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i’m gonna get real loaded make a bomb and then explode it

December 26, 2006

hey man

i’m just chilling out here. I have had a pretty long day. christmas went swimmingly. i got a new bike helmet and it’s better than the old broken one, some clothes, and some money.

The first trip of the day was to the mom’s mom’s house. That was an alright time. We were pretty late because dad had to drive nana to over to a meetup point where she was picked up by uncle luke. We got there about 10 minutes before dinner 1, and weren’t even the last people to get there. The food was alright though.

I did make a giant mistake, that’s probably going to make somebody sad. Grandma always gives people in our generation a card with some money in it. Well, I took the money out, and put it in my pocket. Then, i put the card back in the envelope, and put it on the table. I ended up walking away from it, and in the end forgot all about it, and left without it I’m hoping grandma doesn’t get upset if she finds the card there without the money. I’ll probably call her tomorrow to cover my bases.

Trip two was to uncle Luke’s house all the way in Davidson. So, we all drove there, and chilled out for a while. He gave me a shirt that was two sizes too big for me, and a blockbuster gift certificate for $20. I don’t know what i can get at blockbuster, but i’ll stop by there next time I’m in the area. Anyway, the stay there was spent watching tv, eating a little food, using luke’s exercise bike, and playing poker with the other side of the mess. Their side does have some good points, but the chain smoking stained my new shirt with this terrible stench.

After several hours of their house, we left with nana. There wasn’t any snow outside, but it was raining, and that made expressway driving extra fun. Dad almost ran into a couple of people, but we made it out okay. The car argued with nana about republicans vs. democrats for a little while, and then we all got back home safely.

At home, we setup the phone i bought them. It has three handsets, so we all get a phone. It has all kinds of wacky features, and yeah, that’s pretty cool.

I really think we should replace all this commercial bullshit with boxing day. I’m not a fan of religion, but it seems kind of bad to run over some people’s religious beliefs with all this ridiculous commercial shit.

There’s my post. See you later


The Gym

December 13, 2006

On Sunday night, i didn’t sleep because I had errands to run, and i didn’t feel like doing them in the afternoon. So, i kept myself awake throughout the early morning hours, and when morning rolled around, I decided to make extra use of the trip up town, and go to the gym.

So, i dialed the gym, and asked them if they had a free trial going on, because I had heard they offer free 1 week trials. The women on the phone told me about how they didn’t have any free 1 week trials during the holidays, but they do offer free 1 day trials. I told her I would stop by later in the day to put that free day to use.

So, i stalled around the house until noon, and at noon I got on the bike and went up town to buy mom’s birthday gift; A card for her cell phone. While there, I bought lunch because I hadn’t ate all day. After lunch, I rode bike all the way across town, locked my bike up outside, and went into the gym.

The gym was a real big fancy place. I was given my one day free subscription, and got to use all their fancy equipment. Among the fancy equipment I used was a recumbent bicycle, a stair master, some leg weight lifting machine, a treadmill, a arm weight lifting machine, and some regular old dumbbells.

Most time was spent on the bike, because that’s what I’m used to. I did two sessions on the bike, totaling about 15 miles, with an average speed of 115 rotations per minute. I can lift about 150 pounds with my legs, and I can lift about 90 pounds with my arms. I can also run for about 10 minutes, but i don’t remember the speed i had it set to, probably something embarrassing.

About an hour in, the receptionist women asked me if i was interested in a membership yet. I told her that I didn’t know. She pushed that $35 per month when signing up for 1 year was a pretty good deal. I told her that I knew people who have $15/month memberships, at places like golds gym. She told me that there wasn’t a golds gym around. I told her that I would see if i could get the money together.

After 3.5 hours of working out, i was pretty much covered in sweat, and ready to pass out. So, i left.

There is my report about the gym. I think i’ll go back up there next week, and see if I can get another free workout. If i can’t, I’ll have to pay $15, which won’t be very much fun. However, $5 per hour is kind of reasonable, but not really, so.. alright.