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the village people got a bum rap.

February 28, 2006

I mean, they produced some great music. Then everyone started insulting them just because some of them are gay. Fuckin’ america…

Anyway.. Another day here at the Bailey household. Nothing eventful. Went up town to look at cellphones. Talked to a guy who didn’t seem to know anything about t-mobile prepaid plans. While at the store, a kid I used to know walked in. His name’s charlie. When i was 11, he was like 8. He’s much older now. We shared some laughs.

The cell phone store is a magical place. Some really attractive girl walked in. She had to be the most attractive girl I have seen in the past year, internet people excluded.

I do not want to be here when I turn 23. I would rather die on the streets of atlanta, than be sitting in this room on my 23rd birthday.

The older I get, the faster these years fly by. It seems like i was just turning 22 a month ago. I really need to get out of here.

So, that’s all I have to say. Laterios people.


more wacky gnax news.

February 27, 2006

Hello Internets,

I got to sleep in today, huzzah.

As i was waking up, dad was leaving. So, he got in his car, and then left.

Then a few minutes later, he came back. I asked him where the airport was. He said “Detroit”, i say “I need to get there some time this week”, he says “well, you can’t just leave. You have to talk to your mother about it”.

So, then he leaves saying he needs to go to a team meeting (he’s on a cycling team).

Then i do some internet things. Reply to a message from jeff telling him i found an airport, the one that’s down in detroit.

I look up some rates on, a round trip flight is in the $350+ range.

Then mom comes home. About 5 minutes after she’s in the door, I say “I have a job interview.”, she immediately puts on her concerned face, and says “where?”, I say “Atlanta.”, she says “you don’t have a car, you’re not going”. I say “I have to go.”, she says “No you don’t.”, I say “Yes I do, and proceed to my room where i lay down in bed.”. Then a big argument starts, and she gives me a whole round of ‘reasons’ why I shouldn’t go, reasons such as “your brain can not handle this responsibility” (that’s a new one!), “How are you goign to travel in a big city? You don’t have a car!”, “You’re going to get robbed!”.

It’s all ridiculous really. Any time I have something to lose, she’s quick to threaten to kick me out. But, when I have something to gain from leaving, she’s quick to shelter me. I guess this is seperation anxiety.

So, then i walk back out to the living room where she’s watching tv, and sit down here. After realizing her threats of robbery, and homelessness have not phazed me, she puts on her best concerned mother voice, and tells me that I need to get a car, and my license. After realizing i’m starting to turn around, she brings out some new, completely unfounded threats. Saying I won’t have enough money for rent, etc.

Throughout the argument, I repeatedly told her that it doesn’t matter, and I’m leaving. She repeatedly told me that I’m not. I don’t know how she’s going to prevent me from leaving, being that I’m a legal adult and all. I don’t think the cops can return me to her if she calls them. If she can.. well, that would be an interesting event.

Around 5:30pm, they went out for dinner. I knew they would talk about this, and I knew the dad would probably fold under pressure from mom.

Then they came home, we didn’t say anything.

Around 9, after mom had gone to bed, dad and I had a chat. He pushed some of the mom’s agendas; getting robbed, needing a car, etc. I told him I’m going to leave regardless if they support my decision or not. He told me that he could try, but it’s a long drive, and he would have to take a day off work to get me out there.

So, I’m going to have to find a cab service in the coming days..

I don’t think things will work out well if I don’t get the job and have to move back in here. Well, I’m going to have to return to michigan just to get my stuff.

I’ve been nervous all day.

and that’s all i have to say.

gnax developments

February 26, 2006

So, last night i was drunk, and while drunk i spoke with jeff from gnax. We talked about alcohol, and various types of rum.

Then came the topic of employment at gnax. jeff told me to send me my resume. my resume was not up to date, so i told him i would create it when i was sober. We agreed that this was the best idea.

Then i fell asleep at like 4am

Then i woke back up at 10am, dehydrated and headached.

So, i drank the rest of the milk, and the sierra mist.

Then i sat down, looked at what happend during my drinking.

Then i made my resume up, you can view it here.

Then i emailed it to jeff.

Then i did a bunch of boring internet things that don’t relate to this story.

Then jeff replied saying it looked good, and he was wondering if I would be able to make it down there for an interview.

I replied saying I don’t have money for a bus or a plane ticket.

he replied saying he would pay me to come down there.

I replied saying that I would talk it over with the family, and would have to go out to pontiac to get a greyhound ticket.

Then he replied saying he could fly me out.

Then i looked around for an airport, but wasn’t able to find one that’s this close.

So, then i searched some more, and found the closest one is out in detroit.

So, then i looked at dad a chair away and said “I have a job opportunity”.

He said “that’s good”

I say “Kind of, it’s in atlanta.”

He said “ohhh…” (he was tired, just woke up from a nap)

(20 minute pause)

I say “Well, how am i going to get to atlanta?”

dad says “you could take a bus” (this was before i got the email about the plane)

I say “alright… ya know mom isn’t going to like this…”

dad: (nods head)

So, I’m going to talk with jeff and organize all of this. I know this is probably going to result in me getting kicked out of the house, beause mom is going to panic, and think i’m going to get scammed out of millions of dollars because this was organized on the internets.

I’m hoping i’ll get the job, this way i can just move down there, and out of here. I’ve looked at some of the sights around town via google earth, and it looks very nice. There’s also a plaza about a mile away from the DC where rent is $450. So, I could probably live there with JP if he gets hired as well.

So, that’s all there is. Laterios, People.


February 25, 2006

So, it looks like god is trying to tell me something.

All of the sudden, a bunch of people I know got a bunch of high paying tech jobs.

Friend matt got a job down in washington DC working for some marketing company.

Friend/host JP got a job offer down in Atlanta, GA with GNAX.

Friends Andy, Terry, and others started telling me that I should apply for the job at GNAX.

So, I’m going to write up my resume, and apply. Then if I get the job, I’ll have to try and sell it to my parents.

I know the parents aren’t going to approve. They’re going to do the same thing they always do: assume that because it’s an internet company, I’m going to get scammed, and be forced to live on the mean streets of atlanta because these people aren’t going to pay me anything.

I spoke with Jeff, the owner of gnax. Here’s something I made for he when he posts on wht.

Things may work out alright if I play things right. We’ll see how things go.

Pay is 24K – 30K per year.


February 23, 2006

good day, did 10 miles on bike, had to walk for part of it due to snow, and ice. went off course, had to climb very large hill, read an ebook about piracy in two sittings, found out there’s a new music store up town. will stop by there tomorrow to see what they have. gotta go, too late for internets.


February 22, 2006

Hey Kids,

Rode bike today. Same loop, raised my bike seat for more efficient excercising. I need to get my clock back on this bike, and I need a water bottle cage so i can bring a water bottle around, so i don’t get so thirsty, so i can go further.

Today, I had fenixTX stuck in my head, and it adversely affected the excercise. “I, Waisted time, I, waisted time, I, Waisted time” over and over again, really doesn’t help with long term goal planning. I need to start listening to more hardcore punk music.

Thursday night, AMC has smokey and the bandit & the blues brothers back to back, Kick Ass.

I’ve been listening to a band called “hogan beach” a lot these past few days. I recommend you listen to them if you can find some of their music.

sunglasses are okay, i think they’re a little too small for my head, hopefully they don’t break.

Bought a copy of trillian pro, because it’s worth it.

Made this wacky myspace profile. Thanks goes out to yupapa for the smiley, i took it from his forum.

That’s all for now, it’s too late for typing.


February 19, 2006

Hey People,

I have been busy. So busy, I don’t have time for any of the tasks that keep me so busy. To tell you the truth, I’m a big slacker. I mean to do a lot of things, but then I get carried away with slacking off.

I’ve been meaning to continue development on… I want to get it setup with a database backend, with rss, and some other neat stuff which will aid in administration, and user experience. Some ideas I Have for that are:

  • RSS Feed – User has ability to add his upload to the rss feed, or keep himself off of it
  • Random Photo Module – A simple little system that will use the database backend to pick a random photo to display. Again, user has the ability to declare his photo public, or private.
  • Possible Comment Module – Users can comment on photos, this would probably require I write up a registration module, which would take a long time because I’m not familiar with sessions, or cookies.
  • Thumbnails – I want to get a thumbnail system setup, but it will take a good amount of work, and it would take up even more space on the hard disk.

Photos.CX is a lot of work. I refuse to go with an existing script, because I don’t like being dependent on the work of other people. The forum is running punBB, and was set with a bunch of my own modifications, including a revamp of the default punBB style, a modification to use images for status icons, instead of badly organized css. I’m considering creating a private messaging hack, but that would take a very long time.

In other news, I got my sunglasses. You can look at an albino likeness of me wearing them here.

I start getting paid again in two weeks. I am now saving up for this 6.1MP Nikon d50 Digital Camera. It’s nice… Although I’m unsure if i really want it. Sure, it’s an awesome camera, but would it be durable enough to take on biking trips? I’m doubting it. I could probably buy a really heavy duty case though.

I still want to buy This specialized clock, but I can’t find any online stores that are selling it.

I wish I had more money.

That’s all I have for now. See ya later.

Look out honey, ’cause I’m using technology!

February 17, 2006

Hey folks,

Today i got woken up by mr. phone at 10:00AM. Sure enough, it was the same jerks that woke me up at 10:00am the last time with an automated phone call complaining about mike rogers. This time around, they were still complaining about mike rogers. I wasn’t awake enough to make out what they were saying, but i did catch “mike rogers” in the message.

I stumbled back to bed, and woke back up a couple hours later. At that time, i had some pizza, went to the computer to make sure things were smooth, folded some clothes, went out to shovel some snow, and got out my bike. As i was getting the bike out, dad came home, and told me that the bike path to town was clean. So, then i put on my coat, a hat, and some gloves to head out on a bike ride.

On the bike ride, i went down lakeville road, cut through to get into oxford lakes, road through there to get onto industrial road, then road down halfway, to cut through a large bank of snow to get to the oxford plaza. At the oxford plaza, i stopped by the bike shop to see what they had to sell. After looking at some things, i found a helmet that is big enough to fit my huge head. It costs $40, i have about $59 left. I can get a 10% discount if I join the MMBA, but my dad can get a better deal at kinetics, because of a special deal members of their cycling team get.

After hanging around there, i walked down to the computer store, and looked at some stuff. while there, i got on the internet, and wrote a post here on the blog! that was fun.

So, then i road back home. The new bike is nice. I shifted a bunch of times, and it’s really quick to the touch. i did have to ride through some big snow banks, but no damage was done.

Tomorrow, i’m going to make a trip out to meijer to buy some stuff. I gotta get some face wash… probably some other stuff. It should be a fun trip. I’m also due to take the family out to dinner for chinese.

I bought some sunglasses last night, here they are

for a while, i was confused as to what “NIB” means, Nib actually means “New In Box”, here’s some extra things that will help people who are searching for the meaning of “NIB”

What’s nib?
New In Box

What is NIB?
New In Box

What does NIB mean?
New In Box

What’s NIB Mean?
New In Box

Ebay NIB
New In Box

NIB meaning
New In Box

that’s all she wrote. Have a good night people.


February 16, 2006


new bike

February 16, 2006

here it is!

It’s nice 🙂