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October 26, 2006

Haven’t had a bike for over a week now. Doing more situps, eating a lot less, trying to sleep more as to keep myself from eating.

Got a job with . That’s going well. Making a little more than I did with hostpc. Having a good time.

Called bike shop today, they say that trek shipped out a raw-model frame. Aparently they just took one of their existing ones, and painted it. I’m not sure if it’s shipped out or not. It’ll be at least 1 week before I get the bike back.

That’s all folks.


I broke the bike

October 16, 2006

As posted on wht:

I think it broke as a result of really hard peddling up hill. All I remember is the second to last time I rode, I was heading onto a trail, and my bike started making this wheezing, and clanking sound. I stopped a few times, and determined it was a result of the chain. When I got home, I asked the dad about it, and he told me it’s probably the chain.

I left the bike for a week due to the freezing weather until today. Then I got on the bike, and it continued to wheeze, and clank. I watched my crank as I peddled, and it looked like my dérailleur was moving back and forth, hitting the the chain. I had to continue on because I had some errands to run, and then on my way up a narrow singletrack hill, my peddling just got stuck, and I almost crashed. I walked the bike back up the hill, and got back on it. Then, as I was riding I looked down and noticed my secondary water bottle cage was moving back and forth with each peddle rotation. I then paid closer attention and noticed that bar moving back and forth every time I pushed my right peddle down. Then i looked to the left, and saw the crack there.

So, I went back home, broke open my warranty info, and found that the bike is still under warranty. So, tomorrow I’ll be going to the bike shop I bought it from, and they should be replacing the frame.

The bike is a 2005 Trek 6700-Disc. We don’t think they still manufacture the frame, so I might luck out and get a 2006, or 2007 frame. I’m also hoping that my frame will be incompatible with the rest of my components, and they’ll have to replace the entire bike.


October 15, 2006

Good Evening,

This has been a pretty boring week. I put an application into the local rite-aid last Saturday, didn’t receive a call all week, called Friday to see if they went through the applications yet, they said that they will be going through the applications Monday, and scheduling interviews. So, I’ll probably have an interview with them Monday or Tuesday.

this song is pretty sweet for being turkish. I think the writer is too dead to go after me for giving the mp3 away. Anyway, it’s an excellent song, and all of you should download it.

That’s all for now. Too cold for typing.

Bir Yagmur Masali

October 8, 2006

Evening folks,

Started regular biking again, this week. Have rode about 50 miles since monday.

Put in an application at the local rite-aid. They’ll probably hire me. It’ll be good to have money.

Current weight is 218. Subtract that from 285, I’ve lost 67 pounds.

3 miles into today’s trip, i stopped by the local rite aid and bought 2 cans of red bull. I drank both of them outside the store, and continued on my ride. Then 3 miles later, I stopped at a wallgreens, and bought a 16 ounce can of monster. I drank that outside the store, and continued on my way, more hyped up than ever. Then as I was going up this hill, my speed dropped from 23mph to 13mph. Then at the top of the hill, my energy picked back up, and i got going back around 21mph, and I did that all the way back home. At home, I wasn’t hungry at all, until I realized it was 9:00pm, and I still hadn’t ate dinner. At this point, I hadn’t eaten anything all day, but i wasn’t hungry at all. I had the pizza though, and things were good.

I performed a study on myself this week to prove that clean and clear continuous control cleanser does develop a dependency on it’s own. On friday, I washed my stomach with it, the only part of my body to never ever have acne. I washed with it both friday night, and saturday night, then discontinued use on my stomach after that. Then, I did actually get two zits on my stomach on wednesday, after not using the wash on my stomach with it sunday, monday, and tuesday. So, a big fuck you goes out to the folks at clean and clear for making a product that requires you use it continually after two single uses.

That’s all I have to say. Goodbye.

My letter to Mike Bouchard

October 2, 2006

Here in michigan, there’s a republican senate candidate named Mike Bouchard. A majority of his ads simply complain about the current representative, Debbie Stabenow, but today I caught one of the ads where he talks about himself, and he gave his url: I just had to see the genius that was brewing within that website, so I punched the keys on my keyboard, and eventually his website came up.

After reading over his issues page, I just had to send him a letter expressing how I felt about it. So, I cooked up this email, and addressed it to

Here’s the email:

Hello Mike,

“My plan to keep America’s children safe focuses on using the recently established National Sex Offenders Database to keep sex offenders out of schools. It also contains a provision to allow the Justice Department to create a database to track the IP addresses of known sex offenders.”

Are you aware that not everyone has their own static ip address? Most people’s IP addresses are dynamic. How about those Wide-Area-Networks, where entire neighborhoods, and buildings share the same ip address? How would you feel if your neighbor was listed as a sexual offender, and you were also listed as a result of your provider’s configuration? Do want providers to start giving every single person their own IP address? There is a limit of 4,294,967,296 ip addresses under the current working version of the internet protocol. With the number of people who use the internet, I don’t think that solution would work.

Are you aware that instant messaging services don’t even establish a direct user-to-user connection during regular text based messaging, but instead simply connect each user to one server, and users never directly connect to each other? How is having a list of sex offender ip addresses going to help parents when they never even see the offender’s ip address? Do you want the IM providers to compromise user security, and make everyone’s ip addresses completely visible?

This idea protects no one, and I don’t think you took anything into account. You just wanted to appear tech-savvy to all of michigan’s idiot parents, whose only knowledge of the internet comes from what they see on CSI.

All the best,

Mike Q. Bailey

Mike was also a sheriff some time ago. I was going to include this bit:

P.S. I had hotdogs for dinner tonight. I just thought you might have been interested, having known so many dead pigs during your previous career

But I thought that might have come off as threatening. So, I just cut that little bit out.

I’m hoping he replies. I’ll let you know if he does.