January 15, 2009

i got back from portland a couple of nights ago around midnight. It was fairly nice, many fun times, most of which can’t currently be located in my memory.

I got there at about 3pm their time, and met my buddy victoria at the airport. We grabbed my suitcase, and took their rail line, ‘the max’ back south downtown. There, we stopped to talk with a friend of hers, and while we were there, a group of people who weren’t wearing pants jumped on the train along with us.

So, we were on a train with about 14 or so people only wearing their tops, underwear, no pants, with shoes/socks/etc, just no pants.

So, we got off a few stops later, and surprisingly, the group of pantsless people got off with us, and proceeded to walk in the same direction we were heading in.

As we walked down the street, the group, i’m sorry, i should say “mob” came in closer to us, and began striking conversation with us. When we got to a no-walk crosswalk, i decided that I was a bit overdressed, so i yanked off the belt, handed it to victoria, dropped & removed my pants, and victoria did the same.

We would go on to walk another few blocks with this group, with dancing of course, and eventually a pantsed stranger wandered into the group. When the group asked him to drop, he was weary at first, but then they further encouraged him, and he ended up whipping out his underwearless stuff on a public street.

But somehow, this was all perfectly ok. He swung his stuff around on a street corner in front of a group of college-aged people, we all got a laugh, and that was that.

From there, me, victoria, and the mob got onto their streetcar, the mob rode that for one block, but i was still carrying my suitcase, so me and victoria vouched to continue back to her place so I could drop off my suitcase, and we could come up with plans for the later day. After the mob left we rode around without pants for another block, but eventually put our pants back on.

A few stops later we got off, and went back to her place. It was an interesting first hour.

i might write more about portland. A lot of stuff happened, and I’m pretty sure my credit card’s going to have a debt for a really long time.


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