postale employee

August 16, 2006

evening gents,

i’m feeling pretty tired. I don’t remember what i have done since the last post, but it’s probably not important, so let’s just talk about what i did these three days.

Monday my tire went flat during the end of my ride. Walked the last half mile back home, got the tube replaced, figured things would be cool the next day.

Tuesday i got on my bike with 15 minutes left until the bank closed. I had to get there to get $50 out, but with 1 mile to go, my tire blew up. I ran the rest of the way, but i was just a couple minutes too late. I continued walking the bike through town to paintcreek bikes to see if they could do me an IOU. They did, and i got the tire as well as the tube replaced. Tire was $35, tube was $5, service fee was $7. I got back home, dad complimented tire, i rode around on it for a while, and things were cool.

Wednesday, packed up camera, and got the $50 out of the bank. Went to bike shop, paid off debt, went to park, bummed out about all the money i had to pay just to get my tire fixed. Biked back into oxford, passed through town, went down to a subdivision that’s on the southern side of stoney lake, got some not-so-great pictures, left.

I want this.

That’s all i’ve got. Have fun.


2 Responses to “postale employee”

  1. Krista Antonini Says:

    Look whitie’s right. Negro says get Bagman or whatever out of my way.

  2. Krista Antonini Says:

    A flat tire has got to be a drag if you ride a bike. Stoney lake is nice and your photos are good. It takes a while to develop a style and the area that you live in dictates much of that style. It’s always good to have a thousand words to go with the picture.

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