mutiny conversation #2

March 24, 2005

[10:20] sdrawkcab yekim: morning.
[10:20] mdgardner1969: hello… do I know you?
[10:21] sdrawkcab yekim: i don’t think so.
[10:21] sdrawkcab yekim: i found you on .
[10:21] mdgardner1969: ok, what can I do for you?
[10:21] sdrawkcab yekim: well, i live in oxford michigan, and i am looking to take over the town.
[10:22] sdrawkcab yekim: our team has a total of 6 members right now, and we are still recruiting officers
[10:22] sdrawkcab yekim: we’re not completely sure if it will work out yet, our lawyers are looking into the legality of mutiny
[10:22] sdrawkcab yekim: but, would you be interested in joining us?
[10:23] mdgardner1969: um… taking over the town? not sure what you are talking about..
[10:23] sdrawkcab yekim: well, after our leading council is formed, they will recruit members of the town
[10:23] mdgardner1969: you mean city government?
[10:23] sdrawkcab yekim: this may or may not include brainwashing.. we haven’t worked that out.
[10:25] sdrawkcab yekim: and once our team has reached massive size, we will simply overthrow the government which exists now, surround borders of the town with a 100 foot cement wall, and live as we please.
[10:25] mdgardner1969: are you on crack?
[10:25] sdrawkcab yekim: no.. just sleep deprivation and alot of caffeine.
[10:26] sdrawkcab yekim: I’m kidding!
[10:26] mdgardner1969: okay dokey…. sorry at work and it hasn’t been a great morning so far


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