March 27, 2005

Did some eastery things today.

Ended up falling asleep around 5:30AM last night.

Was woke up at 11:00AM by the mom saying we need to go to visit family.

Got up out of bed at 11:15AM, and stumbled down the hall into the shower.

Started washing my hair there, and the mom interrupted me saying she neded to use the bathroom. I was about 8 minutes into the shower at that point. So, i jumped out with shampoo still on my head, Got out of the bathroom, and made it back in about 5 minutes later. After that, i washed the previously shampooed shampoo out of my hair, and repeated the hair washing reutine.

About 40 minutes after the initial shower started, i made it out feeling spick and span clean. We were fairly late at this point, so i threw on my favorite rugby-style shirt, and a pair of khaki pants.

After that, we drove across 2 towns to the grandparents’ home in the ghetto.

When we arrived at the enterance to their neighborhood a fire truck was driving towards us, and we watched as the fire truck drove into the neighborhood. No audible siren was on, and we watched as the fire men got out of their truck, and stopped off at somebody’s house holding some kinda equipment. We’ll never know what exactly they were doing. Perhaps the ghetto ran out of ambulances and had to improvise in this incident.

At the grandparents’ house the enviroment was desperate but funny. The cousins’ shared some hilarious stories about one of their friends who is now a coke head. I talked with a few family members about my plan to get a job working midnights at the shell gas station this week.

About that, i saw a sign on our way to the grandparents’ home at the shell gas station that says they’re hiring midnight people. Hopefully I’ll get the job.

i expected my time with that side of the family to be bad. But, we had a suprisingly good time.

Dinner at their place included mashed potatoes, ham, corn, lemonaide, bread, sweet potatoes, and various cold vegetables.

After that visit we ventured over to the nana’s house where our family had to wait for them to return from dinner at some restaurant.

While waiting we played with the ultra-expensive professional-grade slot machine that my uncle bought for nana. She’s been complaining about the machine being extremely loud so i opened it up, and attempted to fix it. Only problem was that the labels were printed in chinese characters, so I chose to leave the machine unbroke, and not deal with it.

They arrived after about 20 minutes. Uncle luke is always fun to hang out, always has a dirty joke or two to tell me and the dad. He quit smoking a few weeks ago because he has to go in to get some throat surgery to remove his kind-of-cancer. His girlfriend is smoking though. She told us that she’s going to be quitting in the next week, and proceeded to stain the entire room, and the clothes of all room attendies with the stench of cigarette smoke. Now nearly 4 hours after leaving the place, i still smell like smoke. Ugh…

We had cheesecake and tea at the nana’s house. Tea was super hot, and tasted kinda bad. Cheesecake was good.

That’s about it for now, laterios.


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