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soon turned out, had a heart of glass

October 19, 2005

I am fucking sick.

Not only in the head, But also in the sinus, and the throat.

And i’m fucking miserable.

I just took some tyonal daytime flu stuff.

I don’t have the flu, but i do have some things that were listed on teh package.

things like “sore throat”

and save the blowjob jokes people, that’s way too predictable of an insult.

Yesterday i rode my bike out into town and the usual route.

They have put up some big walls on the bridge they’re constructing for the pollyann trail.

the ups man came this morning with my cds, and cd accessories.

and i don’t feel like saying anything else..



October 14, 2005

Today was not a good day.

I’m not gonna go off and bitch about why it wasn’t a good day.

So, when i went on my bike ride, i decided to stop off at the local meijer, and purchase some booze.

So, now i’m enjoying a $20 750ml bottle of absolut apeach vodka.

It’s yummy.

I rode my bike 10 miles yesturday, and 10 miles today, and 34 miles a couple of days before these two days.

And i’m veeery tired.

I’ve gotta go to bed earlier now because my family was bitchin’ about me waking them up with my needless late night water running.

So yeah

I’m gonna go up to the bike shop and buy a helmet, and a lock because i need those, because i can’t be murdered because i wasnt’ wearing a helmet, and because i can’t have my bike gettin’ stolen.

So i’m gonna do that.

And i’ve downloaded a ton of porn and music for these past two days. DSL rules.

And that’s about it.

California Uber Alice

October 12, 2005

Today i woke up after another person called here asking if we need a plumber. So, i jumped int he shower, got dressed, and hopped on the bike to ride out to the storage facility where our number is supposedly posted.

By the time i got there, it was 5:30pm, and the place was closed.

So, i rode around the area for a while just so i could get my 10 miles on that trip.

The trip there took me from my house, down m24, up a very large hill, all the way down that road to hit ray road. Then i took ray road to m24 where i road for a few miles until i reached the storage facility which is just past stoney beach.

Later that day i had a chat with a girl named stephanie who i once met while her boyfriend (my friend chris) was out of town. She talked to me about missing oxford, and doing collegey stuff. She told me some stuff that she learned in school, and it was all interesting.

During the day, i downloaded a dvdrip of the amityville horror, and watched it. That movie is extremely scary.

Last night i downloaded a dvd screener release of “a history of violence”. That movie is very interesting, and all of you should see it. I’ll probably go to the theater to see it when it’s out here. However, The theater website isn’t currently listing it. They have a history of not playing good movies when they come out. Back when farenheit 911 came out, they didn’t play it until it had been out for like 6 weeks. Fucking conservatives.

That’s the show, everybody! Have a nice day.


October 10, 2005

I got my 10 miles of biking done. Weather wasn’t as great as it was supposed to be. Took the same route as yesturday.

Had burger king for dinner. It was okay.

I’m gonna try and get out somewhere else tonight. Not sure where though.

That’s all for now. Laterios people.

today’s bike trip

October 7, 2005

got to ride 10 miles today. Went through oxford lakes, through oxford, back through oxford, back through oxford lakes, and home.

my wheel seems fine now, great.

Today (so far)

October 4, 2005

Today i woke up at 4:00PM, and immediately jumped into some clothes, and ran out the door to hop on my bike so i could make it to the bank before it closed. At the time, i didn’t know what time it was going to close, but i figured it would be closing pretty soon.

See, last night i got my money order back from a guy who had been avoiding me for about a month because he owed me some money. So, last night i went to the mailbox and i found a money order sitting in the mailbox.

So, i jumped on the bike with my phone, wallet, and a bottle of water. It was unusually warm for this time of year, and that made the ride all the more enjoyable.

Skip 35 minutes, various almost hit-and-runs, some of the slowest downhill riding ever, and i finally got to the bank. It was 4:35PM when i got up there.

The bank was able to cash the money order, hooray.

So, now i have a fresh $250 sitting in my wallet. I’m gonna use some of that money to get my bike powder coated, and my wheel trued. Rock.

Getting home, i downloaded a bunch of albums. Those albums are as follows:

  • Me First and the Gimme Gimmes – Ruin Jonny’s Bar Mitzvah
  • Nada Surf – The Weight Is A Gift
  • Pennywise – Pennywise (remastered)
  • Millencolin – Live in Hultsfred (remastered)

I’ve listened to the me first and the gimme gimmes cd. It is very good, and very funny. I’m listening to nada surf right now, and it’s alright. I’ve owned the original pennywise cd already, but i haven’t listened to the remastered version. It should be just as good as the original. Millencolin – live in hultsfred, i haven’t listened to it yet. But i have high hopes that it will be very good.

That’s all for now. Have a ncie day.

back on the bike

October 3, 2005

Tonight we halfway repaired my bike, and replaced my tire. Both the tire, and the tube needed replacing.

They were replaced around 7:00PM, and i went out on a bike ride up town to check out work on the bridge they’re constructing at m24. So far, they’ve dug out this massive trench that’s about 10 feet deep. The whole trench must span at least 50 feet. It all looks very cool. Will be interesting to see what they do with it.

The total trip there and back was about 6 miles. I’m satisifed with that. Max speed was about 18 miles per hour riding a flat surface. It was a pretty fun trip.


October 3, 2005

I still can’t bike because of rear wheel brokeness. If my money order from matt comes this week, I’ll go out to my dad’s friend’s bike shop this week to get the wheel trued, and replaced. That is, if the wheel needs replacing. I might just need to replace the tube.

I’ve downloaded a disgusting amount of pornograhy. I think i’m gonna stop jacking it for a couple weeks.

And that’s all.

Time to shell out some cash.

October 2, 2005

Since my bike broke yesturday, me and the dad have been talking about doing some improvements on my bike. Aside from the flat rear wheel, there are also some problems with the bike that need addressing.

1) My rear wheel is severely out of wack. So out of wack that my left rear break won’t even touch the wheel when breaks are applied. This has turned into a big problem with me, because i am having to resort to using my feet to stop in the event that i’m about to run into something.

2) My bike is horrendisely ugly. I posted This thread on the MMBA Forums earlier tonight. I’m probably going to go with that Art Heft guy to get it powder coated. Hopefully there’s somebody that can created a custom decall to put on the frame.

I’m not sure how much i’m going to have to shell out to get my wheel trued. I’m probably goign to spend about $120 for all this work. I don’t know, maybe i’ll just buy a new bike. We’ll see.

Because my bike is broken, i couldn’t go out on the bike.

DSL has been great. I’ve downloaded a ridiculous amount of pornography tonight. Life is wonderful.

That’s all for now, Laterios people.

Do Do De

October 1, 2005


Today was an interesting day. I didn’t sleep last night, and hooked up my dsl really quick. But when i went to set it all up, it wasn’t accepting the connection. Why? because my dsl hadn’t been activated yet.

So, i went to bed, and assumed it would work when i woke up.

Then i woke up, and it wasn’t working. So, i called up SBC and they said it hadn’t been activated yet. I said koay, and waited around for a while.

Then while looking at the setup, i realized i hadn’t plugged my phone line into the modem, i had actually plugged the phone into the wall.

After laughing alot, i plugged it in, and it works.

Then i did a bunch of stuff on here, and went out on the bike around 6:00pm.

On the bike, i rode from my house, through oxford lakes, through town, back and took the same way back home. I decided to ride a part of oxford lakes i hadn’t rode since i was a little kid, and that turned out to be a bad idea. It was on that road that my rear tire got punctured, and i lost all air.

So, i walked all the way back home. Thankfully, i was only about 20 minutes walking distance from home.

Getting home, i was 1 mile short of 10 miles, and I’ve gotta figure out what i’m gonna do to get my bike repaired.

In addition to the wheel being flat, it also needs to be trued. My left rear break pad isn’t touching the wheel at all when i go to stop. Maybe the dad’s team sponsor / bike shop can help me out.

I’ve downloaded alot of porn and music tonight. I also bought a 1 month subscription at . I’m pretty happy with it so far.

That’s all for today, see you later.