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July 28, 2006

fall asleep at 5:45am

get up at 10am

chill out for a while

get on bike at 4:30pm

ride 16 miles out into rochester, end up at some unknown park that’s way the hell out there.

Take a photo: [link]

Bike the same way back. Take a photo.

Somewhere during the trip back, I get really weak, but i continue on despite all these different factors keeping me from having a good time.

Get back into orion, and get off the trail. I sit down in some neighborhood and a lady comes out to give me some water. Aparently two people required an ambulance due to heat exhaustion, and they were right out there. I should probably not try riding 30 miles in one day again.

Continue back to oxford, continue feeling awful.

Get back home at 8:45. 32.5 miles on trip distance, distance for the week is 72.59. Will do two 10 mile trips this weekend.

i have a giant headache due to dehydration.

That’s all.


Tonight’s Trip

July 24, 2006

Around 6:30 I got on the bike, and started on what I believed would be another casual 10 mile ride. The trip was fairly normal up until I saw this my-ageish girl riding her bike at a really fast pace through downtown lake orion. Interested in meeting some new people, i started following her. Following her went for about 5 minutes until she met up with another biker, so then he joined in on our little ride.

Then as we passed KFC, i remembered someone recommending i jump on the paintcreek trail, which lies just east of KFC. So, i turned in, and went back until I found the gate for the trail. One other person was jumping on the trail at the time, so, I just passed him up, and started hauling ass.

As I speed down the path, I passed up many different people. Some bikers, some joggers, some people walking their dogs. I was doing about 15mph, with casual jumps up to 20. I watched my trip distance as it climbed up near 10 miles, but i just kept going, relentless. The trail was absolutely beautiful, and I wasn’t about to pass up the chance to check out some other parts on this wonderful day.

Eventually I reached the end of the trail. I was stranded in downtown rochester, but i wasn’t very worried. It was about 7:40pm, and the scenery of the city was really nice. I wish I would have brought my camera, but i wasn’t planning on taking a long trip.

So, i chilled out in rochester for a little while. There was a river, and some bridges, and some tall buildings. However, the sun was looking pretty low, so I started on my way back home. My trip distance meter said i had rode 14.50 miles.

I started on my way back, I was much more tired than before. There was some wind from the southwest, so i was kind of held back. But, I did manage to keep an average speed of 14mph, with regular energy boosts speeding me up around 20mph. The sun was going down, and i had to wear my sunglasses because i had nowhere else to put them. After the first break point, I asked another biker what time it was, and he told me that it was 8:15. I said thanks, and continued on my way.

As I continued, I saw some signs that i had seen coming the first way. Each one gave me a little hope, as I continued home. There were a few people out still, but not as many as before. There were about 60 during the first half, and I have to wonder if something special was happening this day. I got a few waves, and there some pretty girls walking the trail.

I ran out of water around the 15% mark of the second half. I had been searching for a party store to buy some gateraid, but to no avail. Around the 48% marker i did find a water fountain outside a flagstar bank. The fountain didn’t squirt high enough for me to fill my bottle up, but i did get about 20% of the bottle with the angle i had to hold the bottle at.

Continuing, it was getting darker. This provided me with the motivation to ride as fast as I could, but i was getting hungry, since I didn’t eat anything before leaving. The hunger held me back a little, but i managed to keep up a decent speed.

Looking down at my odometer, I had passed 20 miles. This killed my motivation, as I still knew i was far from finished. However, I was reminded that I still had 5 miles to go between orion, and oxford. So, i continued on, exhausted, and starving.

Rounding a corner, I saw a couple of bikers. They were taking up both lanes of two-track, so I had to stay behind them for a little while. But, as I looked up I realized that I had finally reached downtown orion. So, I gave the two a “coming through”, and bursted into the other lane, to pass both of them and get back onto that sweet, sweet pavement.

The rest of the trip was pretty uneventful. I rushed back, and for the first time in my life, cherished the chance to stand at a stop light. Everything was was easy. I rode some large hills like they were nothing, and got some decent speeds. I was still very hungry, but i was no longer thirsty. My stomach was aching, but that just made me want to get home faster.

I sped through orion, and the little bit of oxford that i ride. I made it home at 9:45pm.

Trip distance: 28.30 miles
Total for the year: 1,185.0 miles
Max Speed: 21.5 miles

That’s how i spent my night. I don’t know if i’ll be able to ride tomorrow. My hands, wrists and knees are killing me.

chocolate frosting

July 24, 2006

hey internet,

When was the last time i blogged this thing? I can’t remember.

Well, I’m still laid off from sonataweb. Andy says he will hire me back in a month, but I’m still a little skeptical.

I went out on a few photography trips. On Saturday I went on a 20 something mile trip out to Lake Sixteen in orion. The trip was made based on art friend joe’s recommendation. The lake was alright, and there were some decent trails around the lake. I was kind of creeped out after seeing a sign warning the public about a poisonous snake in the area, So, that kind of kept me from taking any photos from the swampy side of the lake. I did get this photo at the lake though, so i’m happy with that.

I went on a trespassing adventure at the gravel pit last night. I took my bike out there, but the terrain was really rough, so I couldn’t bike for a while. As I was heading back, I decided it would be cool to head in the direction of this new subdivision, so I took what I assumed was the correct route, but I turned out to be wrong. So, I got to walk around this huge gravel pit for a while, and as it got dark, I got really creeped out. At one point, I looked up this really big hill, and I could have sworn I saw someone wearing a silver colored jacket, but when I looked back, it was gone. At that moment, I got freaked out. So I ran as fast as I could, and jumped on the bike to speed through this really rough terrain, and barely avoided crashing.

The adventure was alright, but I don’t think I’ll go out there again. this photo came from it. And, that makes everything worth it.

Here’s a photo of myself chilling out at the gravel pit.

That’s all i’ve got. Get your RSS readers on the photo blog, I update that more often.

I’m pretty thirsty

July 19, 2006

well, not anymore. after writing that title i got myself a big red cup of water.

mmm water…

alright, here’s what i’ve been doing:

taking photos

I got laid off from sonataweb on the 15th. Tonight andy changed the root logins, and rebooted. I guess he’s worried about me doing something drastic. Not sure why he’s so worried, he said I would be brought back in a month. Something tells me that won’t be happening though.

i stuck some photos up at the photoblog. I’m having a good time with photography, the one i uploaded yesterday is my favorite.

I’m kind of worried right now. I have about $439 in paypal, but I’m worried I won’t have the money to pay my server bills after that 439 runs out.

That’s all i’ve got.


July 14, 2006

I recently decided to go back to being straight edge.

I’m not going to do the extrme straight edge thing thing, where you go vegan, and give up caffeine, as well as all medications. I’m just going to give up drinking, and continue not smoking, and doing drugs. In addition to this, I’m also going to give up porno.

I know what you’re thinking, “But mikey, you already tried giving up porn, and you failed miserably”.

Well, that’s true. But, I’m going to try to the best of my abilities to give it up.

“But mikey, why are you doing this? Have you gone religious on us?”

No, i haven’t gotten religious. I just think if I do this, I might be able to focus better, and have a better time with life.

So, that’s what i’m doing.

A week ago, the odometer on my bike clicked past 1000 miles. At current time, I have about 1057 on the odometer. Yeah, alright.

Friend in art Joey from lake orion recommended I bike out to this lake that’s out past my grandmother’s house to photograph it. It’s about 10 miles away, I think i’ll try and get out there this weekend.

The photography thing is going well. Make sure to look at my photo blog if you wanna see what i’m up to.

that’s about it. see ya later.


July 9, 2006

i wish i was uh-matt.

some more words

July 3, 2006

Hello internet family,
here’s what I’ve done since the last post:

Gave up porn until friday.
Gave up eating at night until saturday when I ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich at like 11pm
Rode bike for a long time
Did some photoshoping on some new and old photos
Published a photo blog
Rode my bike through extremely hazardous traffic to see the fireworks (forgot camera, Fuck!)
Bought a mitch hedberg cd
Tuned my bass guitar

Yeah, the porn giveup lasted 4 days. I’m happy to have lasted that long without going nuts.
Eating at night is difficult because i’m always hungry.
I rode bike every day like usual.
I photoshopped some new and old photos for that photo blog that i mentioned in the point below that.

The bike trip to orion for the fireworks was the worst idea I’ve had this year. The dad and I left home at 9pm, and biked as fast as we could to orion. I did about 20 miles an hour for the entire trip there, and i was a sweaty mess just after the first 5 mile trip. Downtown orion was barely recognizable, and I almost got hit several times.

Dad and I went out to his friend’s house where we could get a good view of the fireworks. We were able to see the fireworks for the first half, and then there was a 15 minute technical failure. Then they started again, but the barge they were firing from was floating away, thus preventing us from seeing the greater portion of the second half.

The trip back was even more chaotic. Everything was stop and go, except we couldn’t stop. So, it was slow down, and go, and then come close to crashing over this curb, and then get yelled at by a drunk girl who doesn’t seem to like people who ride bikes.

My bike was having trouble for about a week. It’s fixed now. It was making a strange clicking noise on every peddal rotation, it doesn’t anymore.

I bought a mitch hedberg cd today. It’s pretty funny.

When I got home i tuned my bass guitar. That was a time consuming process.

That’s all i have. This blog post was brought to you by winterfresh, the official chewing gum provider of mikey’s blog thing.