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quite the day

April 28, 2006

It’s been a long long day.

At 9am i got woken up by the garbage man driving their loud loud truck down the road. That got me up for the rest of the day.

Did some work here for a while, then I got really hungry around 11am, so I made a turkey sandwich, and put it on a plate with some chips, then ate it.

Then i figured out what i was going to do with the day. I wanted to bike out to addison, but I knew that the wind was heavy from the east, and south. addison is 8 miles away, and I would have to bike against the bike for the entire trip there.

I ended up slacking around until 5:30 when i just went out and did my usual 10 mile route. I went much faster than usual, because i was tired and hungry. I ended up doing 16 miles per hour for the first half of the trip, and then dropping down to about 13 miles per hour for the second half.

With about 3 miles to go until i was home, and have 300.00 miles, I got some terrible stomach pains. I hadn’t ate in a while, and during my previous meal i didn’t fill up. So I just peddeled as hard as I could to get back home, and while biking I got that 300 mile mark put down on my odometer.

The new neil young album is awesome.

i’m all outta words, laterios duderinos


internetter whatever

April 28, 2006

yeah, it was an alright day.

Rode 11 miles against some fierce winds. Odometer now shows 290 miles. I’m I’m going to do 10 miles tomorrow, and then try to get 300 miles by next sunday.

Dad went to the bike shop and got my rear rotor. That should fix the problem with my rear brakes. I don’t know when he’s going to install it. Probably tomorrow, or this weekend. I hope to make a trip out to Addison oaks this weekend, or possibly tomorrow afternoon to bike down this monsterous hill.

I’m thinking about going out there with the dad, and filming the whole thing. It would be nice to upload it here to the internet for all of you to see. I’ll tell ya what, I’ll go out there today with my digital camera, and i’ll snap a couple pictures of the hill before I bike it. The hill itself is extremely steap, and very tall. The chances of me crashing are very likely, but it would be awesome if I could make it all the way down.

There’s going to be a 12 hour race at addison pretty soon. Me and dad visited the race last summer in the middle of the night. It was a pretty cool experience. I wouldn’t dare enter the race for a couple reasons: 1) I don’t have the endurance to ride 2 laps at addison. 2) I would probably crash into a tree in the middle of the night, and be lost until the following morning.

Just 20 days until I have to go out to georgia for the cousin’s wedding. Dad’s not going. I’m kind of dredding the trip. I won’t get to bike for a week, and I’m going to miss out on a ton of stuff.

I got woke up by the garbage man at 9:30am this morning. I got up, and remembered that I forgot hitting the publish button on this post because i got carried away with other things.

Here’s to publishing.

be creative!

April 26, 2006

There’s a lot of unoriginality being practiced out there on the internet. Being that I’m the reason the internet exists, I feel I must do something about it. Starting tonight, I’m going to start letting you guys know about the people out there who have clearly mimicked other individuals, and companies in order to make a profit for themselves.

Entity Number One:
Anyone familiar with the web hosting industry has heard of equinix, they operate the largest datacenters in the world, and are host to some of the biggest names on the internet. The asshole who started wasn’t very creative, so he simply took the name “equinix”, changed one letter, and started his company.

In recent days, I have seen a slew of threads about this company being posted at WHT Mainly over issues which arose when the company was sold. Some trusted individuals say that mark (the owner) has a history of less than ethical business practices. You can view the main thread over here.

More to come.


April 24, 2006

Today a lot of new things happend.

I rode down some new road in town that I’ve never seen before. I saw that they were paving the new bridge at the pollyann trail and m24. And I went into the new high school to see how everything looked.

New road was cool, it’s right between industrial, and the main town road.

New bridge looks bitchin’, the middle part is still missing though.

New high school is pretty great. I didn’t see the whole thing because it was mostly locked up, and I had to leave.

The oxford blues & bbq is coming to oxford on june 23rd. I’ll have to go check that out. Hopefully I won’t come close to dying this time around.

rambo is on AMC right now. I haven’t ever watched this movie in full. I shall watch it now.

yeah, rode about 10.5 miles today. Wind from the north and west made it difficult, but the second half of the trip was superb.

New server

April 23, 2006

If you’re reading this, you’re at the new server. Hooray internet.

my feet are cold cold cold

April 23, 2006

yeah they are and I need to get some socks on these puppies or maybe go to bed we will see after i write this

i have not slept since last night and this morning and afternoon

i got turned down the wht mod application. That’s too bad. I don’t think i’ll apply for any future listings. I’ve been turned down on how many.. probably 3 applications when they were asking. I’m just sick of feeling bad after getting that same old “you didn’t get picked” template letter.

I don’t think I could handle all the work those people have to do, either.

i saw silent hill. it was scary for the first 45 minutes, then it got boring. The revenge scene was great. That’s all.

Didn’t get 10 miles of biking in due to storm. I had to race against it on the trip back home. It started raining just as I walked out of the theater. I managed to get back home reasonably dry though.

that’s all I have.

hosting hosting hosting…

April 22, 2006

Last night I went to my blog to see if there were comments, and it hung at “waiting for…”.

So, I waited for a while, and then ctrl+f5’d . It then hung at “connecting to…”

Then it timed out.

I tried several times throughout the night, but it never came up. I checked my MSN list for da host; JP, but he was gone.

So then it was down all night until morning when JP got to the computer and was able to fix it.

This is the second time or third time this has happend, and it’s bugging me. So, I’m thinking about packing up the whole thing, and moving it to my dedicated server.

What do you peeps think?

/me hopes aussie bob reads this post, and hooks me up on one of his super hot hosting servers development

April 20, 2006

Yeah, me and raja did a bunch of work on these past couple of days. I got the database backend up a couple nights ago, and from there rolled out the rss, and random image features. Then tonight, raja did a bunch of work to bring the ability to transfer an image from a remote website to .

The main code base is currently a mess. We’ll work on making it organized later tomorrow. I’m pretty happy with the current site though.

today ok

April 20, 2006

hey biked 10 miles and got tired because i drank too much water before i left ok bye

I got hit by a golf ball today.

April 18, 2006

I was doing my regular 10 mile route, and I was riding down this golf course path, when I saw this cart coming towards me in teh distance. Then the cart went off the path, out to the middle of the course. I wasn’t paying much attention, but about 5 seconds later I saw this ball come flying over by me. The ball hit the ashphault path, and then bounced right towards me. I ducked, and it hit my helmet.

I continued for 5 feet ahead to the usual spot I start climbing the hill to the high school. The guys then rode up on their cart and said “dude, are you OK?” I said “Yeah, it bounced off my helmet.”. I then continued on my way up the hill.

It was pretty funny. I was trespassing, and they were wreckless. Both of us were in the wrong, but we both continued on our way without any problems.

There wasn’t any pain. My helmet did a good job of keeping me from being killed. It just suprissed me a little.

I continued through the rest of the trip like any other trip. Another day of wind from the east. That’s the worst direction for wind to come from.

Did 10.3 miles. I now have 216.0 miles on the odometer, yay excercise.

and that’s all I have for you.