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March 31, 2006

Slightly less angry today. It was extremely windy, 15mph from the south, and southwest. A quarter of the trip was really aggervating because of the wind, but the rest of the trip went just fine.

The plan going out was to just do 10 miles. So, I went out, and did the first half of my usual 10 mile route. Through oxford lakes, town, and golf course / highschool. As I was getting back on the bike at the highschool, I decided I didn’t want to deal with all the wind that would be blowing towards me. So, I decided I could do a longer trip, just to avoid the wind.

So, I started down my usual route from last summer. Down ray and oxford roads. When I first started, the plan was backfiring. A lot of the dirt and sand was blowing at my face, and some of it got past my sunglasses, and into my eyes. In addition to that, there are a lot of fucking idiot rednecks who believe that because they are on a dirt road in a truck, that they must reenact the commercials for their vehicles, and speed. That resulted in me having to pull off the road several times, and even more dust, and dirt got on me.

So, I turned onto oxford road and rode that for a while. It was starting to get gloomy outside, but I was happy to be traveling with the wind, instead of against it. Then I turned south down a few unknown roads and rode up some hills, and saw a biker who gave me a wave. Then as I left those roads I got onto the pollyann trail.

As I got on the pollyann trail I felt a drop of rain hit my nose. So, I speed home, and made it in before it started pouring.

Did about 16 miles today. Odometer is in the mid-80s.

Unless I get hit by a car some time before June 20th, I shouldn’t have any trouble hitting my 400 mile goal.

I would like to pick up a new goal for the summer. 100 Miles per week seems very possible. 15 miles per day would give me 105 miles. If I did 14.2 miles per day, I could get 100 solid miles. I’ll check the forcast for this week later on, and see if I can put a trial run for this plan into effect for next week.

As I got home from the trip I recieved some wonderful news. My book finally came in the mail. Huzzah! I’ll learn to rock out some time soon.

That’s all i have for you people. Lateriosen.


angry day

March 30, 2006

So, I woke up and saw that it was beautiful day outside. I decided I needed to go up to the bank to get $60 out, so I put on my sunglasses, hat, and jacket, and left.

The ride there was frustrating because fo the wind. 10 miles per hour from the south. I had to travel south to get to the bank.

I managed to get there. It was very hard because of trouble with my disc brakes.

So, i got my money in all $5 bills, and left.

Then on the way back home my new, and favorite pants got caught in my top front crank, and that resulted in a very large tare being made along the seam of my leg. It also got caught several more times on the trip.

Then I shifted into my top gear to prevent it from being able to rip, and my bike started squeeking every time I made a peddal rotation. Then wind kicked in from the north, and I just lost it. I started screaming at the sky because of the wind, and I punched my bike a few times for constantly malfunctioning. Then as I was riding down the road traffic was approaching from both sides of the road, So, I had to slow down the lane that was driving north. One car pulled up behind me and drove along while I waited for the other lane to clear up. Just as two cars were left in the oncoming lane, the guy behind me honks. That also set me off. So, I switched into the oncoming traffic lane, and just started screaming vulgarities at this guy. He was driving a tan toyota, looked new, so he had to be well off. I just let loose on this guy, If i remember correctly, i screamed “you stuck up cunt, where the fuck was I supposed to turn to?”. He had his windows rolled up, but I’m sure he could tell by my facial expressions that I was pissed off. He didn’t stop, unfortunantly.

As I came back home dad was sitting on the porch. I rode right onto the lawn and told him to fix it. He had been putting it off for weeks, and I had had it.

He looked at my bike, and could tell the rear disc brake was really warped. So, he broke out some sort of tool, and straightened it out. After that, he checked my top gear, and found that the derailer was rubbing on it. So, he fixed that.

We’ll see how things work out tomorrow.

I took the parents out to chinese. That cost me $35.

I’m probably going to get my hair shaved off tomorrow.

that’s it.

fine day

March 29, 2006

It was a good day. sunny, and the temperature was up around 60 degrees.

Rode 10 mile loop, the usual one. Stopped by the music shop to ask them to get a dvd for next week. Dwarves – Fuck up up and get live will be there next tuesday, i can get it for only $15, rockin.

I watched the last hour of donnie darko on bravo last night around 5am. That was a good movie. I hope to see the whole thing some time soon. says it will be on at 2am tonight. I’ll make sure to catch it.

Later this night I rode another 5 miles to the top of oxford and back. I took my camera along. Here’s a couple photos from the very top of oxford:


Nothing exciting. I hope to get some more dynamic photos this summer when i get my new camera, and the beach will be open.

So, it was a 15 mile day. A little windy, but i survived. I saw many different bikers out there on the raod. Good to see i’m not alone out there.

and that’s all i have for you.

tonight’s trip

March 28, 2006

Leaving, I looked at my odometer, 38.0 it read. I decided I could get my odometer to read 50 miles before i stopped.

So, I rode back around the old high school. Some teenage kids said “hey”, i gave them my trademark wave, and continued on my way. This is the second time a group of teenagers said something to me. Yesterday some kids said hey while i was riding through town.

Since I started biking, I’ve started seeing more and more people riding bikes around oxford and orion. Perhaps I’m some sort of inspiration to them. Maybe it’s just the weather that made them get back on their bikes. It’s still cool to see people out there, biking around.

So, I rode through oxford lakes, down glaspie, down m24, all the way down to downtown orion. Then I hung out there for a little while, and got back on the bike to travel back to oxford. I wasn’t getting the mileage that I was hoping for, so once i was about to head back into oxford lakes, I decided I could travel through town, and take the pollyann trail back down lakeville road home.

So, I did that, and I suddenly got very very cold, and then my stomach started rumbling because I hadn’t ate much today.

After riding the pollyann rail for half a trip, I cut through into the secondary enterance for oxford lakes, and rode around it until i reached the gate for the old high school, so then I just cut through there, and took the neighborhood route back home.

50 miles are on my odometer. average speed was about 10mph because i was so cold and tired.

getting home, dad’s not here. He went out to addison oaks to fix up the trail. I’m going to have to go out there some time soon to ride the ashphalt trail. I’m not a fan of gravel trails anymore.

My front brake was rubbing heavily on the second oxford lakes leg of the trip. It’s getting to be a pain.

and that’s all.

I got lost today

March 28, 2006

While dreaming, i had the faint image of someone saying “so you’re going to go out and bike now?” . Just moments later, I woke up, ready to go. So, I got ready, and then went on the internet to see what happend overnight.

Then dad came home, hurt. He sat down. I gave him the computer to mess around with while I was gone. Then I put on my sunglasses, and jacket, and left.

My first intention was to ride as far west as I could. Many years ago I did a extremely long trip west on foot, and it resulted in me nearly passing out on the side of the road from exhaustion. I was interested in seeing how long I could go on my bike. So, I started north.

Then I remembered I wanted to check the library for bass guitar books since my book has yet to arrive. So, I went there to see what they had.

Nothing. Other libraries around michigan have books, but not oxford. Oxford’s library has never had anything that I need. Hell, the closest thing to a book that would be useful to me in their catalog is office 97 for dummies.

As I was leaving that useless waste of god damn tax payer money, I saw a paved trail that was leading into the woods. Intrigued, I traveled down the trail, soon to see that I was in the powell lake township park. So, I continued through this trail, passing by random people who were also enjoying the park.

After about 5 minutes of riding, I was outside of the park on a new trail, which was also paved. I rode north for a while until reaching a main road. It turns out I was on a new section of the pollyann trail that was also paved. I decided I would turn around, an travel south to see other parts of the trail I had never traveled before.

So, I rode south, and it was nice. A little chilly (no coat or gloves), but I managed. The paved section of the trail went for a while, but it eventually ran out, and I was stuck having to ride a rough gravel terrain. I rode it at a steady rate of about 13mph, it was much more difficult to ride as a result of my front break still malfunctioning, but i managed to ride all the way to the end until the trail ran out. At the end of the trail, there was just a paved bike path that sent the biker further west. I looked around for a while trying to figure out where I was until I caught a sign that told me that I was on the indianwood section of the pollyann trail. I had heard of a town called indianwood, but it is extremely far away, and couldn’t possibly be where I was. So, I rode this paved bike path west, and entered into a subdivision that was about 500 feet off of the pollyann trail.

I rode the subdivision for a very long time. Probably about 4 miles. I still wasn’t sure where I was, but I rode through it, managing to stay clear of the cars that were all over the road (there wasn’t a sidewalk).

After riding for what must have been about 5 miles, I got out of there, and back onto the pollyann trail traveling north.

On the way back to oxford, I saw this guy that my mom knows. His name is woodstock, and he’s homeless by choice. He’s a crazy man who wears about 18 sweaters year-round, and uses a very old bicycle as a walker of sorts, and attached to the back of that bike are two bags which contains few hundred pop cans, bottles, and sweaters. I gave woodstock a knod, and he just gave me a little glance.

So, I continued back home. The ride was just as difficult as it was the first time around. The paved section was lovely. On the way back into the powell lake township park I saw that the sign was broken. I hurried through, because I believed someone would blame me if they saw me.

Exited out the same enterance as I entered through, took the same route back home. All was well. When I got home dad had left to go see the dentist. had some dinner, it was good.

Dad came home, I told him what happend, he told me I was in orion, in a very remote area. It’s easy to get lost out there, he told me. I will have to go out there some time soon, to continue down that paved bike path at the end of the pollyann trail.

Dad may be going to the bike shop tomorrow. He says he’ll bring my bike along to get it fixed.

Add 16 miles to the odometer, total is now 38.2 miles. Average speed was about 13mph. Checked weight, I’m down 3 pounds for a grand total of 247. Rockin’

That’s all i have for you kids today. Lateriosen.

the weekend

March 27, 2006

The weekend was pretty rough. On saturday I woke up, and got on the computer. Then a half hour later I recieved a call from mom. She was at the hospital with dad. She told me that he got into an accident at the bike race in waterford. Some other guy slid into him, and dad ended up taking one one guy, who in turn took out another one. The accident happend with about 400 feet left in the race. It had snowed the night before, and things were pretty slick. I was immediately shocked. A bunch of his caps were knocked out. Thankfully, the x-ray didn’t show any broken bones.

So, that put the nix on my afternoon. I didn’t go to the show, and I couldn’t get on the bike.

That night, I bought a copy of half-life for entertainment. I’ve been playing it a lot these past couple days.

Sunday afternoon, I woke up and got on the bike. Did 11 miles between orion and oxford. Average speed was about 15mph. On the way back home I noticed my bike was screetching with each pedel rotation. Hopefully, it will be better tomorrow.

I haven’t ate at night in a week or two. I should check my weight tomorrow.

Book might be in the mail. Didn’t check it tonight for unknown reasons.

You guys can go play on my half-life classic server at . You can buy the half-life game for only $10 at this wonderful webpage

It does require a credit card. I’ll try and find something that uses paypal if you need me to.

and that’s it.


March 25, 2006

yeah, a good day.

Fixed my bike computer. It now reads correctly. I was able to tell that I rode 10 miles today, and that my average speed was 15mph, and my maximum speed was 32mph.

I had a rockin’ good time.

Aparently oxford has become a hot spot over the past week. While biking through town, i witnessed a few developing trends:

1) the oxford tap had a gate around the door, with a man who was holding a clipboard standing outside.

2) high-bass rap music was blaring outside of fatty’s pizza

3) teenagers skate boarding around town

4) damn kids not thinking they should get out of the way when a mountain biker is riding down the sidewalk towards them, when there is no god damn room for that mountain biker to get around.

I just looked at some of the bands that are going to be playing at that show tomorrow night. They don’t look very good, but I have nothing better to do. So, I’ll go there, and see the show.

Maybe I’ll get in a fight some drunk guy, and leave with his lady.

yeah, that probably won’t happen.

The walking away with his lady part, that is 😉

I managed to not eat at night for a week. Rockin’.

no book yet. I shot an email off to the people i bought it from, hopefully they’ll reply soon.

and that’s all i have for you.

today’s stuff

March 24, 2006

I am very tired.

I ended up staying up until like 8am. I did some work on setting up linux, but it’s not working very well because the linux kernel hates me.

Went to bed at 8am, woke up at 3:00pm. Last night my bike computer was setup, so I was anxious to test it out. So, I ate some lunch, did some things with the internet, and then got on the bike around 4:00pm. I attached my computer, and it wasn’t responding very well. So, I rode the bike around for a while, but it never worked well. The speedometer would jump between 0, 12, 6, 5, etc. I brought it to dad’s attention later that night, and he thinks the sensor and wheel connection are too far apart. So, he’s going to try and fix things.

I took my speedometer off of my bike, and stashed it in my coat pocket (yes, still wearing winter clothing. It got cold again). Then, I took off in the direction of orion to visit a record store I had always been interested in checking out. So, I went through oxford lakes, and down m24 towards orion.

Skip ahead 45 minutes, i was there. I checked out the record store, and there wasn’t anything interesting there. So, i went on to my usual orion activities. Making it out to the river they have out there, and looking at the stream.

I’ve done this about 4 times now. It’s a nice river.

Then I got back on my bike, and went back in the direction of oxford. I had more energy left, because there wasn’t very much wind out there.

Nearing the oxford lakes enterance that I usually enter through, I decided I could do some more biking. So, I turned at glasepi, and decided I could probably do my usual 10 mile route, on top of the 10 – 15 mile route that I did for the orion trip. My legs started disagreeing with me, but the voices in my head were able to shut them up for the rest of the trip.

So, I went on that route. Down glaspie, cutting onto m24, continuing down that road for several miles until I reached the enterance for the golf course. Then, getting on foot, and hiking up some large hills by the high school, until i had found ashphault, then I rode up a little hill, and back down the biggest hill in oxford. Then, I took glaspie back to the oxford lakes enterance I had previously visited, and riding back home.

On the leg back down glaspie, my legs started tingling. To help keep my mind off the possible loss of limb, I started humming some inspirational music to myself.

Then i continued back through oxford lakes, down the neighborhood streets, and all the way back home.

That reminds me, Yesterday I ran into a mailbox in oxford lakes. I didn’t crash, but my coat was ripped. I was riding down this road, and I had to take the side of the road, because of cars being around. Well, i was trying my best to avoid mailboxes, but one of them caught my arm, and i was nearly knocked off the bike. I managed to stay off the ground, but there’s a small tare on my coat arm now.

When I got back home, I was drenched in sweat. Much more sweat than any previous workout. Both of the arms on my longsleave shirt were soaked, and so was the front of my chest, and my back. I was kind of proud of myself when i looked myself in the mirror.

I was told that I should go to this concert that is happening at rob’s place on saturday. It’s $5 to get in, but I only have a dollar in my wallet. Maybe I’ll bike up to the bank tomorrow to get the cash to see the show. There will be 3 bands, and each are hardcore, local bands.

Session Start (mikey:jeremy): Thu Mar 23 15:23:33 2006
[15:23] jeremy: mike this sat is a concert up at robs u should come up there 5 bands and it will be awesome
[15:23] mikey: which bands?
[15:24] jeremy: class one download and 4 others
[15:24] jeremy: cod is on myspace
[15:24] mikey: what genre?
[15:24] jeremy: punk rock/ hard core, like atreyu and rancid shit
[15:25] mikey: atreyu is not punk rock.
[15:25] mikey: i’ll try and get some cash in hand, i only have a dollar right now
[15:25] mikey:
[15:26] jeremy: yea
[15:36] mikey: alright, i’ll try and get there.
[15:36] *** Error while sending IM: This user is currently not logged on
Session Close (jeremy): Thu Mar 23 22:46:09 2006

yeah, there’s more bands thatn I had expected. I don’t feel like hitting the up arrow to edit that text.

That’s all I have for you nice people. Have a nice day.

the war

March 23, 2006

Recently, I’ve seen several different reports from news agencies interviewing war supporting families whose kids died in iraq. You don’t usually see them on the credible news channels, but FOX seems to interview these idiots at least once per week.

The war is a touchy subject these days. It’s hard to answer a question about the war, because the opinions about it differ from person to person. If you say you’re against it to the wrong person, you’re labeled as a whiny liberal. If you say you’re for it to the right person, you’re labeled as a dumbfuck redneck. I’m not afraid to admit that I’m a liberal.

War supporters… Ah, why? Didn’t they see those news reports that declared iraq a null threat? I guess they were too busy knocking up their cousins in their meth lab, in between a commercial break for “blue collar comedy” to catch those reports.

We should have let the south win the civil war, and seceed from the united states. If things would have played out that way, I would be much happier now.

America’s not a very good place to live these days. I know some redneck is going to read this message and say “if you don’t like it, get out!”. Well Finius, I’m afraid the citizenship costs for canada are just too great. I would much rather wait around here for change to take place, then shell out a whole bunch of cash for canadian citizenship.

So, I’m not a big fan of the war. The statements george has been making indicate we must stay there to combat insurgents. I guess he thinks that one day we’ll all wake up, and the terrorists will be gone. I wonder if he realizes that the longer we stay in iraq, the more people become frustrated with the united states, and from there those people become terrorists.

Bush says that if we leave now, terrorists will go to iraq, and start conspiring against the united states. As if they aren’t able to conspire against the united states in other parts of the world. Does the iraqi water contain some magical terrorism additive which gives them better ideas on how to harm the united states?

What’s stopping these people from conspiring against the united states in their own homelands? Does he realize that the longer we stay there, the more terrorists are created?

Anyway, that’s all I have to say. Farewell, folks.


March 23, 2006

rode 10 miles today, fucked up the back of my ankle again, got bike computer installed, and I cleared it of last year’s totals.

I’m setting a goal of 400 miles by my birthday, June 20th. That gives me about 3 months. I think I’ll be able to do it.

That’s it. Laterios people.