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3 days

January 21, 2009

3 days

On monday I got out of work at 9:30am, and grabbed a taxi back to bridgeport. The taxi driver was extraordinarily cool. I usually get an indian or african cab driver, but this was an american black guy who seemed to be much on the same level as me. he was an ex-tech worker, network engineer. His hat and attitude reflected the way of a pothead. We had a nice chat about network equipment, and discussed the fine points of juniper and cisco networking. Failover protocol and so forth. He got me back to bridgeport really quickly via the dan ryan, the whole ride was only $7, and he got me back in like 8 minutes.

When I got home, I started talking with this girl I’ve been talking with for the past few months. Her name is Lauren. I met her on okc, but I’m not going to reveal her id for her own privacy. I had asked her if she wanted to get dinner last week, and she agreed on monday, but warned me that the following days in her schedule were completely tied up. Dreading the fact that I was getting out of work monday morning, and would have to spend the whole afternoon after work cleaning my apartment, I still went with her idea, and agreed to take her to a chinese restaurant we would both enjoy due to the fact that it’s a byob.

Well, Lauren had some bad news. Her sickness of the previous day had gotten much worse, and she was feeling bad. I took this as a hint that she probably shouldn’t be going out on this night, and told her that it would be ok if she canceled for the day. She still insisted that she could make it, but I knew her mindset, and insisted that she stay in for the night to better her health. We then went over the possibility that she would see me on wednesday, but was unsure about a pre-scheduled meetup with another guy she is seeing. I said ok, and that was that.

So, I went to bed after that, and woke up around 11pm. I was pretty hungry, but i ignored it, and decided to instead listen to music in my room. I did this for a few hours, and then hiked to the north side of town to visit two specific places: the flatiron, and flash taco. So, i checked the cta bus tracker to see if the number 8 was running, but it wasn’t. So, this enacted a requirement to walk to the redline, ride it to jackson, and transfer to the blue line to get to damen. I gave it some thought, and decided that flash taco was worth it, so I threw on my coat, and the journey started.

I got to the train station at about 1:30am, and jumped on the train with mostly sleeping homeless men. It smelled pretty bad, and the heating was busted, but i stuck it out. Eventually we got to Jackson, and from there I transferred onto a o’hare bound train that seemed to be filled with mostly hipster types coming up north from uic. The ride was fairly comfortable, well heated, and pleasant aside from the voices in my head that seem to constantly insult me whenever I’m outside by myself this late.

Yeah, my head’s a little fucked up that way. If i’m ever out by myself in the middle of the night, and there are groups of people around me, my mind will insult me in a way which i could imagine that person insulting me. I don’t know why, it’s been going on for a few months now.

so, eventually we got to damen, and I got off the train and walked into the flat iron. There were a lot of people in the bar for it being 2:30 on a monday night, but i managed to find a place to sit in the corner. I stayed there for probably about an hour, sipping guiness, newcastle, rogue, and later scotch. Eventually i got sick of being there, so I dropped a tip, and wandered back outside. I was still pretty hungry, so I popped into flash taco and got a burrito, and then left to get onto the forest park blue line.

While I was standing there with a group of maybe 5 other people, a guy walks up to me and asks if I can buy some mushrooms off him because he has to run to get on an airplane. I said i’d think about it, and he went on to other people. The train rolled up about 5 minutes later, and I got on and sat next to him and another woman who seemed to be interested in what he had.

I ended up buying some mushrooms off him, and the three of us had a nice chat about our lives. The woman was about 35, and he was 26. We were all pretty friendly with eachother, and seemed to relate on a level. Eventually the train came back to Jackson, and I transferred off it and back to the redline. From there, I took the redline back to 35th, and later got back to my home. At home, I stayed online for another hour, and went to bed at 5am.

9am rolls around, I am wide awake and have a fairly bad headache on account of drinking a good amount at the flat iron. My stomach was still in good condition on account of the burrito I had ate after drinking.

Tuesday was probably the worst day I’ve had in a long time. I was feeling fairly worthless because I didn’t talk to a single person at the bar, and my mood for the whole day was poor because of it. Everyone seemed to busy to want to talk, there was still hope for seeing lauren on wednesday, but nothing certain. I had a chat with victoria, the girl I went to visit in portland, and she told me that she didn’t want to be friends anymore. She says that she doesn’t know if she can deal with me. My friend andy stopped by, but only hung out for about 6 minutes and left.

I ended up staying up straight into the night on the 4 hours of sleep i’d gotten the previous night, and at 1am remembered that I had to deliver some medicinal marijuana to a lady I’m friends with on the north side. So, I wandered back outside to the redline, took that to belmont, and transferred to the brownline which I rode to montrose. From there, i walked to her place, dropped off her stuff, and began walking back to the brownline.

I got to the brownline after about 15 minutes of walking, and was greeted with a suprise. The southbound line was closed for the night. “ffffuck me” i said to myself, but figured I could stand to walk for a while.

From there, I wandered one block east to ravenswood, and walked from montrose all the way to Addison, and from there, east to the redline. The walk took maybe 40 minutes, and I got to discover some places I want to check out. One of them is a turkish restaurant that’s also byob. Doesn’t that sound like the best thing ever?

I got to the redline just as a southbound train was pulling up, but it left before I got to the platform. So, I had to wait about 15 minutes for another train to pull up. During this time, a big guy got onto the platform with me, and stood next to me. He started trying to talk to me using sign language, but I’m not knowledgable of sign language, and wasn’t able to communicate with him. I was pretty bummed by this fact, because I think it would be nice to talk with him.

The train eventually pulled up, we got onto the train, and I rode this back south to 35th, and hiked back home.

I got home at about 4am, and decided to immediately go to bed. So, i snuggled up in my blanket and slept until about 2:30pm today. I then woke up, still depressed over the past two days, and thought of something I could do to make myself happier. I then remembered that I had some friends out in Bloomington, IL. They used to work with us at work, company called Ubiquity. So, I fired up an aim chat with one of my buddies who owns the company, and worked out a plan to visit. I’ll be leaving chicago at about 9:30am tomorrow to get to bloomington, IL tomorrow at noon. Then, I’ll come back to chicago at 5pm.

Lauren gave me an answer about dinner, the other guy wants to see her. “ok” i say.

and now i go out to drink more.



January 15, 2009

i got back from portland a couple of nights ago around midnight. It was fairly nice, many fun times, most of which can’t currently be located in my memory.

I got there at about 3pm their time, and met my buddy victoria at the airport. We grabbed my suitcase, and took their rail line, ‘the max’ back south downtown. There, we stopped to talk with a friend of hers, and while we were there, a group of people who weren’t wearing pants jumped on the train along with us.

So, we were on a train with about 14 or so people only wearing their tops, underwear, no pants, with shoes/socks/etc, just no pants.

So, we got off a few stops later, and surprisingly, the group of pantsless people got off with us, and proceeded to walk in the same direction we were heading in.

As we walked down the street, the group, i’m sorry, i should say “mob” came in closer to us, and began striking conversation with us. When we got to a no-walk crosswalk, i decided that I was a bit overdressed, so i yanked off the belt, handed it to victoria, dropped & removed my pants, and victoria did the same.

We would go on to walk another few blocks with this group, with dancing of course, and eventually a pantsed stranger wandered into the group. When the group asked him to drop, he was weary at first, but then they further encouraged him, and he ended up whipping out his underwearless stuff on a public street.

But somehow, this was all perfectly ok. He swung his stuff around on a street corner in front of a group of college-aged people, we all got a laugh, and that was that.

From there, me, victoria, and the mob got onto their streetcar, the mob rode that for one block, but i was still carrying my suitcase, so me and victoria vouched to continue back to her place so I could drop off my suitcase, and we could come up with plans for the later day. After the mob left we rode around without pants for another block, but eventually put our pants back on.

A few stops later we got off, and went back to her place. It was an interesting first hour.

i might write more about portland. A lot of stuff happened, and I’m pretty sure my credit card’s going to have a debt for a really long time.

it’s january 7th

January 7, 2009

If I had to pick one food which represents my spirit more than anything other, it would have to be french toast.

This morning at about 5am I wandered outside to halsted street, grabbed a north-bound bus, got off at roosevelt, and walked from there over to roosevelt & union, and stopped into a delightful little restaurant called White Palace. Don’t let the name fool you, this is not a racist establishment. People of all colors and followings congregate into this ultra-diner, throughout all hours of the night & day, on any given day.

I sat down, and a waitress offered me a cup of coffee. I looked at her, and recognized her from my previous stop in, in mid-July, when I’d gone in for a hamburger at 4am on a saturday night. I accepted her offer of a cup of coffee, and proceeded to load it up with sweet & low and french vanilla coffeemate creamer. I then took a moment to pick out what I’d eat for dinner. I could recall reading a review in which the critic raved about how tasty their toast was. I made it a point to get the toast, because he had made it sound like the greatest thing since birthday presents. In addition to the toast, I also chose french toast, because i had never been disappointed by a breakfast of french toast. I didn’t fuck around with it either, i went straight for the french toast, no strawberries, no bananas, no whipped cream, none of that bullshit. Just straight french toast, syrup, and butter. I’m not a huge fan of butter, either. I was always grossed out by most solidified dairy, but i recently came to accept butter being there. Cottage cheese however, fuckin’ hate it.

So, anyway. I ordered the food, and it was all brought back to me in like 10 minutes. I ate the toast first, and it was just as good as I imagined it would be. Before my food came, I had consumed an additional serving of coffee, and was now on my third cup, mid-toast. I ordered the texas toast, because I couldn’t really understand any of the other words the beautiful latin waitress said to me about the types of toast they had, but the texas toast was decipherable and in the end it worked well for me.

After scarfing down the toast, i moved onto the french toast. This.. frenchtoast.. was.. Delicious! Everything was well presented, and I’m pretty sure adding anything else to the dish would have ruined it. Everything was beautifully toasted, it wasn’t too hard, wasn’t too soft, it was just.. perfect. The kind of perfection you would marry had you found a human being who was able to maintain such a level of perfection (not possible).

After finishing the french toast i got another cup of coffee and some more of the texas toast, and then i got my bill, $9.88. “holy shit is that cheap or what?” i asked myself. I had like 4 pieces of toast, 4 wedges of french toast, and 5 cups of coffee, wow. I paid the normal bill, gave the waitress a nice tip, and wandered outside back to halsted, and then i took the bus back to 33rd where I wandered back home, and now i’m here, writing about toast.

It started snowing again. We had many days of warmth, and now it’s back to this.

Sleep time, bye bye lovers.