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Well that’s morbid.

April 30, 2005

In a conversation with grandma, my mom was asked to go out and help pick a grave site for my grandmother and my grandfather.

/me shakes head



April 30, 2005

i just put d3v online.

Not sure what i’m gonna do with it.

stay tuned.

losing it.

April 29, 2005

Tonight, my insanity reached it’s limit.

[22:46] sdrawkcab yekim: now for the part i couldn’t say on wht
[22:46] sdrawkcab yekim: blue27 is a god damn elitist asshole who treats me like shit any time he has something to say to me.
[22:46] hqkerry: I like blue
[22:46] sdrawkcab yekim: i am sick of you, you fucking marshmallow man. Butt the fuck out of my threads, and die.
[22:46] hqkerry: very mature mikey
[22:47] sdrawkcab yekim: fuck off kerry.
[22:47] hqkerry: I’ve tried to be nice to you
[22:47] *** “hqkerry” signed off at Fri Apr 29 22:47:06 2005.

I’ve been planning to leave the internet for a week to try and regain sanity. So, Starting monday i’m going to be leaving for 5 days.

four twenty eight

April 29, 2005

8 days after 4/20… i didn’t sleep until like.. 8am. I would have made coffee to stay awake, but the coffee pot was in the dish washer which was running.

i’m still wearing this wrist splint. cyst is a little smaller. I’ll continue wearing it for another 2 weeks. If it’s still there around that time, i’ll quit.

my leg is feeling much better. there’s a little pain when i move them around, they’ll probably heal overnight.

i’m downloading the new tiesto cd. cd 1 is done, it’s alright music.

we had tacos for dinner. they were good. the taco shell people came up with an idea to make the bottom of the taco semi-flat, that way they can be stood up. that was a pretty good idea.

today seems like friday.

i watched a couple of those “missing in action” movies on AMC. they were entertaining. chuck norris is the man.

it’s hard to type with this wrist splint on.

Site5 put on some promotion called “super hosting” today. They bought special advertising space on WHT and it resulted in mass panic, confusion, and anger . I can understand why advertisers would complain, but for the end users to bitch about something that is only going to be there for 1 day is stupid. What the fuck do the owners of wht owe to them? They don’t hold power to veto advertising campaigns site-wide. If you don’t like an advertisement, download advertisements blocking software like i did, and block . Don’t think that just because you don’t like something, that nobody is going to like it.

it’s 12:47am, and i’m feeling tired. I’m probably going to stay on, but that’s about it for today.



April 28, 2005


i’m still hurt.. my leg seems to have magically healed partially while i was laying in bed. my big toe is still hurting.

i don’t quite know what happend. But it seems like i slid on a part of the floor which was slippery into the rug that stopped that leg after it had already reached far past the rest of my body. Then i came leaning forward thus pushing my toes a little out of socket, then i feel sideways with my right leg in the same position, and not moving until my knee popped and i went to the ground. I’m not sure if that was really what happend, but that doesn’t leave an explanation for why my right knee is swollen, and is a little scratched up. It was a really crazy moment… probably the worst pain i’ve felt in a while.

In other news, we had.. some dish for dinner.. i don’t really remember what it was.. uhh… ohh yeah, it was uhh… yeah, i don’t remember. Wait.. I think it was fish sticks and french fries.. ohh yeah, that’s what it was.. yeah, they were good.

I’m in the process of downloading the new tiesto cd. It’s about 300mb, it’s going to take a very long time. I’m about 50% done with cd one right now.

Last night I got into a miniture argument with jeremy johnstone on whtirc. It started with him saying that nobody likes me, which he’s probably right about that.. i’m not even sure why i continue writing this blog.. i guess i just do it for easier note tracking of the secret society which exists to control my life. But the argument went on and on, and I now feel kinda bad about myself.. so, if you don’t see me updating this blog too often, you know why. I just got sick of writing about myself, since nobody really likes me anyhow.

I don’t really like my life anymore. Maybe it’s just because i had a bad week. But i’ve been an asshole to a few people for no reason, and i guess i’m just creating entertainment for myself by treating them so badly.. I think i’ll start being nice to more people, and avoiding conflict more. Sure, i’m always going to have differing opinions on alot of issues, but if i meet someone who’s beliefs differ from mine, i’m just gonna keep my opinion to myself.

i have a headache.. i’m gonna go get some sleep now. goodbye people.

“I believe you’re cursed or something.”

April 27, 2005

Waking up a half hour ago, i walked into the kitchen and noticed a slight slipperiness on the floor. I figured it was just that section of floor, and forgot about it. I then walked out into the living room to check on some stuff, and prepared to walk into the kitchen to cook lunch. Upon entering the kitchen, i was walking completely normal until i reached a section of floor in front of the sink.

My right leg slid ahead of me, sending me into the splits. In those splits, not only did my groin go to far, but the section of leg which exists under the knee went out too far, and my big toe went out too far.

After i went too far in each of those splits, i attempted to fall to the ground, and in that instance my leg went in a completely unnatural direction, and while going down i heard a pop.

20 seconds later, i got up, and started walking back to bed. As i was getting up, some tendenes inside the lower part of the leg started hurting very badly. While walking, my big toe hurts.

I’m not sure if these injuries require medical attention.. i can’t really check since i’m health careless.

I’m ready to bitch out my dad for cleaning the kitchen floor when it didn’t need cleaning.

<tehbooster> mikeylove: I believe you’re cursed or something. :S


Day Nightmaring

April 26, 2005

Ocasionally, I’ll lose focus of what i’m doing, and i will go into a delusion that will pick up whereever i was at the moment when i lost focus.

One example of this can be me walking down the road. I will be completely normal one second. But then subconsciously go into a nightmare that involves a car pulling up on the side of the road where i’m walking, 4 guys getting out, them attacking me, throwing me in their trunk, driving out into a secluded area, tying me up to a tree, getting a bag out of their car, and emptying a a bunch of snakes out of the bag and onto me. Then them leaving, and leaving me to die in the woods. This whole thing will happen subconsciously as i continue walking down the road, being half aware of what is going on in reality, and half knowing what is having in this nightmare.

Sometimes it will even happen inside of normal daydreaming. I will imagine just walking down the road, and then the nightmare will just take hold of the daydream, and i’ll imagine all sorts of horrifying things happening.

Am I the son of satan or something? Was the movie “The Omen” about me? What the hell could make me imagine such horrifying stuff? What if these thoughts are just a reflection of the future? I’ve imagined things to come true in the past, what if this is it?

That’s All.

Four Twenty Five

April 26, 2005

Woke up to find a wrist splint sitting on the table. i’ve been wearing it all day. i don’t think my wrist will look too pretty when i take this thing off.

Finished off the download of the new weezer cd.

we had.. chicken and dumplings for dinner. it was good.

i’m feeling dead.. laterios.

four twenty four

April 24, 2005

I woke up in pain at 10:30AM .

Aparently my cyst ailed wrist thought it was a good time to act up.

it’s been hurting since yesturday, but today was the worst pain ever.

my jaw is still swollen. i did bring the swelling down a good amount with an ice pack.

balla showed me this article about thai people eating aborted fetus.. i’m not gonna link it for sake of not wanting to be associated with that kinda stuff. it was a pretty frightening sight.

had burger king for dinner. it was good.

when i got up, i took 3 extra strength tyonal.. they lasted me through the day, but i think i might need some more.

i made some posts at spammers paradise .

that’s about it, ta.

Four Twenty Three

April 24, 2005

my tooth still hurts.

i woke up to see snow.

that’s right, snow.

it’s still snowing.

we had chilli for dinner.

it was good chilli.

i helped somebody with my now playing script, and wrote some security enhancements for my own personal now playing script.

i’m feeling tired.

the new weezer cd was released by RNS, i’m going to grab that overnight.

i got the new nine inch nails cd, it’s okay.

that’s about it. laterios.