and i woke up at 4PM. Decent sleep.

dennis aka softwarerevue is getting more unsick.

I still miss the summer.

Aparently kerry jones has started a blog. Maybe i’ll exchange links with his site.

We mcdonalds for dinner.

I’m gonna continue reading my “designing with web standards” book, tomorrow.

My life has been really.. really messed up lately… I’m gonna go outside for a really long walk as soon as the weather clears up.

I don’t know why.. but i have a big feeling that someone is going to die very very soon. I have no idea who, but I have a really bad feeling something is going to happen to someone very soon.

I’ve been really disgusted with the youth of america. These people make alot of really bad decisions, and i’ve just about had it with these people.

How the fuck does ashlee simpson have any fans? I mean.. she’s been proven to be a fraud, and there are STILL little moron teenagers who think she can really sing.

Another thing that i’ve been disgusted with is redneck pride. What the fuck is that about? People are proud of being stupid? That’s kinda being proud of having aids.

Gonna be starting another website in the next few days… stay tuned for that.

well.. that’s about it for today, laterios.

Decent Day

February 23, 2005

I fell asleep at 9PM yesturday, and I woke up at 4PM Today, after not sleeping for about 30 hours before that. There’s your explanation for the lack of a real update that day.

It was a fairly good day. I bought this weight loss kit for the mom on ebay, it costs $111 with shipping. I doubt it will work, she says she’s read good reviews about it, we’ll see how it works.

J-P from blinx says he’s going to renew my domain for free after my expirationphobic post. Props goes to him.

We had turkey for dinner. It was served with mashed potatoes, and green beans. There was no gravy for the mashed potatoes, but it was good none the less.

I wrote some php and css for Dennis a few days ago, you can view it at .

It looks like winter returned to michigan. It has been snowing alot lately.

Dennis is sick. Poor dennnis.

Boardhelp has been fairly active today, Great.

Today i recieved spam from . After arguing with the owner of the website for a few hours, i have gone ahead and reported them to their bandwidth providers: elitehosts, and exodus communications.

That’s about it from my corner of the internet, laterios.

I’m Expirationphobic.

February 22, 2005

Lately, i’ve been really concerned about things i own expiring (eg: software licenses, domains) . So, i’ve made it my intention to check expiration dates for everything i own on a weekly basis, and come up with a plan to keep everything i own active.

One of the biggest things i worry about is this domain. You see, I didn’t pay for this domain. SoftwareRevue did after he saw it drop on some websites that lists recently expired domains, and he just pushed the domain to me from his to my enom account.

That’s all well and great that he gave me the domain for free. But the real problem here is that i have absolutely no funds in my enom account, and my only means for internet transactions is paypal. But, enom requires a minimum transfer from paypal of $100.00 , and I don’t have $100.00.

So, now i’m in a bit of a pickle. My friend Jean Pierra of offered me the opportunity to push my domain to his enom account, send paypal payment of $7.00 to him, he’d renew it, and push it back to my account. But right now, I’m saving the $10.00 i have in my paypal for a new pair of headphones.

Another idea i had was to figure out a way to push to my namecheap account (where i keep all my other domains), and then enjoy all the intentives that come with it (eg: whoisguard). One of the quirks about doing this, is that it shouldn’t require much work, as namecheap is just an enom reseller. But the last time i asked them abuot an enom related question (pushing domain from namecheap to an enom account), they told me that it wasn’t possible. So, I’m not completely sure if this course of action would work out.

Regardless of what i do, i have until November 6, 2005 to do it.

“you are a very sleepy person”

February 21, 2005

<mikeylove> once upon a time, there was a guy named ub3r.
<mikeylove> on february 21st, ub3r aka mikey didn’t sleep
<mikeylove> so then he messaged this softwarerevue guy and said “once upon a time, there was a guy named ub3r. on february 21st, ub3r aka mikey didn’t sleep”
<mikeylove> and he lives sleepy ever after
<mikeylove> until he went to bed
<mikeylove> and he was just fine around that time.
<SoftwareRevue> (he didn’t respond)


February 21, 2005

Props goes to camp2win from wht for the $5 donation.