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July 31, 2005


tonight was fun. It started around 8. I walked up town, and bought a 375ML bottle of El Toro Tequila.

I then walked back home. When i was home, it was about 9:30.

Dad then brought up the idea of going to the endurance race at addison oaks to see what was going on. The race started at 10:00AM, and it ended at 12:00PM . We got there around 10:25PM.

The race is pretty intense. Each lap is 5 miles, and some of the people on the race were on their 26th lap.

It was pretty fun to go out there. The dad and me walked out into the woods, and it was very very dark, and i almost tripped many times.

We left around 11:30, and got back home around 11:50. The dad saw the bottle of tequila i bought, and mentioned it making you want to fight.

About 5 minutes ago, i put down a shot. It’s a fairly involved process; first you sprinkle salt on the back of your hand, and lick some off, then you take the shot, then you shove a lemon wedge into your mouth.

That’s all for tonight.

your halfway drunk leader


Conversations with SWR

July 30, 2005

<mikeylove> Hey! Did jan tell you about the plan to put me on as a liaison?
<mikeylove> yep, she really did
<mikeylove> she was like “well gee golly, i just finished riding a kangaroo around the village i was, and i got the bright idea to make mikeylove a liaison”
* SoftWareRevue copy/pastes
<mikeylove> then she was like “well gee golly, i will have to get dennis to make that happen, since i am too busy to reach the admin cp”

I hate Dr. Phil

July 26, 2005

Today, i sat down to watch my favorite feminism brainwashee – Dr. Phil. One bit during his show involved a guy who was about to get married, but his wife had a problem with him looking at porn. I was expecting the worse when the bit was previewed. My expectations were right.

The guy was fairly young. He and his wife were about to get married. But, unlike most women – she chose to voice her complaints before they got married. During the bit, Dr. Phil went on his usual sphiel about the women in the relationship being absolutely flawless, and being a “living, thinking, beautiful female”. Just from that statement alone, you can tell that he’s taking her side. Why? because of his audience. There would be riots in the streets of trailer parks in red states across america if he dared to mention her being beautiful prior to intelligent.

After he finished fluffing the egos of cows across america, he went on to berate the man, as well as the pornography industry as a whole. He gave the usual bullshit statement about the porn industry being degrading to women. Hey Phil – If a women makes her own god damn choice as to what she does what her life – how is that degrading? Hell, women are worshipped in porn. Porn is the only industry where (heterosexual) men everywhere can sit down to appreciate the skills of an attractive women. Do you think as we sit eat a hamburger, we think about the business skills of the owner of the ketchup company? Hell no. When we look at porn, we think “wow, that blonde girl giving those three guys a blow job is really attractive!” .

What about that porn that doesn’t even involve women? There is gay porn after all. Is that type of porn degrading to women too, phil?

Why must Dr. Phil berate the porn industry? I’ll tell you why. His audience is made up of fat, ugly, bitchy women who couldn’t ever make it in porn. These are the same women that watch those bullshit celebrity-worshipping entertainment shows. You know what I’m talking about, those shows people like patt o’brien host. That’s also why Patt had to go on the Dr. Phil show. He had to do something to regain ‘respect’ from his two biggest fans – bessy and bertha from montana.

Dr. Phil then went on to lay down the room silencer statement – “Every women in pornography is someone’s daughter.”. That’s big fucking news! You’re telling me that all women in porn were once someone’s daughter? I thought they just decented from the heavens, and started having sex on video! Wow phil! That’s an amazing statistic! What about those women who work in restaurants – were they someone’s daughter too? Oh My god! That’s fucking amazing!

This fucker even went on to say that porn isn’t normal. Are you fucking kidding me? There are more porn watching men in the world than non-porn watching men. If so many people weren’t watching porn today, you wouldn’t see nearly as many women / pussified men protesting it.

The Final Point – Dr. Phil is a god damn pussy who cators to fat women across the country. He is nothing but a self hating, hypocritical, pussy. Get in the fucking real world phil, all men love porn, regardless of what they say in spite of religious beliefs, or their significant others.

I will give phil proper kudo’s though – He recommend the two not get married. That’s the best god damn advice i’ve ever heard on his show.

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July 26, 2005


I sure am tired.

I didn’t have a very good day.

I passed out around 5:00AM last night.

I had set my alarm for 8:30AM,

Then i was half asleep, and i looked up at my alarm to see that it was 1:30PM.

I said “ohh fuck!” to the empty house, and ran to the bathroom to get a shower in.

The shower went okay. I was feeling hungry after getting out. So, i opened up the fridge to grab some lunch. The only thing left was a peice of meat from the roast last week. I stuck it in the microwave for 2 minutes, and got dressed while it cooked.

Then i took about 2 bites of it, and realized it wasn’t good.

So, i threw the block of meat into the garbage disposal system, and ran it.

Then i put on my shoes, and ran out to the shed. When i opened it up i saw my bike sitting out there without peddels.

I said “oh what the fuck?” loud enough for my neighbors to hear me. None of them responded.

So, i went back into my house, and relaxed for a little while. I considered walking all the way out to the ups store. But, it was just too hot, and too far away.

So, I’ll get a ride up there some time during the next week.

The rest of the day was spent feeling depressed.

that’s all.


July 25, 2005


i didn’t get liaisoned at wht. booooooooo mother fucking hoooooooo

tomorrow’s the day to go to the ups store in orion. m24 is supposed to be under construction. So, getting acrossed it should be a real bitch.

then that’s about it.

ohh yeah, i’m prolly not gonna sleep tonight because i’m abusing tyonal. These things contain caffeine, so i’m just gonna be up all night.

I’m feeling very hot. This heat wave sucks.



July 24, 2005

I haven’t updated this thing in AGES! Can you believe that!? It’s just I’ve grown so sick of blogging, And i’m just goin’ crazy doing other stuff! Ohh MAN!

Okay, i’m not gonna be like that. I can’t be like the other bloggers.

So, here’s what i’ve been doing.

A while back, i tried finding out how i can verify my paypal address without a credit card. After emailing paypal, i found out how I can do it.

Step One – Fill out a request
Step Two – Wait for a week while they send me a letter with a secret code
Step Three – Fill in the secret code at the paypal website
Step Four – Print out a fax cover sheet, and email it along with a peice of photographic ID, and a utility bill

I am now at step four. I don’t have a fax machine, but i do have legs that i can use to walk around and find a place that has one available for public use. So, I found a place – The UPS Store in Lake Orion. It’s an awfully long while away, but I’m gonna have to hike out there.

So, today I woke up at the super-early hour of 11AM, and called them to find out how much it’s gonna cost me. The women on the telephone told me that it costs $1 per page, But their power was out, so I wouldn’t be able to do it. I had previously read on their website that the store isn’t open on sunday. So, i’m gonna have to make it out there monday. I think i’m gonna take a bike trip out there. It’ll save me alot of time, and I won’t be crippled for days afterwords.

So, I’m gonna bike out there on monday, and hopefully paypal won’t have a problem with the proof of address i provided.

Dennis started It’s funny.

I made this incredibly obscene sign at

I think i’m gonna stop talking about downloading, because I’ve seen hits from US Government, and Military users in my webalizer stats.

I recently found that holding keyboard buttons during normaaaaaaaaaal conservation makes things more liiiiiiiiiiiively. It seems to only work on vowels, but it is pretty great.

Thaaaaaaaaaaaaat’s about it everybody. Have a nice day.

my trainwreck of a day

July 21, 2005

last night, i didn’t sleep.

At 2:30 i got the bright idea to walk to the other side of town to visit the beach. I didn’t have any clean shorts, so i decided to wear pants.

i left my house around that time, and walked an alternate route that involved cutting through the local golf course to get to meijer, and then crossing the road to get to the beach.

It’s about a 4 mile walk from my house, to there.

So, i walked out there. On the way there, i had to walk up a very large hill. It was better than the usual walk through town, with cars of people i know honking at me.

At meijer i bought a bottle of propel.

At the beach, i just sat there, and tried to catch a tan.

I think i stayed around there for an hour. When i left, i caught the time, and it was 5:30.

Then, i left and started walking back home. The bottle of propel was long gone, and i made the mistake of not refilling the bottle with water.

So, i walked back home. When cutting back through the golf course, i got yelled at by some random people.

I took another alternate route, and took the poly ann trail back home. It’s a shorter path than the actual bike path that i usually take. While walking on it, i saw a few dead snakes. I think that sped me up.

That whole time, i was soooooo thirsty. I was ready to drink anything. I was right next to the lake that the gravel pit has, but i resisted jumping down into the water.

Around the 1500 feet from house mark, i just lost it. I was dead tired, in extreme pain (feet), and i was just too thirsty to go on. At one point, i even let out a dry heave.

Then, i finally got back home. When i got home, It was 7:15PM. I ignored dinner, and all the water that was available, and just fell onto the couch. The mom thought i had gone out drinking, and i was drunk. I explained to her that i was just dead tired, and walked way too far.

She got me a 1 liter bottle of water. I continued to ignore dinner.

I was just so tired. All i needed was liquid. Although i hadn’t ate since 11:00PM, i was just so tired and dehydrated, that I didn’t feel hungry.

Around 7:30 i crawled from my desk to bed. I had a huge headache, and had downed that 1 liter bottle of water in a matter of minutes. The brita fridge filter was running low, and i wasn’t interested in having to refill it. So, i just settled with the water i had. As i went to bed, i could feel i had a headache from dehydration.

Then, i woke up at 2am, and wrote this. I still can’t walk, and i’m probably going to be in this condition for at least a week.

Have a nice day, kids.

The Truth about Myspace

July 20, 2005…old=0

In case he gets threatened…

Headed by CEO Chris DeWolfe, offers all of its services, such as blogging, messaging, member searching, personal ads, music and events, free to their several million members and they claim to make profit solely through advertising. In just under two years, has trounced its main competitor, Friendster, to become one of the largest websites on the internet —not an easy task. CEO DeWolfe, Co-founder and President Anderson, and CTO Whitcomb are all former employees of Xdrive, Inc. and ReponseBase, LLC. Currently, the site boasts that it has over 22 million registered users who use the site for social networking. What makes MySpace so intriguing to its users is that it provides them with a number of personalized services for free as well as a profile that they can fully customize and use to display personal information about themselves that friends can comment meanwhile linking to their friend’s profiles. The site provides these millions of users with free hosting space for images to use in their profiles. The site is virally popular among today’s youth and commands a near cult-like following. Recently, media outlets including Fox 11 News Los Angeles have scrutinized the site for not deleting underage accounts (users are required to be 18), and for being a potential pedophilia hub. MySpace refused to comment on the Fox 11 story. MySpace has also refused to comment on this story. Most users of the site do not readily know about the site’s privacy policy that like many companies such as AOL claim ownership of anything users provide them including text, images, music, video, etc. Neither are most users aware of exactly who the elusive executives behind the company are. Unlike other internet success stories such as Google and Amazon there is pretty much nothing detailed concerning MySpace. may be under two years old but MySpace’s story actually begins years ago when MySpace CEO, Chris DeWolfe was the Vice President of Marketing at Xdrive Technologies, Inc. from October 1999 to March 2001, a company that during the dot-com bubble was in the business of giving millions of users large amounts of free online storage. Like any dot-com bust story, Xdrive’s isn’t pretty, especially for DeWolfe and his colleagues. At Xdrive, DeWolfe lead a diverse marketing team of whom DeWolfe later cultivated their talents to create MySpace. MySpace co-founder Tom Anderson came from Xdrive for he was in the creative department in charge of advertisement design and later became an assistant in DeWolfe’s marketing department. As one source once close to DeWofle’s team put it, “DeWolfe learned while at Xdrive that people will sign up for almost anything that they find useful, and they could care less about the fine print.”

While Myspace’s history isn’t readily available to its users, it can be pieced together as one aspiring journalist found out in November of 2004. This aspiring journalist was browsing some of the top websites on the internet via and stumbled upon claims that users were receiving spam after signing up for Being a member of this site and concerned with the allegations this journalist then setup a fresh e-mail address and MySpace account and let it sit for a month and no spam was ever received. As far as this journalist could tell the claims made on Alexa were false and to this day MySpace spam allegations have yet to be proven. However, as this journalist continued investigating MySpace he discovered that MySpace was owned by Intermix Media, Inc. (formerly eUniverse), a company known for pop-up advertising, past use of adware and spyware and that they were one of the companies that help supply the adware behind controversial peer-to-peer file sharing network Kazaa.

For the next month this journalist continued his investigation and even tracked down a source that had once been close to the now MySpace executives of, CEO Chris DeWolfe and President Tom Anderson. With a credible and confirmed source on his side this journalist dug deep finding a web of controversy surrounding both Chris DeWolfe and Tom Anderson. After a solid month of research, interviews, and an upcoming final due in his college journalism class the journalist put together a five-page article composed of everything he had learned about the company and its executives. The last phase of this journalistic duty was to seek comment from the executives themselves on the article. This last phase however did not go so well for after contacting MySpace’s CEO Chris DeWolfe he had a PR representative reply to the journalist’s questions and concerns. The PR representative claimed the journalist’s claims were unfounded, the source to not be credible, and then had MySpace’s legal team send a letter to the journalist saying that if he published the article on his website or blog or sought to get it published elsewhere they would sue. Just a simple college student with no legal team at his side and a journalism teacher who did not fully understanding the implications of the content of the article the journalist had no where left to turn and the article was to reside silently in a folder on his Macintosh.

Continuing to follow MySpace related news the journalist felt justice had been served when Attorney General Eliot Spitzer sued Intermix Media, Inc. for being the source of “spyware” and “adware” that had been installed in millions of computer users machines without their knowledge (to the best of knowledge, itself never used Intermix’s adware or spyware).

“Spyware and adware are more than an annoyance,” Spitzer said. “These fraudulent programs foul machines, undermine productivity and in many cases frustrate consumers’ efforts to remove them from their computers. These issues can serve to be a hindrance to the growth of e-commerce.”

Ari Schwartz, the Associate Director of the Center for Democracy and Technology in Washington D.C. said, “One of Internet users’ biggest frustrations today is unwanted software that sneaks onto computers without their owner’s consent and cannot be uninstalled. Companies have gotten away with unethical and illegal software download practices for too long. The practices alleged in this case are widespread on the Internet and we hope that both federal and state authorities follow Attorney General Spitzer’s lead in making this a priority, ”

The suit follows a six-month investigation in which the Attorney General’s office found that the company had installed a wide range of advertising software on home computers without giving consumers proper notice (STATE SUES MAJOR “SPYWARE” DISTRIBUTOR).

However, the story did not end there. Intermix Media, Inc. agreed to pay $7.9 million to settle the suit from the Attorney General without admitting they did anything wrong. It was then announced this past Monday that MySpace was to be entirely acquired by Intermix Media (formerly Intermix only owned a little over a half of MySpace). Following this, today it was announced that in a separate deal Intermix Media, Inc. including MySpace was to be purchased for $580 million dollars by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. As part of the acquisition by News Corp, MySpace’s CEO Chris DeWolfe will continue his role with MySpace as apart of the Fox Interactive Media unit.

So why should any of this be of concern to MySpace and internet users?

As stated earlier in this article, the MySpace privacy policy and company filings including all users’ information lists, databases, text, files and documents are explicitly documented as an asset of MySpace. The agreement also states MySpace can sell the site and all user information to a third party that might not necessarily follow the same privacy policy as MySpace. To put it simply, MySpace owns everything a user provides them with. This is not entirely an uncommon thing for many free services such as AOL’s Instant Messenger have similar privacy policies. The policy also grants MySpace the internal ability to use member-provided information as they see fit. MySpace’s privacy policy even allows them to change their privacy policy at any time. Now all of this user information is in the hands of News Corp. and they can pretty much do whatever they want with it. Not to say anything bad will come of this, in fact this could mean better protection for users privacy, or it may not. This is possible reason for concern especially considering MySpace’s blog population for a MySpace run blog is technically owned by the same people who bring you Fox News.

As for the identity of the aspiring journalist mentioned above? It was I, Trent Lapinski. After today’s news I felt the need to break my silence and write this fresh new article. I actually left out anything that MySpace’s PR representative brought to question just to make sure the validity of my article was at least 100%. That being said, the rabbit hole probably gets even deeper.


July 18, 2005

I’ve had alot of pets in my life time.

My first pet was a dog named kady. We got her after i finished my young fives. She lived to be 16 or 17 in human years.

Our second pet was a cat named molly. She never liked me, because i terrorized her when i was a little kid. She lived for about 13 years, until she got very very sick. We had to put her down on that day, and we are still unsure of what made her so sick. She didn’t outlive kady. We believe her death depressed kady.

Our third pet was a rabbit named ralph. He’s spent most of his time in a cage because he tends to freak out, and destroy household appliances when he is let out. He’s still alive.

Our fourth and fifth pets are named chloe and sophie. We got them from my cousin, after her land lord found the cats during a random audit.

Our sixth pet was a hamster named Ralph. I bought him from meijer during a random trip out there. He died after about 5 months.

ah, boring posts rule.

Pink Floyd

July 15, 2005

Back a few years ago, i couldn’t stand being woken up to the sound of my dad blaring their “pulse” cd through the stereo.

And, i guess i avoided the music. it just didn’t appeal to me at the time.

Then one day many months ago, i went on a cd ripping frenzy, during my quest to have a 200 hour playlist. During that session, i ripped a bunch of my dad’s cds. In that set, was the same “pulse” album that had bothered me so much before.

Well, the album sat on my playlist for a very long time, and one day i decided to actually listen to it.

During that time, i had previously taken 3 excedrin migrain. I didn’t need to, but i feel life is more enjoyable when you’re slightly over-medicated.

While listening, i felt very very good. It kinda felt like a religious experience.

Since that time, I’ve been addicted to this album. My dad likes the cd too. My mom dislikes pink floyd. She actually bitched at the dad when he sat down to watch pink floyd’s live8 performance.

I got to see footage of them performing at that live8 festival. It’s cool to see that a band that old can still play such great music.

I’ve seen commercials for another new live album. I’m thinking about buying the dad a copy.

I should look into finding a pink floyd dvd. There’s probably one out there.

That’s all, Have a nice day.