March 24, 2005

[08:46] sdrawkcab yekim: morning.
[08:46] a1000miles2go: ?
[08:46] sdrawkcab yekim: what’s your question?
[08:47] a1000miles2go: who you are
[08:47] sdrawkcab yekim: i’m mike.
[08:47] a1000miles2go: do I know you?
[08:47] sdrawkcab yekim: no, i think i found your screen name on blogger.com.
[08:47] sdrawkcab yekim: i was looking for oxford people.
[08:47] a1000miles2go: oxford?
[08:48] sdrawkcab yekim: the town in michigan.
[08:48] sdrawkcab yekim: maybe it was one of the surrounding towns.
[08:48] a1000miles2go: Oh, I’m not. I think it’s by Lake O
[08:48] sdrawkcab yekim: it is.
[08:48] a1000miles2go: and, why were you looking for people from Oxford? I take it that’s where you’re from?
[08:49] sdrawkcab yekim: yes.
[08:49] a1000miles2go: Ah
[08:49] sdrawkcab yekim: i’m actually planning on taking over the town.
[08:49] sdrawkcab yekim: and i’m looking for officers to help run it with me.
[08:50] a1000miles2go: right. Have a good day, and good luck with that.
[08:50] sdrawkcab yekim: we’re not completely sure where we’re going with the project, we’re still going over the laws regarding mutiny.
[08:50] *** “a1000miles2go” signed off at Thu Mar 24 08:50:25 2005.



One Response to “hehehe…”

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