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the past two days

March 30, 2005

Yesturday was a crazy day.

I didn’t sleep the night before.

Around 1:30PM I got the bright idea to walk up town to grab an application for that midnight job opportunity at shell.

So, i walked there.

About an hour later, i was there.

The old bitchy hag manager told me that they ran out of applications. When i asked her if she would take my number for her to call me when they do get applications, she said no.

So, i left.

I arrived home at 3:30PM, when i got there, my dad was driving in.

Then a bunch of other stuff happend. I don’t remember what happend.

Around 7:30PM i passed out in my bed.

Then at 2:00AM, i woke up feeling really thirsty, and really hot. So, i got up and drank some milk, then stumbled back into bed.

Then i woke up at 1:30PM.

Had left-over pizza for luch.

Did some vacuuming here in the living room.

We had spagetti for dinner.

We watched the show “lost”. It was entertaining to me, and scary to the dad.

About 10 minutes ago i got the idea to investigate our ongoing situation with the United Collection Bureau. A few results turned up people searching for “Lance Smith”, they were searching using That ip address belongs to sprint. The previous whois query on the same ip address returned a result showing ownership of sprint, and access toledo. I wonder if these people had their isp update their ip address whois records updated just to throw their trail.

I got the idea to go to . It shows a login screen for something called “MetaFrame XP” . I’ll figure out what that is later tonight.

That’s about it, laterios.


Mikey’s Blog Thing – United Collections Bureau Approved

March 28, 2005

An interesting set of events happend tonight.

Around 7:00PM, My phone rang.

I Picked up and said “Hello.”, and immediately the person on the other end said “Hi, Is Paul there? This is Mike <forgot the Last name>”. I responded with a “No, he is out on his bike right now.”, and at that moment my mother told me “no, he’s in the bathroom right now”. So i said “Ohh, he is here. One moment”.

I then put the phone down, and wandered into the kitchen to yell for the dad to pick up the phone on the other side of the house, and then i walked back into the living room.

When i got back into the living room, i picked up my phone and could tell that the line on the other side of the house was in use. But, only moments later I heard the phone on the other side of the house hang up.

I responded back slightly confused, and said “Who is this again?”. He said that his name was mike, and he then said “Is this mikey?”, and i said “Yes it is.”, he said “I was reading your blog, that’s hilarious, talking about how your dad is such a dirtbag that he won’t call his bill collectors.”. Me being frightened and pretty much paralized with confusion slammed the phone down.

I then reconnected, ssh’d to my website, and ran chmod 000 public_html, thus locking off access to my website.

I then logged into cpanel, and downloaded my access log to find out the ip of the user, and added a line into my .htaccess to disallow access to this user.

After banning the ip addresses, i ran chmod 755 public_html to allow access to my website for the public, and later on decided to remove the ip address ban from .htaccess .

After that, i had a chat with my host, and he configured my account with bash shell access as opposed to jailshell access, this way i can monitor access to my website via access logs, so i can watch those same collectors access my website.

Here’s a little log of every step they took on mywebsite .

So, it appears they only browse my website via google cache. That was taken care of with robots.txt . Now google, and every other search engine won’t crawl my website anymore. I’ll probably remove that ban after all of this has boiled over.

That’s about it for today, laterios.


March 27, 2005

Did some eastery things today.

Ended up falling asleep around 5:30AM last night.

Was woke up at 11:00AM by the mom saying we need to go to visit family.

Got up out of bed at 11:15AM, and stumbled down the hall into the shower.

Started washing my hair there, and the mom interrupted me saying she neded to use the bathroom. I was about 8 minutes into the shower at that point. So, i jumped out with shampoo still on my head, Got out of the bathroom, and made it back in about 5 minutes later. After that, i washed the previously shampooed shampoo out of my hair, and repeated the hair washing reutine.

About 40 minutes after the initial shower started, i made it out feeling spick and span clean. We were fairly late at this point, so i threw on my favorite rugby-style shirt, and a pair of khaki pants.

After that, we drove across 2 towns to the grandparents’ home in the ghetto.

When we arrived at the enterance to their neighborhood a fire truck was driving towards us, and we watched as the fire truck drove into the neighborhood. No audible siren was on, and we watched as the fire men got out of their truck, and stopped off at somebody’s house holding some kinda equipment. We’ll never know what exactly they were doing. Perhaps the ghetto ran out of ambulances and had to improvise in this incident.

At the grandparents’ house the enviroment was desperate but funny. The cousins’ shared some hilarious stories about one of their friends who is now a coke head. I talked with a few family members about my plan to get a job working midnights at the shell gas station this week.

About that, i saw a sign on our way to the grandparents’ home at the shell gas station that says they’re hiring midnight people. Hopefully I’ll get the job.

i expected my time with that side of the family to be bad. But, we had a suprisingly good time.

Dinner at their place included mashed potatoes, ham, corn, lemonaide, bread, sweet potatoes, and various cold vegetables.

After that visit we ventured over to the nana’s house where our family had to wait for them to return from dinner at some restaurant.

While waiting we played with the ultra-expensive professional-grade slot machine that my uncle bought for nana. She’s been complaining about the machine being extremely loud so i opened it up, and attempted to fix it. Only problem was that the labels were printed in chinese characters, so I chose to leave the machine unbroke, and not deal with it.

They arrived after about 20 minutes. Uncle luke is always fun to hang out, always has a dirty joke or two to tell me and the dad. He quit smoking a few weeks ago because he has to go in to get some throat surgery to remove his kind-of-cancer. His girlfriend is smoking though. She told us that she’s going to be quitting in the next week, and proceeded to stain the entire room, and the clothes of all room attendies with the stench of cigarette smoke. Now nearly 4 hours after leaving the place, i still smell like smoke. Ugh…

We had cheesecake and tea at the nana’s house. Tea was super hot, and tasted kinda bad. Cheesecake was good.

That’s about it for now, laterios.

feeling sick..

March 26, 2005

feeling sick..


really tired

itchy eye

easter’s tomorrow.. yeah.

that’s it.


March 24, 2005

no sleep last night

downloaded Screeching_Weasel-My_Brain_Hurts-(Remastered)-2005-FNT

Lance called and hug up just before i asked him what company he works for.

A few hours later.. while digging through old files. I found lance’s phone number. Our Good friend Inogenius let me know that the number belongs to the “united collection bureau”, and he also dug up this page which contains information from someone who dealt with someone named “Lance Smith” working for the same company – .

I’m gonna get outta here and into bed. Laterios.

mutiny conversation #2

March 24, 2005

[10:20] sdrawkcab yekim: morning.
[10:20] mdgardner1969: hello… do I know you?
[10:21] sdrawkcab yekim: i don’t think so.
[10:21] sdrawkcab yekim: i found you on .
[10:21] mdgardner1969: ok, what can I do for you?
[10:21] sdrawkcab yekim: well, i live in oxford michigan, and i am looking to take over the town.
[10:22] sdrawkcab yekim: our team has a total of 6 members right now, and we are still recruiting officers
[10:22] sdrawkcab yekim: we’re not completely sure if it will work out yet, our lawyers are looking into the legality of mutiny
[10:22] sdrawkcab yekim: but, would you be interested in joining us?
[10:23] mdgardner1969: um… taking over the town? not sure what you are talking about..
[10:23] sdrawkcab yekim: well, after our leading council is formed, they will recruit members of the town
[10:23] mdgardner1969: you mean city government?
[10:23] sdrawkcab yekim: this may or may not include brainwashing.. we haven’t worked that out.
[10:25] sdrawkcab yekim: and once our team has reached massive size, we will simply overthrow the government which exists now, surround borders of the town with a 100 foot cement wall, and live as we please.
[10:25] mdgardner1969: are you on crack?
[10:25] sdrawkcab yekim: no.. just sleep deprivation and alot of caffeine.
[10:26] sdrawkcab yekim: I’m kidding!
[10:26] mdgardner1969: okay dokey…. sorry at work and it hasn’t been a great morning so far


March 24, 2005

[08:46] sdrawkcab yekim: morning.
[08:46] a1000miles2go: ?
[08:46] sdrawkcab yekim: what’s your question?
[08:47] a1000miles2go: who you are
[08:47] sdrawkcab yekim: i’m mike.
[08:47] a1000miles2go: do I know you?
[08:47] sdrawkcab yekim: no, i think i found your screen name on
[08:47] sdrawkcab yekim: i was looking for oxford people.
[08:47] a1000miles2go: oxford?
[08:48] sdrawkcab yekim: the town in michigan.
[08:48] sdrawkcab yekim: maybe it was one of the surrounding towns.
[08:48] a1000miles2go: Oh, I’m not. I think it’s by Lake O
[08:48] sdrawkcab yekim: it is.
[08:48] a1000miles2go: and, why were you looking for people from Oxford? I take it that’s where you’re from?
[08:49] sdrawkcab yekim: yes.
[08:49] a1000miles2go: Ah
[08:49] sdrawkcab yekim: i’m actually planning on taking over the town.
[08:49] sdrawkcab yekim: and i’m looking for officers to help run it with me.
[08:50] a1000miles2go: right. Have a good day, and good luck with that.
[08:50] sdrawkcab yekim: we’re not completely sure where we’re going with the project, we’re still going over the laws regarding mutiny.
[08:50] *** “a1000miles2go” signed off at Thu Mar 24 08:50:25 2005.



March 24, 2005

good day. Too busy to update. Going to bed. Laterios.

“bitches ain’t shit but ho’s and tricks, lick on these nuts and suck on the dick”

March 23, 2005

Ben Folds covered the song “Bitches ain’t shit” by Dr. Dre. Very very funny cover. Reminds me of when Dynamite Hack covered EZ E’s “Boys in the hood”, another hilarious cover.

good day.

woke up when the parents were coming home. They’ll be paying $500 per week. So, we’ll be living in minimal mode for a while.

Spent an hour stalking oxfordians who operate livejournal, and blogger accounts, tonight. Maybe I’ll make some friends.

Downloaded part of The_Bravery-The_Bravery-(Retail)-2005-RNS . Sounds good, i’m probably going to download the new snuff 2cd compilation tonight.

That’s all. Laterios.

bankruptcy eve

March 22, 2005


Good day.

Stayed up until 8AM, then i went to sleep to sleep until 2:00PM.

Downloaded VA-El_Reventon_Del_Reggaeton-2005-CNS . It’s spanish Reggae . Good music.

Parents go to meet lawyer tomorrow.

I’m waiting for lance to call. I really wanna tell him off.

The dad fixed the dryer tonight. He tried replacing the part he thought was malfunctioning, but that was not the problem. The problem was there was heavy amount of dust and other stuff buildup in some airways the dryer uses. After 20 minutes of cleaning, it’s clean, and the dryer functions perfectly.

Tomorrow is laundry day. i have about 8 pounds of clothing sitting on my floor right now, and it’s been causing a big inconvience to me for the past few days. It’ll be good to get it out of the way.

I’m gonna download The_Bravery-The_Bravery-(Retail)-2005-RNS tonight. I saw a video of theirs on mtv2, and they have a good sound. Hopefully the rest of their cd won’t suck.

With the end of collection agency calls, i wonder what inconvience god will toss me now. I’m guessing people will start hastling me about my weight problem. A few people i know have predicted me having a heart attack by the time i turn 23. I guess it’s time to start working out.

I guess that’s about it for today. Laterios.