Peter Popoff is a Mother Fucker.

January 16, 2007

Last night I was flipping through the channels, and I caught an infomercial in which Peter Popoff, a multi-generational scam artist, proclaimed that he wanted to give everyone his “Miracle Spring Water”. This immediately grabbed my attention, and I really had no choice but to watch, and let my rage grow.

During the infomercial, clips of him running his scam to large groups of mostly-obese people in some kind of southern convention hall were shown. He would walk up to people who were obviously pre-screened, state their problems, and then put his hand on their head, and scream some random catch phrase. Then a few seconds, or a few minutes later the person would show or just tell peter that he or she was cured. Among the things peter has cured are:

  • Cancer
  • Blindness
  • Deafness
  • Bad Lungs / Asthma
  • Crippled Legs
  • Any Disability that stems from old age
  • Probably Everything except aids

In addition to the brainwashing footage, peter and his wife also read through poorly written, cracked-out letters from people who were apparently cured of all their problems, except for the one that prevents them from writing a decent letter. A few can be found at peter’s website. Here’s one for starters:

I laid my hands on yours through the television. You looked right in my eyes and began to tell the financial burden that was depressing me and making me sick to go in the name of Jesus and I felt it leave. You also said I would receive money with the next four days. Well Praise God! Three days later I received enough money to make a house payment. Thank you so much for letting God use you!
–Sister B. Bowen, Constantine, MI

It’s no secret that those who aren’t confident in their selves tend to sacrifice their lives to other causes, and that’s just fine. If they feel going to church is going to improve their self esteem, that’s great. However, what peter popoff is doing is complete exploitation. He is using lies to manipulate these people into lining his pockets.

This isn’t even the first time peter popoff has been involved in this racket. During the 80s, Peter did the exact same stuff, and his plans were foiled by a guy named James Randi who did an expose on popoff which aired on the tonight show. In the expose, James proved that his wife was relaying interview data via a radio to him for use in his faith healing stunts. Less than a year after the expose, Peter was forced into bankruptcy.


Youtube: The original James Randi Expose
Peter Popoff’s Official Website
Article about what happens when you order from Popoff
WikiPedia Article

Peter Popoff needs to be stopped. This asshole should not be as rich as he is, and I won’t be happy until he is publicly humiliated, again.


376 Responses to “Peter Popoff is a Mother Fucker.”

  1. Joey Says:

    I totally agree with you he’s taken advantage of people that need help, and gettin his car payments paid at the same time, what an ass I hope he get’s exposed again

    • true vision Says:

      this true vision chosen by god.i came so far.with the help.of rev.peter life.we have to learn our /inner man.what i desern,no matter what.we fall we get.back.up/move me im so giftd that,i have more,ve like this since i was a child.i save mymom myfriend i seen my 3girls god showed when i was 16years of at appear before me.1986 in me and my sister room.god show me my 3girls.before timing.also show me i was getting married in my 40s in this year.i am 40 year.of age.its in my 40 im still i go to jesus christ laddler day i have them 3girls.2 in college and 1 in high child was born 1991,in 1992,in 1995.still today.i have did a whole,my vision god showed me.this new my vision.april 06,2010/april 07,2010 i got my car.that day.god rewards me.i never took from a thing i can is ,we have to in the lords hand.about how,a person doing.a neither,we also cant get mad ,where god has,bless them at,cause somrtime in life.its something we have to do.get get bless,we already bless.he have high mercy on i soul.for the rest of the op[en its we have to do,no matter,how ,we assume,but god is one understand.

      • Maureen Says:

        True vision…learn to spell

      • PPisLordandSavior Says:

        illiterate moron — perfect target for PPM

      • only trust in god…not peter popoff…he is ripping you off..honey you sound really confused..

      • andrew Says:

        Case in point^^^ exactly the type of people this guy scams.

      • aspurge Says:

        I’m pretty sure Charlie Kelly wrote this.

      • David Says:

        Fukkk peter popoff. I will fuk his wife in her ass and make her eat my cummm. Fkn scammer willl die from bad karma watch!!!!!

      • Chris Says:

        Peter “Popoff” Should burn in hell. He is a mother fucking piece of shit. He should be rapped in jail. He targets people that are hurting and have nowear else to turn. If anyone on earth goes to hell it will be Peter Jackoff I mean Popoff.

      • sheri Says:

        oh my god this person has mental Issues I hope God can help this poor man!!!!!!

      • Naomi Says:

        I am just an on looker on this site.and ran into ur comment about peter popoff. Are u saying that he isn’t what these others feel he is? Just curious if feel as though there will be and has been a lot of people who will stop at nothing to discredit a man of God.and then again there might be some truth to what is going on .some people know certain things because of research a lot of it.and others just trust God and they know.but again was just wondering. .thanks

      • Brandon Says:

        I agree but pipoff is not blessed, he’s scaming pol. It’s a big difference

      • Mark Crook Says:

        My sister-n-law, took this flim-flam bastard’s miracle water and ate the manna cracker, and said the prayers, She claimed to be cured of \Diabetes, we all begged her to take her insulin but to no avail, 2 months later slipped into a coma after a seizure and died, my brother couldn’t take the loss and shot himself with a shotgun, in Cabool Mo. RIP Michael and Irene Ervin.

    • leslie Says:

      well I dont have any bad comment to say about this man i ordered the spring water and did excactly what he told me to he sent a reply and told me in a couple of weeks i was going to receive some unexcepted money and throught GOD and the faith and him I won a contest for 5,0000.00 he said it would be between1,500 to 15,000.00 and he says everything i have dreamed for will come true on march the 5th so i will keep u posted of the mircles GOD BLESSINGS BRINGS

      • Ryan Says:

        You don’t have anything bad to say about a man who has defrauded litearlly thousands of people for decades? Because you just so happened to get some money in a contest?

        If that’s not extreme selfishness and utter denial, I don’t know what is.

      • Lee Romero Says:

        Leslie, God can use anything. Remember in Numbers 22:28. Read it. GOD USED AN ASS TO SPEAK TO BALEM. Now, your seed of FAITH of whatever it was “miracle spring water” a “handkerchief” or any prayer cloth (or WHATEVER) did not bless you. IT WAS YOUR FAITH IN GOD THAT DELIVERED THE FINANCIAL BLESSINGS! NOT Peter Popoff. God used a scam artist, PETER POPOFF, to increase your faith to TRUST IN GOD. NOT PETER POPOFF! God is the power here in this occasion. Don’t validate a scam artist. PETER POPOFF IS A SCAM ARTIST. This is the scary thing about this whole thing here is that MR. Popoff unless he repents will burn in HELL for eternity for blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. He has no Knowledge of God’s power. He is a good model public speaker/ public figuer. His heart is in material things and riches otherwise he wouldn’t own a 2.1 million dollar mansion in California. It is sad that people are following him and his scams and lies. However, if there hearts and intents are right with the Lord, GOD’ WORD NEVER COMES BACK VOID. Regardless who delivered it. On the day of judgement, Peter Popoff will have to answer to God almighty as all of will have to answer to God someday as well and give an account what we did here on earth. Keep believing and trusting in the Lord. Jesus is the ultimate Savior and power of the earth and if you believe in him you will not perish but have everlasting life. One last thing to think about, God does not make deals with his children. He requires thier obiedence. Obiedence is the key to pleasing God. Keep that in mind. God does not need money. He needs us to be willing and obiedent. Do we believe and are we willing to surrender to him 100%? God Bless.

      • David Says:

        Oh shuttt da fuk up u mother fuker. U work for dat cocksucker u motherfuker!! U think we r dumb?? I will find peter popfucks wife and make her suck my fat cock that mthrfuker popoff will get it!!! Pusdy ass punk bitch lyin thief!!!

    • PP stains Says:

      i too agree. popoff sends spring water from a lake that has radiation. which is obviously the lake of sulfur(devil). he tries to get you to do rituals(witchcraft) to make money. please do not call he will hassel you for months. he even tries to quote the bible but none of what he quotes is actually in the bible. yes he uses jesus’ name but jus to make money and trick any believers. most are black people i dnt kno why

      • Stephen Gyetko Says:

        He uses poor, uneducated fools and sucks whatever few dollars they have, so he can put gas in his limo. He used to go after just plain redneck types, but, after being fined and jailed, when he served his prison term he narrowed the focus to specifically black people on account of their large presence in the most extreme evangelical protestant denominations. He is an evil, predator, using uneducated, easily duped fools, to line his already bulging pockets. If there is any justice he will burn in hell.

    • dre Says:

      he did the same thing is all lame

      • Ruby Martell Says:

        In 2005, my Husband got very sick, I reached out and asked for Prayer for My Husband, well My Husband Expired and after a month went past, I got a letter saying that God told Popoff, My Husband was Going to get better. He ask that I send Money, and God would Heal My Dearly Beloved. Well God already knew My Husband Had Expired, God dosen’t do things like this. This is how I know this man is Not right. RMM.

      • barb Says:

        I am now receiving mail from ass on weekly bases,, I sent him a jerk ass letter once and canadian money. People have to understand this is a money man they on weak people like wolf!!!

    • christie Says:

      You all just stupid.. he did not tell you to send $ so u get $. I just hate people like you. You poor and trying to blame on other people that made it.

    • Artemis Says:

      Here is the office number for “Reverend” Popoff…1-909-367-7902

  2. joel Says:

    When I watch that info-mercial all i can think of is Steve Martin in Leap of Faith. I can’t wait until he gets exposed for the snake oil salesman that he is.

    • Missy Says:

      He’s been exposed hundreds and hundreds of times. These idiots deserve to have their money taken if they are deluded enough to believe him!

    • Stacy Says:

      Thank you!!! TRUTH!!!!! I feel horrible for the people that are hurt and looking for solace and accidentally stumble upon this manipulative waste of time. I wish that there was someone or somewhere better for these people that was as exciting or apparently comfort-offering? (and highly publicized) as this awful and sad excuse for a human. (with shoe polish in his greasy hair… ICKY!!!)

      • SR Says:

        Must concur w/both Missy & Stacy above…anyone WILLING to b roped into this web of OBVIOUS b-sheeet nearly deserves it, tho I feel bad for them just the same! This guy & his ilk can all wear neon friggin BILLBOARDS that scream ‘we’re lying crooks’!! And SOMEone ‘d still ‘believe’em…sad…

  3. fitzhugh Says:

    Reminds me of when Otto walks in and asks his parents for the money they’d set aside for college, only to be told they’d given it all to a TV preacher in Repo Man. Sickening.

  4. Lois Says:

    Peter Popoff is a fake!!!!!!!!!!!! He’ll go to hell because God sure doesn’t want him!!!!!!!!!!!

    • N.S Says:

      OK….so you don’t believe that’s ok ,you have every right…ofcourse people do ,and so what if he’s taking money from them ,is a choice they make ..all I’m saying …is he gave me my life back ,i believe in myself again ..I’m stonger,happy,my kid’s are happy we’re stronger then ever….most of all I’m closer to the lord..every thing’s been wonderful…I’m sure I’m not only alone ..So you see …fake or not he’s still helping people … he’s reach alot of people ….change their life for the better….sooo…. you can judge all you want ,it’s your choice, but know that not everyone agree ……IT’S OKAY!!!!!!

      • NYDIA Says:

        OK…so you don’t believe that’s ok,you have every right…ofcourse people do,and so what if he’s taking money from them,is a choice they make..and I’m one of hoid on…All I’m saying is,he gave me my life back,i believe in myself again,I’m stonger ,happy ,my kid’s are happy we’re stonger then ever….most of all I’m closer to the lord..everything’s been wonderful..I’m sure I’m not alone…so you see…FAKE or NOT..he’s still helping people change their lives for the better….I know my prayer’s been answere… can judge all you want,it’s your choice,but know that not every agee….IT’S OKAY!!!!!

      • Curtis Says:

        If Peter Popoff gave your life back then you must not have had much of a life to begin with.The only thing he does is try to screw innocent people out of their hard earned money.How come the S.O.B. can’t do anything for you unless you give him money first. Well N.S. the GOD that I know doesn’t need Peter Popoff to rip his believers off. Maybe you will see the light before you burn in hell with Peter Popoff.

      • David Says:

        Oh plzzz shuuut da fuck up u fkn lyin fool!! U probably work for peter pop-fuk cocksucker!! My cock in his wife’s liz mouth that whore will get fkd by me in her asss and peter will sufffer dat lyin fagg scammin old retarded pple! Shame on u mother fuker!!!!

      • C. S. Says:

        Same here N.S. My life has been great and I have been seeing nothing but progress. Something that was said in a previous response, “It is your Faith in God that brings the blessings.” That being said, what is it that you believe Him for? If you cannot believe that a miracle can and will happen, you will never recognize when it does. Trust in God, and be comfortable in knowing that He is able. He has the ability and only – He. Thank Goodness for Vessels! I am grateful everyday to have come into agreement with my Brother in Spirit, Prophet Peter Popoff! To all those who feel they have been wronged, invite the Lord into your thoughts and feelings about this. Be grateful for the blessings He has bestowed upon your life, and be grateful for the ones that are yet to come. Remain faithful in the Lord, in His word, and His Only Begotten Son, In Jesus’ name… Amen, Amen, and Amen!!!

        He will make a Way for those willing to receive, and it shall be on His time.

        Matthew 7:7

      • Brandon Says:

        HE didn’t give you anything. GOD gave you whatever it is you perceive u received. Nobody deserves to be scammed and it’s shameful popoff does this. Any Godly person isn’t concerned with worldly things. I pray for his victims and popoff to change his ways and actually help the poor.

    • Frankie Says:

      AMEN!!!!!!!!! peter pop off blinded me for a while because i was in a really bad place in my life and he just so happened to work his fake vodo schemes on me…stupidly i didnt look into it like i should have and eded up giving him hundreds in 2009… sad….. but PETER WILL SURELY HAVE HIS PLACE IN HELL ALONG WILL ALL THE OTHER DEMONS AND FALSE PROPHETS THAT STEAL THE GRACEAND MERCY THAT WAS GIVEN TO US THREW HIS LOVE AND SON JESUS….. Fire burns within me but im just glad i was shown the truth before it was to late. but there will be many false teachers in the end of times.

  5. skep Says:


    • lisa williams Says:

      YEP I sprinkled some of his holy water on my clit and now it so dayum dry and has big welts puss and bumps on it ..HE IS A FAKE now om just broke and barren!!…all dat dayum money I sent to him to wind up with a dry bumpy pussy

    • Gay Dude Says:

      I used this exact same water and the next day i had an infection on my penis, guys would always dump me because i had a small penis. i tried pouring some on my ass cause i have been having anal sex lately and it did not cure my hemorrhoids but made a red itchy rash. i mailed judge Judy about this because I want all my money back. the worst part about it is that i had diarrhea for 2 months straight after drinking this. and it started producing acne on my face. i tried using justin bieber’s proactiv to help get rid of it but it didn’t help. i also tried pouring this in my fish tank because i was told it will make my fish live as long as me but my whole aquarium died within seconds of putting this water in.

      now i have dead fish, a burning dick, rashy ass, and i can never shit the same ever again.

      i highly dont recommend getting this product!

      • S. Nana Says:

        All y’all motherfucker’s are crazy as hell. U with the small dick give it up your time is just up. God has let u know your sexing days R done u don’t need spirtual/holy water. U just maybe needed Viagra, or just beat your meat the one between your legs, better yet you should B praying & getting a closure relationship with God & stop sweating the small stuff (your penis). You with the dry, rashy, nasty sounding coochie, don’t wait please pass go the whore house, & everything between go see a gynecologist right now. Hey, this is America you can believe & practice almost anything you want. Do not get upset with Peter Popoff one thing for sure if he’s false in Gods teachings he will burst hell wide open. If y’all asses don’t trust and have faith & trust n God n all your affairs you’ll probably beat him n hell.

      • mikey dont like pollywogs Says:

        gay dude you are disgusting your penis had sores on it cause your sticking it in other dudes asses a shit packer is what you are don’t blame it on the spring water dick head

      • Rose Says:

        Are you serious!

      • John the B Says:

        Leat how to spell first, before u throw stones. But you are 100% right. As a matter of fact; Peter should be afflicted with every disease he ever tried to cure. He’s a real sick puppy. He will get his one day because THERE IS A GOD. GOOD TALKING TO YOU. B-623

    • Dave Trainer Says:

      skep thats so hillarious I cant stop laughing good one brother

    • John Says:

      You funny, funny man!

    • RJ Says:

      Bawhahahaha! Hahahaha! Hehehehe! OH SHIT! Y’ALL KILLIN ME!Bawhahahaha!!!

  6. jill Says:

    that man is so Pathetic!!
    Sad that lost people are looking for a guiding light…& this devil Peter is totally stealing $$ from them.

    • Scovi Says:

      I watch this show and i feel really sorry for all the people that believe in this miracle water and this paper of instructions.It obviously seems fake to me i don’t need those items for my faith is strong through the lord and my strength remain for the lord! That guy is ridiculous, but people that really don’t know the lord and who believe in this man that can fix everyone problems….got another thing coming because Jesus Christ said not to trust man!believe and read his word for which it will not forsaken you…although I’m a firm spiritual believer a that everything will come to the light in due time.My father all ways come on time!!! I will pray for peter and his wife and I will pray for other to see the truth!

  7. Steve Says:

    Anybody want to know the real inside scoop on
    Peter Popoff…I’m his
    firm contracted with him for over 12 YEARS !


    • Hey, are you really Popoff’s brother-in-law? I’d love to have the inside scoop on him…


    • Dianna Says:

      Wanted to know if Peter Popoff is a real deal? I went to go see him in Balitmore tonight. You said your firm contracted with him for over 12 years… So is he a real deal or?? Thanks, Dianna

    • Al Says:

      steve whats up i want to know the real inside scoop on peter poppoff you said you are his former brother in law? if you could get back to me i would appreciate it.

    • Connie Says:

      Its really sad that there is so many people that live in pain. Be physical, mentally, emotionally or even spiritually.
      It must be a point of almost no return. One can become so desperate that they will try anything to make it better or make it go away. Religion, Drugs, Witch craft, ect…
      We all need Happiness, Love, and to be needed. The Bible is a great book to read, for the history, and for comfort,it may even shine a little light. It has a little of everything. Everytime u may pick it up, you might find something that gives you strength, hope, comfort, understanding, or a great story of the past, and make you feel better.
      We all need direction, hope, and Love.
      What ever name you may call him, God. What ever race, size, color, every one is born, that is your begining, and you shall have an end. Life is a gift, and no one said it would be easy. But it is a life. God answeres all prayers, even if his answere is not the one you want. It is still an answere. Ive always said prayer is a way of letting go of your hurts and fears. It might not fix the problem, or heal the sick, but one thing for sure it will not hurt anyone. With every rainny day the sunshine will follow. Question is when. The answere is when it dose. Try not to be afraid even through your darkest moments. They wont last forever. If you look back at your life you will see that, there were many moments you thought Ill never make it through this, or I cant take it, my life is over. Well if your reading this now you see, you did make it. The rules are so simple. Treat others like you like to be treated. Live your life, try not to hurt anyone or make them feel that they are less then you. Trust, that things will be, and they will be only for you, even if others seem to be going through the same situation, this one is only yours, and that when you do get to the end of the road that you will leave this earth with more people LOVING YOU, then not. May the God that you trust Bless you, and all those you come in contact with, even if it is a second of a smile you share with a stranger. Your not alone. Do what ever in your life that make you that better person. Love…….

    • Ravenna Blade Says:

      yes please! Fill, me in man send it to

    • Jb Says:

      What firm? And tell me about your x, I nref to know what you know! !!

  8. Gary Says:

    Peter Popoff is so powerful that he can make athiests pray…
    “Please God….I hope you DO exist….just so that Son of a Bitch gets his”…Mother Fucker!!…Stop being so nice to him…

  9. Freedom Says:

    People have a right to spend their money anyway they want. What’s desperately needed in this country is critical and analytical thinking skills.
    Intelligent people don’t get conned in by Popoff.

    • elizabeth Says:

      but he shouldn’t use god’s name to take people hard earned money thats just like drug dealing if people shouldnt sell drugs he should use fraud to take money.

  10. Charles Brailey Says:

    Peter Popoff is an honest man. Just because his wife fed him information through an ear piece doesn’t mean the guy is a fraud. When you only hear one side of a story then you can make the judgements you are making. Don’t get me wrong, I to believe that there are many crooks in the business, but I don’t tend to believe Popoff is a total fraud. For instance, Mike Murdock ask people to send 1000 dollars. Peter Popoff ask for 17 dollars. Big difference. I like Peter Popoff and if he is rich, dont be jealous of that. You are Green with Envy because God has blessed him with money. So what if it comes from donations. How do Evangelist make money? Through donations! His ministry brings in about 28 million and in 2006 he paid himself 590,000 dollars. BIG DEAL! He deserves it. Do you know he travels the U.S. preaching in different areas. So before you judge a man who spends half a year in places other than his hometown of Upland, CA you should think about your comments. They are sick!

    • Paul Says:

      You are so right! Peter Popoff is A Prophet of God Almighty
      He is a Christed One. He is doing some of the same works our
      older brother Jesus is doing. I’ve gotten his letters and there
      is an anointing to raise the dead. Praise God! Give Him the Praise!

      • Al Says:

        ok you should ask for forgiveness from the lord for praising this man in my opinion. if you have read the bible jesus before his death warned of the apperance of false messiahs that people would beleive to be true because they would have the ability to resurect the dead. and peter poppoff can’t be christisised or whatever you call it because these false messiahs shall come first and after and only after that shall the messiah come. you want to be christian you should follow the bible and honor jesuss’ word and honor the word of his father GOD, god is the all powerful one and god is who you should seek this message is clear throughout every religion.

      • Rastus MoFo Says:

        This is TRUE! Rev. Popoff is a great man! His methods work! He may be the greatest religious leader of the century! Wait, no, the greatest is the Messiah Al Gore, who saved the planet from Global Warming! Al Gore is the head of the Church of Global Warming, which has many followers. Al saved the planet! So he’s #1, but Popoff is great in his own right! Yahoo! Give him all YER MONEY, MoFos!

      • benhoody Says:

        Paul; Popoff is a theif and a liar, one of the phoniest there is. There is no teaching of scriptures because he doesn’t know what the bible even says except the use of a few to get your money. Of all the so called t.v. Preachers he is the worst, just awful, and he should be in jail, how he gets away with it I don’t know, lawyers I guess. How can anyone fall for this scam, look what he is doing and how he does it, there is no preaching of the gospel at all, he talks about the devil more than he does Jesus, he may mention Christ but he doesn’t mention the message Christ brought, absolutely he is a minister of Satan.

    • jason Says:

      ok dumbasss u keep sending him $ & he will heal u lol what fag u are…what does ugly asss dude in a thousand dollar suit going to heal u with sum water he got out of toilet and put it in a bag. Of course hes going ask for a small fee cause if it was too high of a fee then nobody would really send him money. this way its a small fee & he scam lots of people and people wouldnt feel to bad about sending the money cause its just a little GO TO CHURCH AND ASK JESUS IN2 YOUR HEART THATS THE 1ST STEP TO HEALING….not this asssshole scammer.

      • Christy Says:

        I’ve seen Peter on TV several times. When I first heard of him my mom was telling me about some man on tv giving out healing spring water and I should call to get some for my son, who was diagnosed with autism and doesn’t take. I tried it, it didn’t work. Trusting in God is the only way people. If people would trust God as much as they trust these TV evangelist, then the world and your life would be better. Don’t get me wrong, God use man for his glory, but you have to discern the God sent from the God users. No disrespect, but for the guy that stated “Go to church and ask Jesus in2 your heart”. You need to ask Jesus to his your mouth. Everyone has a right to their opinion, but do you have the right to disrespect them. God forgives you.

      • Shirley Says:

        Absolutely! Anyone that gets scammed does not have the brains God gave geese! I can’t stand him. I hope he rots in hell. Him and his kind.

    • Curtis Says:

      Hey Dumbass,It’s easier to be taken for 17 dollars then it is 1000 dollars.You idiots are so blind if you believe Peter Popoff is a man of GOD.His name sounds like some kind of perverted demon.

      • Kim Says:

        Hi I just wanted people to know I started receiving his letters and thought that surely he was sincere because he is allowed to broadcast. At first he sent for my BD and this week he sent a letter that wanted my thumbprint.

    • Chris Says:

      You obviously don’t know what a prophet is retards.. 1. Why would people donate to him when they can barely afford to live.. 2. The bible never says anything about needing money to be happy.. 3. Why is the water he sends an exact replica of some I’d find in a bottle? 4. These people were obviously hired to say this… 5. There is perfect evidence through a YouTube video from an elderly woman who’s paid for 3 years and has got nothing? Explain why

      • helen Says:

        peterpopoff needs to repent if he is scaming people that dont have a strong mind u shouldnt have to pay people for the word of god heck you could be a profit but gods word is free. you dont pay for the knowlege of the lord you pay to buy bibles to keep the lord goin and to have churches to worship yes tithes and offering but u dont pay a profit of god. its free. praise the lord and may uall be blessed and healed and i have a gift of knowing the future but i dont charge people I’ve seen angles but i dont charge people its a wonderful gift to share with people, so popoff will be standing before god if he is lieng to people he sound like afortune teller i sent my bros address and mine to to see if he sends letters and he sent both my bother and i the same letters word for word . he plays the simple minded i believe he may think he is a profit, but i know im the real deal im still tappin in to my gift, ive seen sipirts good bad indifferent. so there is something to it. and god has allowed me to see into the supernatural releam and i was scared at first but i know theres demons and angles becuz ive seen both and i used to think why me, now why not. i know things before they happen i dont talk about it cuz people are not tuned in or just cant be senitive ive seen four angles wen i was for went to this church and the minister said we couldnt see our angles they didnt have blound hair well my were so bright they lite the room and they all had blound locks and i wanted to correct him but i was held back, i was awed by there present. i know because i know so god bless u all and peter popoff hope he is stop then again he may know and who are we to judge . every knee shall bow i believe it wont be long

    • fedupwidit Says:

      yeah, he travels the country spreading more lies heresy and false hope to people, listen to me my brother, you dont need this giant turd to have a miracle, why not try doing it God’s way..the scriptural way. The book of James says “call for the Elders of the Church and anoint him with oil in the name of the Lord and the prayer of faith shall save the sick” you don’t need this buffoun!

    • rob Says:

      just like alot of people said buddha was a god, and all the other fakes, even right now darwin believes in god and heaven and hell. and one day peter popoff and his followers will see the truth too.

    • Brandon Says:

      What about the vow of poverty? How many ppl could have been helped with 550,000. Of that 590,000. He could have taken much less. That’s not jealousy, that’s fact.

    • SR Says:

      Nuh-UH, Chuckie, ‘just cause his wife feeds him info thru an earpiece’..DOES make this jerk a phony lying azzwipe!!! WHAT part dont you get???

  11. Amy Says:

    i think Peter Popoff is playing with GOD. And I truly feel sorry for his lost soul.

    • neha Says:

      n dont u realise dat he does dat cos of publicity? hez nothin but a bag full of shit! cure people? u actually think he can cure people by merely touching them n praying to god for about 2 mins?? he z d biggest fraud alive…he misuses d trust people hav in him…itz 1 thing 2 pray for someone and help them conquer their ailments,and quite a different thing to touch them and remove their ailments in seconds!! if he is so powerfull ask him to end the hatred in the world…and end all the wars! surely he can do that…all he needs to do is place a call to god….n he would have all the answers!!!!
      and if hez all dat powerfull why does he need his wife giving him any sort of information…he cn recite onez family tree in seconds….with his mystical powers,ofcos!!! whatz worse is dat even aftr d revelation,people still go gaga over him….n he earns big bucks for merely repeating his wife’s statements,n touching people!!! trust me,if there is a god,that man is going to hell…!!

      • Shirley Says:

        He sure is! I can’t believe that people are so gullible! 50 years ago he would not have gotten away with this. Didn’t Soupy Sales get pulled of TV for trying to scam kids into giving him money? Only Souply Sales is better looking. He probably has a better looking wife too.

      • SR Says:

        Your lips to God’s ears, ‘neha’!!

    • Curtis Says:

      There are a lot of things in life you can play with, but I promise you one thing our loving GOD is not one of them. Peter how about taking lots of your water with you,maybe just maybe you can put out those flames of HELL!!!!!

      • Shirley Says:

        Very good Curtis. Very good. Well said.

      • Queen Says:

        I do agree with what you have said, God is not to be played with… He is Awesome Almighty and all Powerful… The time is coming that Judgement day is right around the corner…Let us pray… Thank you again

  12. Hector Says:

    I believe in one of the book of peter the lord makes is clear that there are going to be false words and prophets and many people will believe what they see and what they hear but to stay strong in him and you will know whats right from wrong

  13. Daniel Says:

    Anyone that buys into this sham is a pathetic waste of a human being, just like popoff and doesn’t deserve to breathe the same air as I!

    • Paul Says:


      • SkepticalThinker Says:

        The proof of reincarnation is in the bible… just like the proof that we are all inbred relatives of two people who ate a mysterious fruit that told them they were naked… only to have their offspring killed off with the acception of a senile old man who built a boat to live in for a few months while everything was flooded… making us HIS inbread relatives as well. How nice.

        That aside, whether you believe in the bible or not there is no way you could possibly think of this Popoff shit as a good person. “Judge not lest ye be judged yourself” (or however it’s worded)… If we’re getting judged by comparison to this shame of a human being then feel free to judge away.

      • Rhonda Godwin Says:

        Not sure if you are advocating for Popoff or not but know that he recently asked me to send a lock of my hair (sounds like voodoo or some such to me)and when I didn’t respond, a mirror that I was to gaze into, then put under my pillow for the night, then send back to him, was sent.Something a little scary going on – why would a seer of God need those tools? I have had the gift of psychometry on occassion but who is to say, who it really is, who will be “working” on me through my hair, even? Of course I didn’t respond. That aside, I would like to know more about the 7th ray action. I do believe in reincarnation, know some of who I have been in the past & thought you did a marvellous job, in general, of explaining what is, in your post above.Thanks.

      • Shirley Says:

        He loved God and eschewed evil. Remember!

    • Rhonda Godwin Says:

      Paul, Hit the wrong reply button, looks like. My comment was for you, not Sceptical thinker.

  14. T.J. Dufresne Says:

    I was such a dumb fuck for believing every word this limp dick head said. I’m so damn gullable. I still am a believer of God, but the way this guy preached God’s word was total insanity. Very concieted person. Can’t believe he got back on his feet after he and his bullshit ministry went bankrupt back in ’87. Oh well, I KNOW that this guy is going to fall even harder this time, and he’ll never get up again. If there is anyone out there reading this in disbelief, this is no joke, and I know, trust me. If you have questions please feel free and don’t hesitate to contact me at But if you still don’t believe me or any other of this guy’s victims, you’ll have to find out the hard way. It’s only up to God and Him only what is in your future and what He blesses you with. But you have to live your life as it is and give in order to recieve (not to that old fuck), but to people that need it most. And I believe the “devil” just sets up road blocks and all that shit and attacks you in certain ways, no, as corny as it sounds but that’s God’s work, bad things need to happen in life, for the sake of good, you know, “everything happens for a reason”? God did happen to give us the power of FREE WILL to live life as we please. No one can control you, not even God, as corny as that one sounds (just my belief). So just live as best you can, listen to your heart, don’t fall for any of this “prophets” bullshit. Any of it. Only God has that power that this guy claims and wishes he had. Well I’m outty…Peace!!

  15. T.J. Dufresne Says:

    I noticed on these reply’s that one person, Charles Baily, disagrees with my testimony. Well I’m not going to swear you off or call you a dumbass, no, not going to put you down. Was it just the FIRST letter he sent you, the one with the “miracle” spring water? Well, he’ll send you more, and more, and the asking “harvesting seeds” donations tend to get higher, and higher. I’m only saying watch yourself, before its too late.

  16. T.J. Dufresne Says:

    Here’s a little song inspired by televangelist’s like popoff. Now the Lord did say in the book of Peter that there would be false prophets. So this is “Lepper Messiah” by Metallica.

    Spineless from the start, sucked into the part
    Circus comes through town, you play the lead clown
    Please, please
    Spreading his disease, living by his story
    Knees, knees
    Falling to your knees, suffer for his glory…You will

    Time for lust, time for lie
    Time to kiss your life good-bye
    Send me money, send me green, heaven you will meet
    Make your contribution and you’ll get the better seat…
    Bow to leper messiah

    Marvel at his tricks, need your sunday fix?
    Blind devotion came, rotting your brain
    Chain, chain
    Join the endless chain, taken by his glamor
    Fame, fame
    Infection is the game, stinking drunk with power…we see

    Time for lust, time for lie
    Time to kiss your life good-bye
    Send me money, send me green, heaven you will meet
    Make your contribution and you’ll get the better seat…
    Bow to leper messiah

    Witchery, weakening
    See’s the sheep are gathering
    Set the trap, hypnotise
    Now you follow

    Time for lust, time for lie
    Time to kiss your life good-bye
    Send me money, send me green, heaven you will meet
    Make your contribution and you’ll get the better seat…

    Lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie…LIE!!!

    • SR Says:

      Right you ARE, about ALL of it, T J Dufresne!helluva inspiring tune youve written out there, as well, for real!

  17. Peter Popoff Says:

    I totally agree, in fact, I even setup with a petition in order to “Pop Peter Off of the Air.” Sign it in order to stop this tyranical man!

  18. alex Says:

    who do i belive? i think if you belive it will work…i kinda going back and forth with sending the 17 dollars im going to try it and ill let you know in five days

  19. Ryan Says:

    Just watching this jackass on an infomercial right now, and how this idiot has stayed alive all this time eludes me. But what he doesnt pay for now he will pay for downstairs gauranteed. That should help everyone sleep even just a little better

  20. Yikes Says:

    Hey this is where you can find a honest way of making a living and improving your self. God will do the rest , just ask and you shall receive,remember have faith…but faith without works is dead.

    Go here now:

  21. John Jacob Says:

    I think Peter Popoff is a fucking genius. I DO NOT for a second believe in any of the shit that he is try to sell. His miracle spring water, his healing of people, nothing. But come on now, he’s a genius! It’s only the gullible retards that believe in his crap and send him money. “Only in America” is the quote that best applies to the morons in this country who believe him. People claim that Popoff has brainwashed them, but their sure as hell isn’t a brain between their ears if they don’t even have the common sense to sit their ass in front of a computer, go on a little site called, and type in Peter Popoff. Jesus Christ, I am tired of feeling sorry for these dumbasses, that we are supposed to feel sympathy for. Does anyone agree with me here? I will repeat, Peter Popoff is a fucking genius!

    • Me Says:

      No. He’s not a ‘genius’… He’s absolute scum of the earth.

      He’s genius only in the same way that Hitler was a genius. Hitler would sign a treaty with a country on monday.. then invade them on tuesday – he bold faced lied. Clever trick? Not really. If you want to be an immoral asshole to make money.. there’s plenty of ways to do it – go right ahead… and see what it brings you. Peter Popoff might have had some rich days — but it will end very ugly for him. You don’t think he’s assaulted by people anywhere in public over this crap? Look at the way people, including me, are responding to him on this site. People hate the guy – he’s likely to reach the end of his life quite early.. and in a very ugly manner.

      Evil prospers – for a season. But what you sow you will reap.

    • Neville Says:

      He is not a genius and for you to say how hard is it for people to go on google type in this dudes name and see if he is fake or not.. Not everyone has a computer or internet.. So that is not even the case at all. This dude is straight up trash I called just to see what the letter would be like and of course just like that other dude that was on right after him both asking for money fuck them both… I believe in god but these guys ain’t getting a cent from me.. the second they say give money to god u know its fake God don’t want money nor is he going to receive it in any way.. If you fall for that shit then I don’t feel bad for you but just because you called.. don’t mean you are dumb!

    • fedupwidit Says:

      I’m with you Bro!

    • Shirley Says:

      LOL! LOL! I can’t believe it either.

  22. Precog Says:

    Popoff is a genius indeed! I wish i was in the business ^^ (the good side of the business of course)Lol seriously i want to shake his hand and tell him just how smart he is. When you think about all the ppl that went for 4,6 or even 8 yrs in college or med school these folks don’t even have a fraction of his cash. Popoff is an entrepeneur u don’t believe in him? fine don’t buy his crap then. anyways LOL

    • christine Says:

      Its sad! How can people use the Lord”s name to scam people. People are looking for hope and there Popoff giving it to them. I have been burn myself by church people & lieing preachers. Never been so hurt in my life it took me two years to get over it. Peter Popoff needs prayer and the people he is hurting.

  23. Krista Antonini Says:

    You shouldn’t let that bother you….those are just crazy white people. That’s what they do.

  24. Nick Says:

    As long as there are goofs around there will be Peter Popoffs. Why can’t he come and recruit me ? It’s gonna be a very cold day in hell before he manages to do that. And I also wonder why he’s not been locked up yet ?

  25. Usman Says:

    peter poopoff is an assholeee

  26. John Says:

    He is a total lier and i hope one of these days he goes to jail for attempting to scam people out.
    All he does is mail the water or bread once he is got yur address he will claim that in order for your miracle to wrk you must follow specific instructions, one those instructions are to send money to him!
    This of this, he can pray to put money in peoples account but he can not doing for his own account…what a crook

    • daniel Says:

      daniel why hasn’t popoff been prosecuted for fraud? Isn’t there a federal law against using the US mail to defraud? Maybe he’s sliding by because he pays income tax on all his illgotten money. We all know the government never has enough money to piss away.

  27. Rev Lewis Says:

    well well well oh ye of little faith
    read your bible so you can here what he is doing if you believe in me you believe in the one who sent me 1st.
    you are not godly people im a Eastren star read about my people and let me here one of you say its a cult ill beat you so hard your be asking for peter to bless you

  28. howhow Says:

    Peter popoff is a scamming business man. He earns money off the poor and drives porsche and lives in a mansion. If he is such a messenger then why doesn’t he give all his possesions away as Jesus told the rich man to do so and be an example? He is ,in fact, a millionare.
    He truly is a heaven sent devil.

  29. louis Says:

    I was fooled once by him, but now I get my mind right. I’m not gonna be fool again. I already send him about $150 , and I know in someway I will get back Millions of what I had send him. I’m to innocent to be fooled like that. As a result, I shall be happy,rich,health, and received all the fake blessing he said I was going to received.

  30. Bathroom On The Right Says:

    Peter Popoff sounds like a bad porno name.

    I watch this guy on TV whenever I come across his show and laugh my ass off every time. I can’t believe that there are actually people that fall for that crap.

  31. Popoffhater Says:


    I watch popoff all the time. He’s such a joke. If you send money to him you’re retarded… simple.


  32. Carol Says:

    I love to watch Peter Popoff because he is so funny and it’s the best thing on tv at 5:30am. I am going to send him a shitload of Monopoly money and see if I still get blessed.

  33. Linda Says:


  34. Nick Says:

    Funny. I was doing the same thing. Saw the infomercial and watched it, then laughed and got pissed. This time it was lower class black people and money. Apparently God can make transfers of money to your account if you have them pray for you (which costs money). Then I searched him and found this site.

    This is total exploitation, but these people deserve to lose their money if they believe all that. C’mon. Proof that this country is getting dumber and dumber.

  35. christabell Says:

    agreed completely i called the number for the miracle manner and made it out to my brother as a joke and he received this letter a few days later containing the “miracle manner” and a bout 4letters basically saying give me money cause god said so and since then he gets letters maby every week containing different things such as salt, holy water,heshen crosses,tri colored rubber bands and other crap like that all containing similar letters saying send me money FAKE SCAM


  37. Ed Says:

    He is a damned genius! Wish i could take people’s money that easy and never have the feds on me. I figured he’d never be on TV again after James Randy outed him. Now he’s got the miracle manna bread scam going and all these people who claim to be getting huge money after eating it and having Popoff pray for them. What an asshole! He’ll burn in hell with the rest of ’em!

  38. yvonne Says:

    Hey, I want to share a great idea that I have been using. I intentionally called and signed up with Peter Popoff. Yup, I asked them to send me stuff in the mail! Why you ask? Well, because every time they send me mail, each envelope contains at least one and most often two postage paid envelopes in which i am supposed to put a donation. I then reuse the envelopes by just putting my own label over their address and now I don’t have to pay for postage.

    Yup, Petter Fuck-off is paying for my postage whenever I have to pay bills or send anyone anything. I prayed for god to help me with money problems and he sent me a solution to a small but meaningful problem. Thanks Peter. 🙂

  39. Newton Says:

    Not everyone who calls me Lord shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven…

    Beware of false prophets….

    Ask for wisdom and it shall be given unto you freely…

    My people perish for lack of knowledge…

    Dudes and dudettes…read the bible…it is the only way to heaven and healing…pray to God and he shall answer your prayers…why look for miracle water or bread when the word of God is the only miracle you need?

  40. Canadanorth Says:

    Newton: You’ve said it ALL. The Bible has it all. It is the great REFERENCE BOOK. Our problem with all the Popoffs’ is that they take advantage of people at their most vulnerable and all of us WILL be vulnerable at some time in our lives and be called stupid for the decisions that we make. Also the Popoffs’ work on the placebo principle that humans can create the desired effect or outcome. In sham operations the surgeon cuts open and stitches the patient up and presto the angina pain is gone.
    Put holy water on the lower back and presto the pain is gone. Where it gets tricky is when the patient is poor and sends in his last dime and the cancer didn’t go away. Oh well, I guess he didn’t exercise his faith enough or send in enough ‘SEED’. The Popoffs’ are selling HOPE but then so is the rest of the marketing world.

  41. Lois Says:

    He’s gonna go to hell one day because of being FAKE!!!!!!!! I so much as wrote him back & told him he’s a fraud!!!

  42. Hayter Says:

    When my dad had cancer (now deceased sadly) we suddenly started getting letters in the post from this motherfucker… 2 letters a week sometimes, asking for money and promising miracle cures. Of course, not being a hillbilly retard the letters were binned immediatly or kept by myself as a souvenir of just how evil people can be. How did he get our adress? Maybe peter popov does have the divine power to seek out vunerable or sick people and really stick the blade in and break it off? If im ever driving down the road and i see him, i might just “lose control” of my car and run his ass down…

  43. Jasper Focker Says:

    I sent Popoff one penny and told him that’s all I could afford. Since then, he’s bombarded me with snail mail ordering me to send him more money.

    Traveling snake oil salesmen like Popoff have been around forever and they will always be a part of the world. He’s a sociopath, in my view.

    I just use him for entertainment purposes.

    I won’t say he’s gay, but I bet he’d hold a dick in his mouth until it went limp.

  44. sarah Says:

    man i wish i had followed my instincts and read up about this man before i decided to send him money in the post..i guess i can count my lucky stars that in comparison to some people, at least it wasn’t much..

  45. benjamin1254 Says:

    yeah when i learned about his popoff scam i soo wanted to call and make him look like an idiot!

  46. NikolaiTAN Says:

    I know about the likes of Peter Popoff, James Bakkerm, and especially the rip off artist who resides in Marin County, California, who takes advantage of the weak willed people who desire to be good christians. But Peter Romanowsky, Marin County’s version of Peter Popoff is a scam artism many times over. Indeed, he had a nervous breakdown because he was a mentally ill pastor on psychiatric drugs who deluded himself and others that he could resurrect the dead. An elderly woman died of cancer in 1979, he tried his theatrics on her, but she never budged, never rose from the dead.

    Now Peter Popoff is the same way. He sends you this stale cracker called “Miracle Manna”,. and a bunch of red tape. DON’T TELL ANYONE, he says. But I know why. I think you should. This guy should be arrested and thrown into prison and have the key thrown away just like his worthless life. He exploited many. I know. I have witnessed the damage he has done to others in the Name of God.

    The list goes on. There are many crooks, televangelist scum who think that they have the upper hand, but don’t and never did.

    Tkme will tell.

    Don’t be naive. God doesn’t send beggars to fill their coffers.
    Get wise. Do some undercoverwk,

  47. Kim Says:

    I watch this Popoff asshole because I think its funny as hell. Anyone who believes this shit is a damn fool and deserves mto have their money taken. I was shocked though. I showed my girlfriend this popoff show and she began to look interested in calling the number for the mirical manna. I could see he was getting to her. I couldnt believe shed be so stupid. Its unbelievable how easy it is to get folks to fall for this shit. He is laughing all the way to the bank

    • mikey Says:

      You really need to consider the statistics of people living with mental & psychological disabilities today. Would you say that someone who suffers from autism, mental retardation, or any of the other largely mentally dissociative disorders deserves to be conned by this man? Not every person living today has a completely functional mind that is capable of the knowing when this type of operation is an obvious con, and I would definitely venture to assume that many people suffering from these conditions have been rung in by popoff. This isn’t to say that everyone signing into the con is mentally disabled, because many are likely to just be weak minded, or otherwise stupid, but those people, all people in fact, are deserving clarity and honesty.

      • Ravenna Says:

        Hey, Mikey could u cut the folks with autism some slack please?!? We, aren’t stupid hell I’ve watched peter wha– i mean
        popoff for a laugh! Hell, that’s all he’s good for anyway… Hey, let’s see him heal someone with asperger’s… Yeah, right buddy.

      • SR Says:

        Sweetheart, ‘Mikey’, I mean this in the most kind/sincere way possible..I realize that one must have something of a ‘diminished capacity’to fall in with ANY of these ‘God salesmen’, but PLEASE do NOT include the Autistic…My recently late beLOVED first born Son, named Michael was very Autistic,could hardly speak, but would also know,& let it BE KNOWN in NO uncertain terms when ‘the Emperor had NO CLOTHES’!!! Autistic people are NOT stupid, just speak their own language, love..!

    • pittstop Says:

      Yeah, I watch him too for entertainment value plus I whack the porcupine when he wife is on screen. Not that I’d do her; I pretend I’ve been captured by the Devil and my punishment in hell is to give Mrs. Popoff oral sex after she hasn’t showered for six months.

  48. mikey Says:

    thanks for the link jason, that’s damn interesting.

  49. Devon McQuire Says:

    Kelly Media Group (KMG, Inc.) was founded in 2003 by Jason Cardiff. Kelly Media Group is a direct marketing agency. Anyone who has ever received junk mail in their mailbox will know what direct marketing is.

    Kelly Media’s website states,”Why would you chance the future of your business on an advertising company that has to outsource your mailing campaigns to a 3rd-party fulfillment house. It is imperative that you place your direct mailing endeavors into the hands of a proven direct mailer, like Kelly Media Group.”

    Why would you chance your future of your business on a fraudulent bag of manure like Jason Cardiff is a better question.

    One of the areas specifically mentioned on Kelly Media Group’s website is “Church Marketing”. And boy does Kelly Media know how to market for the church. You see, the founder of Kelly Media, Jason Cardiff, also happens to be the son-in-law of Peter Popoff.

    Peter Popoff, who in 1987 was making $4.3 million per MONTH, is a self proclaimed televangelist and claims to be a faith healer. He was a widely popular minister in the 1980s.

    Yes, Peter Popoff, disgraced faith healer, and his collaborator wife, Elizabeth, are on the air trolling for dollars. On cable infomercials, Popoff promotes the Peter Popoff World Outreach Ministry, pleading for viewers to order his book, Prosperity Thinking: God’s Dynamic Forces That Bring Riches to
    YOU! and get his new free, tiny vial of “Miracle Spring Water.” Intercut is scenes from his revival show where he lays hands on the afflicted, allegedly curing all sorts of medical problems (wink! wink!) and, oddly, supposedly freeing a woman’s jailed son.

    Also intercut are scenes of Elizabeth reading “testimonials” of the cures from viewers healed by the
    water or by Popoff through the TV.

    Popoff, was exposed by James Randi on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson in 1986. Randi and friends found out that Elizabeth was transmitting information to Peter, who wore a hidden earpiece
    camouflaged as a hearing aid (very strange for a man who could supposedly cure all manners of illness).

    Randi said, “I explained how Popoff had sent Reeford Sherrill (his ‘front man’), Volmer Thrane, and his wife, Elizabeth, into the audience in advance, equipped with transmitters to gather and broadcast the needed data backstage to the reverend.”

    During the show, Elizabeth would prompt him again on the problems claimed by certain people in the audience. It then looked like he knew a person’s name and affliction as if given the information by
    God! During one part of the revival section of the new show, Popoff gets worked up and touches the foreheads of afflicted persons, who usually fall backwards into the arms of one “volunteers”.

    Youtube hosts numerous videos of this fraud, including James Randi on the Johnny Carson show in which Popoff’s wife Elizabeth, can actually be heard revealing audience member’s names and their illnesses to Peter via radio signals sent to the earpiece. Elizabeth can be heard to say, “Hello, Petey. I love you! I’m talking to you. Can you hear me? If you can’t, you’re in trouble, ’cause I’m talking as well as I can! I’m looking up names right now.”

    In one recorded session Elizabeth Popoff speaks: “Reeford’s got a hot one!” (Laughter.) “Reeford’s so excited! He came running in back here and scared us half to death! You ready for a hot one? Okay! Want a hot one? Hot one! Hot off the press! Ruby Lee Harris. Ruby Lee. She is standing in the far back where there’s no chairs. (Long pause) “…Ruby Lee Harris. She’s against the back wall. She’s got lumps in her breast. You might want to whisper it – have her walk down! Have her run up there. Run! Oh! Look at her run! (Loud laughter) “she’s got knots in her breast.” (Laughter and giggles.) A home run! A home run!” (Then, later on, giggles are heard, and Pam speaks.) “At any rate, she should kick him in the face!” (giggles) (Elizabeth speaks.) “Pam says to make her – Pam thinks that you should have her kick him in the face (Giggles.)

    Elizabeth Popoff and several aides would scout the audience looking for “hot” ones. They would ask them, “Is Jesus going to heal you? And what’s your name, and where do you live? Have you had this condition long?” They would write all this information down on cards, which later on Elizabeth would recite during the service via her concealed transmitter. She carried the power source in a large handbag, and the transmitter and microphone were hidden under her blouse.

    Peter Popoff claimed that the video footage shown on Johnny Carson was a fake and that the woman who was said to be his wife Elizabeth was really an actor hired by NBC.

    When the Popoff ministry was asked whether Popoff used a secret receiver in his ear, Janice Gleason, a public relations consultant for the Popoff organization, said that the electronic receiver in Popoff’s ear was used only to keep in touch with the television crew. (In the hours of taped transmissions, there was not one communication with the television crew.) Gleason said she believed that the woman’s voice heard on the Tonight Show was faked. But Popoff later admitted that it was his wife who was communicating with him

    Peter Popoff also declared bankruptcy when his viewers began leaving him in droves after the revelation of fraud.

    So it’s now 2009 and how does all of this tie in with the Kelly Media Group?

    Nick Popoff, the son of Peter “fraud” Popoff works as consultant for Kelly Media, and Peter’s son-in-law Jason Cardiff is the founder of Kelly Media Group. Furthermore, the PeterPopoffMinistries website was created by Kelly Media Group.

    If you make a donation on Popoff’s website (to “fulfill our mission of proclaiming the gospel of Jesus to the world” of course), take a look at whose e-mail account (now closed) the funds are processed with:

    This is the actual code from the website donation page:

    Yes, Jason Cardiff handles donations sent to Peter Popoff. This entire family is crooked and fraudulent.

    Let’s take a look at how much money this family made in 2005. The information comes from which tracks questional religious organizations.

    People United for Christ, Inc./ Peter Popoff
    Known Compensation per IRS Form 990:
    Peter Popoff: 2005: $686,932
    Elizabeth Popoff: 2005: $261,146
    Nickolas Popoff: 2005: $189,293
    Amy Cardiff (daughter): 2005: $183,330
    Kelly Media Group, Inc./ son-in-law to Peter Popoff: $1,948,458
    Other organizations: (1) Peter Popoff Ministries, LTD, (2) First Point (United
    Kingdom), (3) Word for the World, (4) Peter Popoff Evang. Assoc-Canada.

    Peter Popoff made $686,932 from donations received. His wife made $261,146.

    Kelly Media Group made $1,948,458. That’s almost TWO MILLION dollars for web-hosting and direct mail services???

    2006 incomes were slightly less for the Popoff family:
    Peter Popoff Ministries $23,556,469
    Peter Popoff . . . . . . . . . 628,732
    Elizabeth Popoff $203,000
    Nickolas Popoff $182,000
    Amy Cardiff $176,000
    Taking a closer look at the direct mail services of Kelly Media Group. People who sign up at Peter Popoff’s ministry website, are asked for their mailing address and email address. Once the information is filled out, people begin to receive up to two-dozen postal letters from Peter Popoff.
    Each letter is personally addressed to the person (ex: “Robert, God has given me something that I must give you,” the letter begins). Computer-generated type is made to look like handwriting and only the names are changed from one letter to the next.

    A former Kelly Media Group employee states, “while working for Kelly Media, which is an advertising agency owned and operated by Peter Popoffs son-in-law Jason Cardiff, it was my job to enter prayer requests and donations into a database. These entries into the database would generate a letter to be sent back to the person who wrote in. It would print up a detailed letter, which appears to be handwritten by Peter Popoff himself telling people that he was praying for them, and their particular problems.

    The letters begin, ‘The other day I was praying for you, and decided to go to a coffee shop where I knew I could focus, and everytime I said your name I was embraced by the holy spirit.’

    Do you really think Peter Popoff spends even 15 seconds reading through the hundreds of letters that he receives?

    Popoff’s staff take the money out that Peter Popoff has asked the people for, writes the prayer requests on the envelope, and sends them to Kelly Media Group who type them into the database. The coffee shop line quoted above will be mass produced, word for word on each letter for about sixty thousand people at a time. All the while people think that they are sending him money to advance the work of god, and that in return he is praying for them. Peter Popoff is not only not praying for these people, he doesnt even know who they are.

    Peter Popoff, Elizabath Popoff, Jason Cardiff are enjoying the good life for now, based on the dollars donated by people who don’t know any better. This family engage in fraud and questionable practices to conduct their business.

    As a final testimony to the dishonest and questionable practices of Kelly Media Group and the Popoff’s, let’s take a look at the Direct Response Advertising Watch Dogs Of America. This group is touted as “a high-end elite group of executives that watch and study advertising executives around the globe for performance and client results.” Their website is here:

    Imagine that, a group that takes time to watch and study advertising executives to see their performance and results. What would be the motivating factor here? How would this group earn an income? What else do they do?

    The website for DRAWDA really doesn’t say much else about them. Portions of the website are incomplete as if the web developer stopped halfway through designing the site.

    DRAWDA does mention though, Jason Cardiff. In fact DRAWDA actually names Jason Cardiff as an “up and coming direct response television advertising executive for 2008.”
    Here is what they have to say about Mr. Cardiff:

    Jason is President and founder of many companies Worldwide but best known for Kelly Media Group. Kelly Media Group is a California based direct response marketing think tank responsible for some of the most impressive successful marketing stories of the past 5 years. Jason Cardiff will tell you that he is only as good as his weakest link on his team, but his team consists of some of the brightest minds in the Unites States or perhaps the world. Offices are strategically located worldwide with the head office in Upland (California), Dallas (Texas), Vancouver (Canada), London (England), Sydney (Australia) and the newest office KMG Asia in Da Nang (Vietnam)
    That’s quite the honorable mention for someone who is engaged in defrauding religious worhsippers.

    If you do a WHOIS of the website you will find that the website’s registrar has been hidden from public view.
    15111 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353
    Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
    United States

    Registered through:, Inc. (
    Created on: 27-Aug-08
    Expires on: 27-Aug-09
    Last Updated on: 27-Aug-08

    Administrative Contact:
    Private, Registration
    Domains by Proxy, Inc.
    15111 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353
    Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
    United States
    (480) 624-2599 Fax — (480) 624-2598

    Technical Contact:
    Private, Registration
    Domains by Proxy, Inc.
    15111 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353
    Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
    United States
    (480) 624-2599 Fax — (480) 624-2598

    However if we pull up the WHOIS record for DRAWDA **BEFORE** they hid their domain’s registration information, we find this:

    Kelly Media Group

    2022 W 11th St
    Upland, California 91786
    United States

    Registered through:, Inc. (
    Created on: 27-Aug-08
    Expires on: 27-Aug-09
    Last Updated on: 27-Aug-08

    Administrative Contact:
    Cardiff, Jason
    Kelly Media Group
    2022 W 11th St
    Upland, California 91786
    United States
    (877) 788-8463

    Technical Contact:
    Cardiff, Jason
    Kelly Media Group
    2022 W 11th St
    Upland, California 91786
    United States
    (877) 788-8463

    Domain servers in listed order:

    Registry Status: clientDeleteProhibited
    Registry Status: clientRenewProhibited
    Registry Status: clientTransferProhibited
    Registry Status: clientUpdateProhibited

    Way to go Jason Cardiff, inventing a bogus group and registering it in your OWN COMPANY’S NAME just to present yourself with an even more bogus mention as an up and coming executive.

    Finally, if you visit Youtube you will find videos of Cardiff giving a “tour” of the KMG warehouse and product fulfillment center. In the video, shot by an amateur cameraman who clumsily holds a camcorder, Cardiff touts his business while the cameraman pretends to be impressed with the otherwise boring warehouse. The entire video is clearly orchestrated and the cameraman is really another employee of KMG.

    Avoid the Kelly Media Group at all costs or anything with the Popoff name.

  50. tavi Says:

    This man has already gone bankrupt for being discovered with his supposed visions which turned out to be his wife transmitting the info from “prayer cards” which had all that information..into his earpiece…this man is not just a fraud but a PROVEN ONE..if you are considering buying into his crap..DONT…he is just a scam artist who is making thousands if not millions off of people who are expecting a miracle cure for their medical, life and financial issues…but instead get some little packet of water which will do nothing….

  51. ithesofakingnat Says:

    This guy’s a friggen joke! He’s already been proven that he’s a fraud, so why is he still succeeding in brainwashing thousands of people? I watch his show whenever I see it on and laugh my ass off! My friend and I enjoy watching it and becoming “healed” in front of the TV, haha..

    It’s appalling how much money he has stolen from innocent people to make himself rich.. a $90 000 Porsche? He bought that with money he stole from poor, desparate families I bet! …

    Televangelists, man.. they’re all crazy, but I think Popoff is the worst.. it is very entertaining though, I must admit..

  52. ithesofakingnat Says:

    By the way, whoever said “Peter Ripoff” … hilarious!

  53. George Says:

    I used to watch Popoff for pure amusement. Then I started to get mad because this clown is such a joke with the miracle spring water and miracle manna angles to get people to send in their cash. Problem with Popoff, (Murdock, Hinn, Swaggart, Paula White, the Copelands, Oral Roberts,etc, etc, etc, too many to mention)is that their followers gladly send their money to these crooks. Their followers buy into the crap that they spew. It’s absolutely amazing. Popoff and his kind will never have a shortage of cash because there are so many stupid folks willing to send their hard earned money to these criminals.

  54. Chris Says:

    The Lord does not want you to look to witchcraft for healing. Callin his name for the help you need and his answer will come in his time and in his way. I believe in the power of prayer andI do not believe that it is as simple as touching a T.V. screen to heal.

    The Lord does work miracles, just call on HIM not on healing water from Mr Popoff.

  55. bernie Says:

    I met Peter several times in the late 1970’s. He seemed very nice and down to earth. I was one of Amy Popoff’s preschool teachers. Amy is one of his daughters.She was a sweet little girl. What is she like now?

    • Bob Says:

      bernie said, He seemed very nice and down to earth?!?!

      The Guy is Ripping people Off, screw him and his Family

    • Pop-a-boner Says:

      Peter is a weenie. His daughter was a sweet girl. We hung out in our early teen years. I sure hope she was able to distance herself from him. I do remember where they live. Maybe my boyfriend and I will ‘pop’ in for tea?!

  56. mikey Says:

    great trolling there paul

  57. Bob Says:

    I called Perter Popoff Tel # and gave my address to get the FAKE info.

    A for letter arrived with my name in it… a 2 Paged Pink letter and 2 Envelopes.

    The Letter says I must read it all. It goes on to promise me success that Peter Popoff has been assigned by God to help me. There is scripture and bold sentences to draw me in. I am asked to open the envelope with the Miracle Spring and put it beside my bed so Angel of the Lord can trouble the water. Then I must drink it the next day. After drinking it I must sign the small sticker and put it on the empty packet and return it to Peter Popoff with exactly $19.00 because 1 is the number of the Father and 9 if the Father’s number of New Birth.

    The way to combat this prick is to call the Station he puts his Ad on and Complain that you won’t watch the TV Station. E-mail them local and the Corporate office of NBC, ABC, CBS or whatever.

  58. U-Hsen Says:

    if he went into bankruptcy, why is his informercial still run through at night?

  59. meow! Says:

    Fuck Him.

  60. :) Says:

    He is going to burn in the pits of hell.
    I hope his family goes right along with him.

  61. mike Says:

    sorrrry but its just water not the jizzz of god. so im going to go get a glass of water tape miracle water on it and slap my self in the face and say the power of jesus and drink it and it will cure alllmy problems.. ahahahahahahaha

    • Jack Derringer Says:

      my great grandfather smuggled moonshine past US customs by labelling the bottle “holy water” and wrapping a rosary around it.

      i wish i could’ve met the man.

  62. Besa L Says:

    I really have to wonder how this is all legal, why isn’t the Goof and his workers in prison yet?!??? Ya’ll really think he sits there and prays for you as soon as he gets your wishes money included?? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The letters you get are obviously pre-typed and photo-copied by his “workers” who probaly laugh and shake their heads as they’re sending it out .. I would! I wrote him a letter in return long time ago Telling him to remove me off his mailing list, two days later I get another pre-typed prayer letter, No reply to my letter (BTW, I never sent a dime ever, I only called his infomercial number one night b’cause I thought it would be funny as hell) SO I decided to write this yuppy back, again being nice yet forceful at the same time stating “If you do not remove me off your mailing list, I will be forced to take legal action”!
    Have not heard anything since! I know that some of you desperatley want to believe that he is a saint and what not but I assure you he is not. He is only scamming you and making a living for himself. You are not helping yourself by sending him money, your only helping him get wealthier. If you really want a miracle to happen, pray to God yourself, U don’t need to send him any cash! – its free to pray. Miracles don’t cost money!
    I feel awful for those of you who actually believed and sent money but you have to admit, this guy is pretty clever, I wish I could have his cold heart in a sense and ‘steal’ your money and all legally too! Like Nick said up there^ you believing in his total bullshit just shows that this country really is getting Dumber and Dumber!

    .. B

  63. Besa L Says:


  64. warren Says:

    i to gave to this ministry ,i beleive what the bible says, and it has a lot to say about giving .such as its better to give then receive, god loves a cheer full giver, i love to give if its going to bless others,after a while finally, i came to my sences, and seeked the holy spirit alot of pp propecies came to but i believe it would of happened without pp my faith in jesus is what made these blessings came into fution god will make it happen and if in doubt ask him. i am still a giver i just dont give to p popoff i ask god and he guides me into all truth

  65. mike bailey Says:

    A crack addict is a cheerful giver.

  66. monkeyguy Says:

    Peter Popoff sounds like a porn star from the 1970’s LOL . If anyone believes him, they deserve to be poor, A fool and his money are soon parted should have been in the bible, maybe Proverbs? I wont judge , only God will judge Peter Popoff

    • Shirley Says:

      His wife look like an old whore to boot too. She mouths the words he is saying because she is advanced in age and her memory is compensated so when he is talking his stint, she is mouthing the words. You can tell it is all so phoney.

  67. keyana Says:

    peter popoff is a con artist,manipulator and very good at persuading ppl to believe in his minstries.i first learned of who this man was this year a few months ago after watching one of his commercials one afternoon.i called the 909-527-2901 number and an automated service with his voice prompted me certain directions and asked me what “kind of healing” did i need and he said that he would “pray” for me.about a week later is when i received letters in the mail which gave me directions on how i should “obey” if i wanted blessings from god AND A RED FLAG CAME.i noticed that after a few letters,peter popoff started writing in these letters that in order for me to rightfully serve god i needed to give money and that the more i give the more god will bless me…….it didn’t sound right.god loves us all unconditionally so WHY wouldn’t god bless me if i have just faith and trust in him alone..what does money have to do with it.god wouldn’t ask for money..PETER POPOFF IS THE ONE WHO WANTS MONEY.i feel betrayed.anyone reading this,please pass the word around.this man is a lying,decietful theif and he is good at what he does when trying to persuade in these letters that he sends to your house.currently i still do get letters in the mail from him and every now and then he leaves voicemails on my phone leaving automated messages still trying to persuade me to believe in him.i ignore everything.this man should be in prison for conning people

  68. the123kid Says:

    yeah well, i’ve listened to everyone. but really what if its true pertaining to the money , u know the 3 days later thing.
    I called and got the first set of letters and the two envelopes ,one with the miracle spring water and ther other one which u open it after five days. I did what your sapposed to do yeah im a retard for doing so but i am superstitious. I was going to send 19 dollars but i read alll of your replys. so fuck it. but also how do u esxplain the money. yeah sure theirs no such thing as an invisibe magic direct ddeposit but were those people lying?…so after reading yer replys i immediately opened the second letter and read till i got to the special part about sending now 29 dollars, huh this letter said all the right things like me i’m a millionare you going to get life of aboundance…. also what if he means riches in god and god is the riches, and if this is true he’s not lying and were just dumb? im seeing A pattern, he gives u something we give him something(money for harvest) but heard about the database….. i wanna go thruogh with it but i know that nothing will happen except more letter with blue pen that looks like he actually wrote stuff with

    from canada

  69. no name Says:

    peter popoff is a liar i hope he do jail time for what he does to every one he did not help me at all for never help my cousin so i hope he rought in jail why do we have people like that in the world why us . please send then away those people . and he own me big time 5.800.00 why i hope he pay back the people that he been caught . if he does not give the money a certain day well????////….so help him he does not what he do sorry poor him. do not believe he has a wed site my god… i hope he relize what he does one day.. please help him god he does not know what he does.. there is a god. one god that is going to help you if you pray ….

  70. no name Says:

    he just like a alcoholic he doesn.t relieze what he do so help him god ….. he just whant to be the only rich men of the world i hope he get caught one day please ….

  71. no name Says:

    hey they have to do before he get a other person so beleive he own lost money to every one send me my money back peter right me a email and i going to send you my mailing address are i not going to charges you have till next week so send me a email are you have till next week you are bad peter popoff are you going to be charge big time you ..5.800.00 he own me that i give you till next week ….send me a email … and he is a fake peter poor wife how as to stay with that that thing…..that gorilla …

  72. somebody Says:

    He’s always asking for money.Like this:OBEY GOD AND SEND A SEED,MY God don’t ask for money,only bless us all the time.WE NEED TO ASK DIRECT TO GOD FOR BLESSINGS.,AND HE’LL.I think it is enough,he need to go to jail,and returned all the money he stollen for all this poor people.

  73. somebody Says:

    CBN – PLEASE! If you know somebody or someone from your family,that sending money to this evil men show them all this letters,and tell them to stop,PLEASE.HE DESERVE TO BE IN JAIL(till his die).How could someone still money from people ?? SOMEBODY HAS TO DO SOMETHING TO STOP HIM.

  74. somebody Says:

    PLEASE! If you know somebody or someone from your family,that sending money to this EVIL MEN.,show them all these letters and tell them to STOP. HE DESERVE TO BE IN JAIL(until he dies).How could someone still money from people????? SOMEBODY HAS TO DO SOMETHING TO STOP HIM. We need to sending food and everything to HAITI now!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. somebody Says:

    His letter (MIRACLE GRAM) miracles-grams are used for MIRACLES! Right now, I believe the Holy Ghost within you is going to challenge you TO PLANT A VERY SPECIAL EMERGENCY SEED… FOR YOUR SPECIAL EMERGENCY NEED! The “SEED”… that God is showing me is $50.00…No more or less. For some reason, God said exactly $50,00. I never question God. Every letters he is asking for SEEDS, ! Peter Popoff(I know your stupid time will see these letters) You guys are the real DEVIL’S.

  76. I worked the tip of my index finger down the hood of my overgrown clitoris until I found the inner part of me, the supple purple flesh among the sea of black, untamed, me-soaked post-pubescent pubic hairs. I figured that with a tickle of my second finger and a quick flicking of my tortured clit I could create ecstasies that I never knew existed. As I neared and then rode soaring over my climactic experience, I was a changed woman.

  77. JohnDoe Says:

    Ah… wait…yes…thank you, Jesus! I just received a divine relevation from Jesus saying that Peter Popoff is a total fake, and commanding all of you believers in here to send your cash donations to ME until further notice.

    Seriously though, I think LORD EVOLUTION is sending a ‘divine’ message along the lines of: “If you are such a mentally retarded example of the human species that you believe sending money to this (already proven-fraudulent) asshole is going to result in an invisible being in a white robe and a beard making you wealthy or curing you of cancer etc., I’ll keep kicking you in the balls until you wise up (or become extinct)”.

  78. FENWICK Says:

    It’s hard to believe that a number of posts on this thread support Peter Jackoff and his false claims. Old Pete is a superb conman who fleeces gullible people that believe his bullshit. Why don’t you legitimate Christians go after this disgrace to your professed religion?

  79. Jason Says:

    I see that there are a lot of pissed off people out there, when it comes to Peter Popoff and his so call healing POWER. You know, some of us are so desperate for help of some kind that we often fail to see the SCAM and guys like Peter capitalized on that human weakness.

    The people who claimed to be healed by Peter, must be getting paid for their participation. So there is one sure fire way to stop Peter from SCAMMING the public at large and that is to charge the peopl that claimed to be healed by him as an ACCOMPLICE to his SCAM. In time no one will participate in his healing SCAM.

    Short of this solution, then our Government should put this guy out of business. I noted from his program that the majority of people he claimed to heal or claimed to be healed by him are African Americans (Black People)

    Any way guys, I toltally agreed with all of you who feel that Peter is SCAMMING people in the name of GOD. That sure put a damper on “THOU SHALL NOT STEAL”.


  80. decieved Williams Says:

    Shit I did`nt realize the name of jesus was
    a cash cow? back in 4000bce he would be called a false prophet. “Stone him was the cry” and cast him off the mountain. But unfortunatley we live in a uncivilized world
    run by con artist like.
    The Rockerfellas,Rothschilds,popoffs and meny more. wellcome to the real world where MONEY RULES.

  81. Bill Fick Says:

    NASTY use of obscenity & indecent words, which have long troubled me, as a source of derision to my own SURNAME!!!!!!!!!!

  82. steven jackson Says:

    Yeah I was stupid enough to unfortunately have believed this guy. I also even sent some cash to this guy and a check. Thank god I woke up and did some research before I gave him any more. I hope he’s happy with the 110 dollars or so that I gave to this ashore because he isn’t getting any more abduction agree that he should be stopped. It’s ducked up when you hear that families have poured thousands into this guy expecting a miracle only to discover that this isn’t he.June and they are left with no food in the house because they spent all their hard earned dollars on this piece of shit

  83. Rhonda Says:

    Nothing has changed since Biblical times or as Solomon said so long ago: There is nothing new under the sun. Many today do have Holy Spirit anointings – Jesus is more alive and well on Planet Earth than ever, thanks Lindsay. Popoff likely doesn’t have an anointing for anything but employs a pychometrist on his staff and maybe a graphologist/astrologer to help him fleece the overwrought. If he is able to help people heal at all it is only in that he jolts their own faith & all things work to the good for those who love God – in spite of Popoff who may have started out on the right foot but as he increased financially he went BAAAAD. Greedy. People on this continent are in desperate need today & Popoff sells hope, false or otherwise. It is a shame he isn’t using his talents judiciously but obviously has given into his idol: The Almighty Dollar. He needs prayer, people. Remember: Love Your Enemy (kill them with kindness – it really does work – try it!). Your enemies cannot continue to hate you when you do this. Yes, Sarah was right: Jesus really is Magic! Praise Him.

  84. MikeyG Says:

    That stuff is a scam – winning in the cash flow biz is a joke! you will never get rich!

    OOOOPS wrong scam! sorry.

  85. Andrew Says:

    Before you criticize someone else’s writing ability, you probably out to proofread your own writing. Some pretty glaring typos in there.

  86. Justin Says:

    All them people that kept saying “Thank you Jesus!” “That you, Peter!!” ” Thank Peter, for cancel my debt” all those crap, are going to hell cuz they work for him!! They should be rot in prison!

  87. This is what i see.People who judge others,desire the easy way out,only give,to recieve,desire to prosper,think they can ,by hurting others.Taking pleasure in others pain.Only time they are nice,is when they need them at the time,using them as a result,to get your need met.Your hurting the ones you shouldnt harm,says the Lord.Jesus said,do unto others as you would have them do unto you.Love,forgive your offenders,those who persicute you.Judge not lest ye be judged.If youve overcome a opsticle,use it with love,been judged,you can judge,otherwise you cant.Your treating rev peter popoff,myself,affecting others,in the wrong way,because you cant get your own way.WAR,VIOLENCE,MAKING OTHERS LOOK BAD,IS NOT LOVE,OR THE WAY YOU WOULD DESIRE TO BE TREATED,NOW IS IT?SO STOP IN JESUS CHRIST NAME.I LOVE YOU ENOUGH TO TELL YOU SO,IM ONE OF THOSE WHO DOES LOVE YOU,IM THE ONE WHO BARES WITNESS TO YOUR RULER,MINE,JESUS CHRIST,WITH A ROD,WHO FREES ALL NATIONS.HE DESIRES NOONE PERISHES,AS I DO,ILL NEVER GIVE UP ON YOU,NO MATTER MY PAIN,YOUR PERSICUTION TO ME.I HAVE A DESIRE FOR YOU TO HAVE ALL GOD DESIRES FOR YOU,HIS PROMISES TO UNFOLD IN YOUR LIFE,IN JESUS NAME AMEN AMEN AND AMEN.I AM WHO I AM BECAUSE OF THE GREAT IAM.IM REVELATIONS 12.THE TWO YOU ARE PERSICUTING ,PROPHET DON STEWART,PROPHET PETER POPOFF,ARE THE TWO WITNESESS,IN REVELATION 11.SO CHECK YOUR HEART,YOUR PERSICUTION,JUDGEMENTS,YOUR PUTTING YOURSELF IN DANGER OF THE ALMIGHTY GODS,WRATH.JESUS CHRIST SAYS,STOP HURTING MY BABY GIRL,STOP HURTING MY CHILDREN SAYS THE LORD.BABY GIRL,IS ONE WORD,HIS CHOSEN WOMAN,CHILDREN ARE THE ELECT.DONT HURT THOSE WHO GOD CHOSE FOR YOU.

    • CHAZ Says:

      anything of the world is not of GOD. too many people that are of the world are decieved and dont even know it. theyre shunned of the truth because of con artists. we all need to remember the scripture that says’ do not lead to your own understanding,acknowledge HIM in all HIS ways’…when he says all HIS ways, he means aaaaallllllllll HIS WAYS. GOD BLESS YOU ALL….

  88. Shawn Says:

    Ever since the Romans high-jacked the true teachings of Christ 1700 years ago, we have been deceived into thinking that God rewards people financially who follow Him. We think the richest country in the world must be the most blessed! What a crock of sh*t! Guys like Peter Popoff are just riding the same gravy train that’s been going around for centuries. The true Jesus, who was a poor Middle Eastern carpenter who spoke Hebrew always spoke of Love, Peace, Forgiveness and Charity. And yet we Western “Christians” are all about Hate, War, Revenge and Greed! We are the Anti-Christ, not the Muslims! And now we’re gearing up to attack yet another weaker country (Iran) in order to pillage it’s resources, all in the name of “the greater good”. Wake up people, 911 was an inside job. The Bush Administration planned on surrounding Iran from both sides and then attacking them too. The problem is, the military ran out of steam in Iraq and Afghanistan, and then Obama threw a wrench in the gears. But hey, as soon as those money-loving Republicans get back in, don’t worry, they’ll create another “emergency”, institute a draft, an send thousands more young Americans to their deaths, all in order to profit from more oil. That’s the American way. It’s self destruction at it’s finest, but it does generate enormous wealth for those who have no conscience! Peter Popoff you’re one sick bast*rd, feeding off the weak and the stupid. Stop what you’re doing and ask the real God to forgive you. Nuf said.

  89. joe Says:

    I awoke one sunday morning,and saw this asshole on tv doing what he does,so i called in for this toilet water,a week later it shwed up in the mail w/instructions on what to do before i begin recieving all of those wonderful checks,well i was listening until i got to the part about sending money to him,come on folks,are there that many f—–g stupid people inhabiting this earth? yep he’s a scumbag and should be exposed again

  90. Sonny Says:

    I woke up and he was on BET.. You can instantly tell this man is a fake!

    I could easily hit someone in the head, and tell the camera their healed lol.

  91. Maureen Says:

    I saw this guy on tv late last night, After I stoped laughing I looked him up and found out more about his scam. I can’t believe he’s been doing this for so long! How can anyone believe this? It’s so apparent that it’s a scam. If anyone falls for this then they need a guardian because they are missing part of their brain.

  92. mary Says:

    well for a while now he has been sending me things from his church asking me to send him hundreds of dallors for GODS work ,i live day by day not even pay check to pay check any more ,i have been sending him change by he kept asking for more money the late letter he had sent me was the dates that he has cercle was going to bring me luck ,well more like a dark cloud because bad things have been happen one after a nother ,i do belive in god ,and i really thought that peter popooff could help well that did not happen

    • FarahMara Says:

      I knew he was fake from the first time I ever saw him. But don’t worry because God can turn your situation around I’ll pray for you. Don’t send HIM another dime!!!

  93. Jennifer Says:

    Wow, it seems i’ve found the asshole of the internet, some of these comments are too much. You people sending Popoff money are morons, and from the look of your posts: barely literate. People, you need to be taking some night classes in remedial writing at your local community college, they will work wonders for your self esteem and will help you get higher paying jobs. Trust in god will not help eliminate your debt, only self improvement and hard work will. I guarantee that once you can write one grammatically correct paragraph, you’ll never fall for the likes of Popoff again. Peace.

  94. Shannon Says:

    I just saw this scum bag on TV tonight. I started to research what this guy’s message was all about, then I stumbled on this posting. It’s not right for someone to be scamming people in the name of God. It really thwarts the true meaning behind religion. Dick heads like this need to be exposed until there are no rocks left to hide under. I ordered this Miracle Water packet to see what kind of gibberish is included. If it is the same as what people are claiming, I think we should see what we can do to make sure this asshole is stopped.

  95. Susan Says:

    I just saw this false prophet on tv a little while ago…thought he was “out of business”.
    People are so desperate they will fall for anything. I feel sorry for all the people he has conned.
    The bible states evil will wax worse and worse…Satan is on False prophets will have their reward in hell.
    From a lot of these posts I see a lot of people call everyone who believes this fake to be a hillbilly and retarded.
    I am a hillbilly. I am not retarded.
    In fact….I knew he was a fake years ago…and he still is.
    But there are countless others……many others. Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof.
    We are indeed living in perilious times.
    If you say you believe in God….
    Your conversations should be holy..and not vulgar and crass.
    Profanity is not of God.

  96. randol Says:

    That title tells me the type of person you are, and I’m not sure which one is worse, you or popoff.

  97. Ike Says:

    Seeing many pro-Popoff posts makes one realize P.T. Barnum was DEFINITELY correct.

    • Harry Bruce Says:

      You people who’ve critcised The God Given Talented Minister of the Gospel like Jeus, you have a form of godliness and YOU deny the power to those precious saints of God, there are many Mother Theresa’ in the crowd helping and care giving, many Men who are giants in the land care giving with menial ways of finances, but But Winston Churchill said what comes after But is very important,, But,,,,, God is working through Peter Popoff as with Paul and the apostles in the bible,, someone has to put on the shoes of the gospel of peace, healing is in the atonement,, don’t allow evil to prevail here,, people are lost and if this is a means to their salvation then so be it,, the world has nothing only American Idle and Canadian Idle, and the useless Rock music really screwed up and demented people,, even the movie producers and directors said years ago that a lot of the stuff in movies was motivated by psychedelic drugs, etc, so come on be positive,, people need love and encouragement as for them sending a few paltry 17 bucks,, the widow in the bible gave all she had and Jesus was over whelmed in her giving and Faith,, this is an eternal issue and spiritual as well, i’m a widower and find it stressful finanacially to survive but i give to orphanages as does peter and people who need places of worship we are so spoiled in North American it’s tollaly shameful but if you have your health, you have wealth if i gain the world and not the saviour ,, life is so vain at best and this man brings the sunshine of God to the lives so fragile and possibly doesn’t get healed , not everyone gets healed,, so shine for Jesus dear readers,, some day we’ll sing a new song in a new land,, I’ve played piano etc for over 50 years with the evangelicals, and have seen a lot of souls won to christ and think about it you ‘ve got nothing on Billy Graham’s ministry either and he needed financial support to go into all the world,guess what even the colored peoples of the world are being reached for Christ through Peter, so you just popoff this blog and live for Jesus and when you have experienced his love and forgiveness come back on and then you will have something to say postively in the redemption of human souls, and lost ones brought into the fold for Jesus Sake not your sake,, His , He, Christ has the preeminence in this ministry,, forget the nitty gritty it’s in the Wall Street he Made off with lots of Seniors money,, so God Bless you in your total Ignorance,, he does that you know he’s so forgiving,, he loves us all,, bye for now,, hope this gets printed,, Harry

      • I totally agree with you Harry , there has to be order in the church and that is why Peter’s wife had to glean information from these people ; many of them are very confused and not used to the gospel of Jesus Christ and the moving of the Holy Spirit,, but in their abstract way God still uses Peter and his wife, it’s not for us to understand we leave that with the Lord,, if just one soul gets a ray of hope of healing or financial help is on the way, don’t let anyone take your JOY or especially your Hope in the Lord Jesus, these people that blasphemed Peter and his family and have Blasphemed God with their crude filty ways should understand they will be forgiven but don’t blaspheme the Holy Spirit and his workings through humans ,, believe it or not we all put our pants on one leg at a time so does the wealthy,, the filthy rich and the poor man, so cheer up it’s all about our soul’s salvation and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ that’s keeping us in hope and all these things are dimly loosing their value and hold on the human race as it doesn’t satisfy,, the rich can lie down at night and don’t know what is on the morrow,, christains who truly allow the holy spirit to guide them can wake in hope and live today for God, so that we can help peoples of the world and the most needy are the rich ones,, the simple and poor will shine as the stars in the new jerusalem…one day,,, so let your attitudes become the be attitudes and live in victory one day at a time ,, Bruce

      • jmac Says:

        what a load of grandiose crap. god should bless ME with your shutupness. are u one of Popov’s shills?

  98. Sandi Says:

    You believers are a bunch of SHEEP!!!

  99. gary dean Says:

    i don,t believe in faith healers. i think that they are crackpots and i think petet popoff getting me out of debt supernaturally is just as bogus as a flying saucer coming down and little green men coming out. i,m catholic and i pray to the trinity father son and holy spirit as well as to the saints. i think that peter popoff should be handcuffed hit on the head with a billybat and taken to jail or i should say peter ripoff. gary dean

  100. Chris Ahoff Says:

    The United States of America has the most dumb fuckers per capita in the world.

  101. jusBiggs Says:

    I wonder how much he paid those fools to be in his show……..God gives you wisdom. He ain’t gon get you out of debt jus so you can get right back in it….Popoff giving them a pre paid ticket to hell……Bible says the Love of Money is THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL….Payoff… Id rather die broke than die rich going to hell…….Can’t Stop Drop and Roll there……….

  102. shaggy b Says:

    ok ok! so i dont know if any of you noticed this! but i was watching his infomercial on tv (after being bored for 2 hours) and about 24 mins into the 30 min show, his wife fumbles her words! it goes something like this:
    PETER: if you do this yadda yadda, “you’re going to be writng us, and sending us your letters! and liz you’ll be able to share it!”
    LIZ (his wife): “that’s right pete! i love to write… to read the uh… testimonies that come in.”
    well, she just admitted it! ha ha! busted! i may not be much of a religious person, and i’m not very in-your-face about it… but this is just fucking retarded! it’s people like these that ruin religion and what it stands for! how cant this man be in jail by now! if there’s a heaven and hell, i have this to say, GO TO HELL PETER “FUCKOFF”

    • jdubs Says:

      SHAGGY B IS RIGHT! Really, she give’s them away in their own damn infomercial! WATCH IT!!! 24 mins in!

  103. jdubs Says:

    Religion is a lie… If God is so almighty generous, how come he alwayd needs money? All knowing, all powerful, yet somehow, he just just can’t handle money! (in the wise words of George Carlin) … Worship God all you want! But every religion, is men telling you how wrong you are and what you need to do to! Get mad at Peter popoff all you want, he’s just doing what every religion does! He’s just bad @ hiding it.

  104. I was a desperate believer in GOD on a long overnight shift then started gettin letters, i sent poopoff 12 dollars then decided to get some info cuz it seemed fishy and now want my dam 12 dollars back. important thing is that i do believe in GOD, im not greedy, and i tried. If good things happen its because of that and if i dont become rich its not because i threw his shit in the garbage. Im happy either way things could be worse. Never say things cant get worse cuz believe me they can, its nice i at least got back on my feet and its because i changed my ways. popoff is a scam artist, you are your own way in life, never give up.

  105. another thing, he reminds me of that old man that claimed the world was going to end may 31 or whatever, that guy was also taking peoples money. I may not be a preacher but at least God knows that im a better person than they are and i work for every dime. Just a girl trying to pray for enough money for a break from work! Dont need even more of a headache from popoff.

  106. Vanessa Says:

    I am sorry but Popoff only shows us just how uneducated people are. If you fall for this, then you will fall for anything.

    It seems to me Popoff is selling hope, and many people eat it up and get upset that he can’t deliver. I am not trying to say he is a good or bad man, but the blame lies in the people that choose to send him money. He is just selling a service, eventually you have to place the blame on the ones that keep him in business. You don’t see people suing bums for buying booze instead of food, after-all. He may be rich, but whose fault is that?

    You also should probably not pray to god to make you rich or pay your mortgage, by the way.

  107. Bea Kelly Says:

    I worked for this dude and he is bolder than life the family all live in big houses and drive Mercedes and Porches. His ex son in law Jason Cardif was caught by Peters daughter Amy having an affair with another woman and she dropped his hot mess of a self. However Jason still owns and runs Kelly Media which tapes Peters TV shows. This is all done without paying taxes as Religion is not taxable and that is not fair as Everyone Should Pay Taxes. I have a medical condition and Peter touched my hand once while we were all praying and nothing happened I still have the same medical condition. I couldnt wait to get out of that place. They treat employees like slaves and constantly tell everyone to go faster and be more accurate. People United for Christ and Peter Popoff suck. Its just another family scam business

  108. jmac Says:

    popov is just another lying, thieving shitsack. someone should put a bullet in his fat ass. there’s a special place in hell for religious phoneys to burn forever

  109. FarahMara Says:

    No CHRISTIAN should ever be deceived by this man!! Look at the name he obviously CHOSE for himself. He’s preety much throwing it in your face that he’s not for real.

    “Peter Popoff”. Think about it. He might as well have called him self Penis Cummings. Not to be gross, but that’s his way of slapping vulnerable Christians in the mouth! I NEVER though he was for real!!! Praying for those deceived by him.

  110. Pinnochio Says:

    I used to be a puppet but now I’m a real boy thanks to Miracle Spring Water.

  111. Michael Popoff Says:

    I’m a gay man plagued with the aids. Destined with a horrible death and an inevitable eternity in hell, I ordered my grandfather’s miracle spring water.

    Praise be to Jesus!
    Praise be to Popoff!

    Within 72 hours, I was cured, and my genitals looked great. Now that I know this miracle exists, I have more casual sex than ever.

  112. mary Says:

    What! I know that what peter is saying is true becuse god words already said it for us.
    However, with that beening said we don’t needed people like him trying to tell us what to do. Just have faith for yourself and whatch god show up and show out.

  113. Pastor Marty Says:

    Salvation is free so if a person ask of you to send money he is a fake scriptures are free to

  114. pascual barajas Says:

    All of these prophets who do nothing more than profit from the elderly n people who wanna believe of faith healers. Benny hinn, peter p, jim baker, jerry whateever his name is, they are all oit to make a buck. Are people really that stupid that they wanna believe in these idiots? Wow society needs to know that i have a nice bridge for sale n that buying it will bring them a windfall of profits!

  115. the pope Says:

    Some yrs ago i saw Popoff on late night tv offering a free gift, miracle bread i think. I don’t know why but i called and ordered some. I got the bread but also got letters asking for cash. I sent $10,000 in monopoly cash. Every 2 weeks for 12 months i got letters trying to extort real cash from me. It became an on going joke the more ‘cash’ i sent the more free shit i got, the harder they tried to get some real cash. The fact that ppl still believe in god in the 21 century is beyond me.

  116. Says:

    Its amazing how volnuarable people are taken advantage off…. And there was a women who said in the infomercial the she was cured of aids….. This giy should be in jail

  117. Michele Hance Says:

    I phoned and got his mail. If he was for real he’d know I am not in debt, not one cent. Every word in his letter confirmed he is a fraud to me.

    He does not know the Holy Spirit.

  118. I guess it fuckn true this economy got everybody fucked up even god isnt doing free miracles any more according to popoff i looked at his first letter and allmost threw up what a fuckin scam infact all these motherfuckers are the same whether it be bennyhinn patrobertson or anyothers just to name a few out there.

  119. Michele Hance Says:

    We all agree with you, but please stop swearing at us.

    It is true Peter Popoff and Benny Hinn are frauds.

    I can assure you God The Father is watching, he just promised he’d never interfere and let man live good or bad, man has a right to prove themselves until the end. Which I believe will be soon for them.

    Please stop swearing at us, you make my ears burn.

    Thank you

    • David Says:

      Fuckkkkkkkkkk uuuu, fuck popoff!! I will put my cock in his wife’s mouth (liz) and make peter popoff fuk watch!!! Mother fucking cocksucking robbing old pple!!

  120. Truth Says:

    I’m a Christian and I say Peter Popoff is a lying, Charlatan, who is preying on those who have no hope.

    He’s nothing more than a Liar, a scam artists, and a pathetic human who’s motive is nothing more than MONEY for his bank account.

    This guy needs to be STOPPED before he can scam any more people!!!!!

    God has a special place in HELL for people like this,.

  121. Truth Says:

    EVERYONE! Go to http://WWW.PeterPopoff.ORG and go to his “CONTACT” prayer request area and submit a letter to this Charlatan, liar, Scam Artist and let him know NO ONE believes his crap.

  122. Claude R Kruchmar Says:

    Peter Popoff will receive his reward as final judgment wii give him what he surely deserves and he should be smart enough toremember that treasures should be dedicated in the here-after not in this world one cannot serve 2 masters and if you worship money the sad thing is that you do not love God.Peter Popoff why allthis frenzy to acqire wealth as we all know you cannot take it with youand hell is forever.

  123. David Says:

    This motherrrrr fucker popoff cocksucker. If i get my hands on him. I willl legit fuck him up and fuck his wife in the ass!! I watched his bs show how he scamms these idiiiiiiot old retards!! Motherrrrrr fuker gets me maaaaad i wana fuk him up lying money making thief!! Wow is all i gotta say. Plz spread my email or wtvr to fuk this cocksucker up!!! I’m raaaaged!!!

  124. kristin bertles Says:

    Wow I gota say I am a little sad a all this 😦 my husband and I just received a letter with the “miracal water” in it. I sent the money he asked for and told a friend about it. She told me he was a scam. It really upsets me now cause it was basically the last of our money and my husband got laid off. If the rumor is true God will punish him for his crimes .people today are unreal its sad how they can do this.

  125. Kim Says:

    I read some comments here and some of them was just awful, plain stupid. For the one who really believe in this guy thinking the second God almighty get over yourselves. Peter Popoff isn’t nothing but a Peter RIPOFF, he want to tell you what you want to hear and like some idiots here, you fall for it and send him little 17 dollars. For what I heard, you shouldnt have to pay to get any blessings, total RIP OFF.

  126. Nice post. I used to be checking continuously this blog and I’m impressed! Extremely useful info specially the remaining section 🙂 I maintain such information much. I was seeking this certain information for a very lengthy time. Thank you and good luck.

  127. joyce Says:

    god says ask and u shall receive seck and u will fine i am with you always he didnt say pay me god is good amen

  128. Jen Says:

    I would take this post and comments seriously if the grammatical errors weren’t so erroneous., and if people weren’t using bad language.

    He may be a fake, but this post doesn’t make you all look any better than him.

  129. Daniel Says:

    well peter popoff told me that i would receive money it was gonna be in the # 17 $17.00 $17,000 or 1,700 a week later i got an unexpected check for $1,700 and another time he said i would meet my soul mate! a month later i meet my girlfriend who i been with 2 years going strong now i never sent the guy any money just got the water free

  130. bradwilliams Says:

    thank you for sharing that with me now i know which i

    was not sending him anything anyway but a few pennies

    i dont have a job but if i did i will be brain washed to

    because i believed but not any more

  131. bradwilliams Says:

    i do not believe it

  132. infowoman Says:

    I agree with your post about Peter Popoff, check out my post here.

  133. Mumba David Says:

    Help me to obtain more money through satanism.

  134. Mumba David Says:

    Help me to join the kingdom of hell.

  135. sharon Says:

    Well.I had call his number and keep receiving letter in the mail requesting to send money.I was stupid to send money I don’t have.any way I stop responding because I resized some thing about this don’t make any sense.god don’t needed money. You don’t needed to pay god for. His blessing and beside all you needed is faith in god and your prayer well be answer.some of the stuff he asked heyou to do put things under your make me to beloved as if I was doing.witchcrafts that’s went I stop sending. Money to this man.I wrote in one of my mail telling I don’t have any money to send. And god will never asked you to send out money tyou don’t have.

  136. pantera Says:

    Listen everyone GOD does not ask for money so why do you think that peter should have right too. furthermore if you needed his help then you sure the heck dont have money to give hallelujah! Amen! so dont popoff any more peter!

  137. H. Parish Says:

    This man will not stop sending me things in the mail. I have not once sent the stupid amounts he wants as so called seed offerings. I tell them to make it happen, then I’ll plant a seed.
    On top of it, God doesn’t need money. It’s the greedy humans that say the money is for God. Other religions ask for money on Sunday
    But the way the Guy writes those 5 page letters is just plain wasteful
    So if you think God is going to make you rich in Popoff’s name, think again. Ever since his first letter, my life has gone down not up.

  138. deborah hrvatin Says:

    If I were Petey, I would really have the fear of God. Hell is real and obviously this man has read his Bible so he kn ows the truth. I will give to my local church, the 10% tithe and pray on my kitchen chair which is my portal to blessings, False prophets will have to answer to my God.

  139. Dianne pate Says:

    I have tried other websites to type this story but I am so disappointed I could die after he has got my hopes up to believe my son will be off drugs this summer around June 19th now unless a real miracle from god I have nothing to still hope for because I can’t get him to respond even though I have been healed of a brain tumor my college year and believe it can happen but he got my hopes up and took and expected money each letter that has been written . Please anyone that reads this pray seriously for my son wes to be healed of fake marijuana in Tuscaloosa Alabama I can’t hardly live without hope this has been the worse sevenyeara of my life and Peter lies and hopes have been like the cherry on top of the sundae sarcastically to make my life worse by lying to me I am so disappointed I don’t know what to do help me to believe god still works for those that fakes or lies to them also I paid 40.00 just this week I hope god believes I was doing this for his work to be done . Please someone pray for my son we need to have life back to normal I had my whole family to be killed by a preacher driving and drinking when u was young and now this preacher has lied to me too!!!! This is crazy!!!!

    • bradwilliams Says:

      fuck you peter popoff dick sucker brad williams

    • Miracleaid Says:

      Your son is a young man, he will grow out of these things as he matures. He will realize yo cannot balance college or find a job if you are high all of the time. Sometimes that stiff kick in the ass is what a person needs to wake up.

    • Mark Says:

      Wow learn to type or spell, or grammar you may have a son with drug problems but from that post it sounds like YOU have a drug problem…,or didn’t graduate from grade 6 either way no wonder…

      • Anonymous Says:

        Learn to think before you speak. She said at one point shr had a brain tumor. Which unless YOUR an idiot that never graduated 6th grade, would know that usually does damage to THE BRAIN. You dont know if that is why its difficult for her to spell properly or not. Clearly you dont have the intelligence to use logic. Fuckin creep

  140. Kala Says:

    Lol it now cures HIV. Im now watching the commercial now. I wanna gag.

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  144. Gundy Says:

    This is totally predictable, we blame Peter, when the fault rests upon us as a society….we failed to educate ourselves so any order of nonsense seems logical. This charlatan can postulate anything, no matter how rediculouse, and we will lend some degree of credence…. Because all our lives someone has told us nonsense is actual. We shoul be ashamed… But no , we will defend nonsense as if we made it up.

  145. Mark Says:

    Im watching one of his infomercials right now and apparently he’s cured someone of HIV people are so stupid anyone who gets tricked by this guy deserves is. Ps I’m not a religious person but he’s going to hell

  146. guiseeves Says:

    I literally cringe everytime I see these infomercials

  147. Barb Says:

    I sent Peter 15 cents in canadian tire money today and asked him for only a percentage of his blessings. I promised to pay him the full amount when my riches came in lol. Maybe we should all do this to this ass who is preying on vulnerable people. He makes me want to vomit!!!

  148. winston Says:

    Ok Mr. Peter Popoff I received the holy water you sent me. I was loosing my hair and i have been following your instructions for use. The only weird thing i noticed is that 5 minutes after, i went to piss and now i have 3 cocks hahahahhahaha its true so now that im blessed with this i want to share with your wife 2 of my 3 cocks and the third one i will shove it up your ass, you motherfucker…….scam artist….

  149. christie Says:

    wutever.. u all just so stupid. u dont like him than dont send him $ or watch his imfomercial. wut a bunch fuckin’ idiots!

    • tomrock81 Says:

      First learn to spell, my 7 year old nephew puts your spelling to shame. Second most intelligent people don’t send him anything but it still doesn’t make what he is doing right. Third you have some nerve calling anyone an idiot when people have to decipher what the hell you’re trying to write. I bet you sent him money out of your welfare check because with grammar like that you obviously don’t have a job, unless it’s Mcdonalds. Aight…Derrr

    • Mack Says:

      Than why yo stupid ass on here ? Clown! Shut up and sit down ! Dip Shit!

  150. Jamie Says:

    Its funny that you say “probably everything except AIDS.” Since I saw a woman on his infomerial claiming she had HIV since 15 and Popoff cured her. HAHA!

  151. byron Says:

    If more people took responsibility in reading their Bibles and understanding Scripture for themselves (with the Holy Spirit leading them of course), they would be aware of these false teachers and also understand God’s purpose and will in their own lives.

    • tomrock81 Says:

      If you think about it the bible has nothing to do with money. It basically is trying to tell you that getting along and loving others is all that matters. Material objects don’t mean anything. Popoff twists, turns, and makes up his own scripture to fit his disgusting agenda. He’s as false as they come and he’s not the only one. Stations like BET should have their feet held to the fire for airing this bullshit. Lets be honest most people up that late watching that channel are probably unemployed and on welfare or a fixed income and they still send this fraud money. There are ways to really hit popoff’s checkbook if people would work together.

  152. Freddie okino Says:

    I hope he’s not. Why would anyone that is a son of god would do such Horrible things like that to such innocent people that really needs help an if he really is fake we should put a end to this because I had even did what he told me to do. I know in my heart god has seen what he is doing an one day our lord will deal with him for lying an getting people hopes up an a lot more. We have to leave it in The Lords hands an get that devil to stop trying to work his magic. Maybe if their is someone we can talk too to get this thing to stop

  153. Sharolette Buchanan Says:

    i believe in Peter Popoff!!!

  154. Sharolette Buchanan Says:

    i believe in Paster Peter Popoff

  155. byron Says:

    True biblical salvation has absolutely NOTHING to do with “supernaturally” becoming financially well off nor God reversing every negative verdict in your life. In fact, the Bible teaches that trials in the believer’s life help build character and grow spiritually while acquiring joy, self-control, peace, love, etc.
    Jesus taught about the Kingdom of God throughout His Gospels and warned against the love of money. You can’t serve two masters (Matt 6:24).
    Lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven (Matt 6:19-21).
    The great commission is what Jesus commands to believers,
    preach the Gospel to every creature (Mark 16:15).
    False teachers are spread out all over the Bible, (2 Cor 11, Gal 1, Eph 4, Phil 3, Col 2, 1 Tim 1, 1 Tim 4, 1 Tim 6, 2 Tim 3, 2 Tim 4, Titus 1, Titus 3, 2 Pet 2).
    Peter Popoff fits in many of these passages.
    This guy is so false it is unreal but then again, many of these deceivers deceive themselves (2 Pet 2:19, 1 John 4:5-6, Jude 1:10-13).
    The claim to know God and receive revelation from God when in reality, then don’t know His Word (John 1:1) and they don’t know His purpose (Prov 3:5-7).
    Jesus came to save us from sin and death (Matt 1:21, 1 John 3:5). We are all sinners (Rom 3:23) and the wages of sin is death (Rom 6:23).
    We are commanded to repent (Mark 1:4, Acts 3:19).
    What good, Peter Popoff, is it if you gain the whole world but forfeit your own soul (Mark 8:36)? You have souled out for so much less!
    Remember this Scripture: And as it is appointed unto man once to die, but after this the judgment: (Hebrews 9:27).
    Repent Peter, in this time of grace: yes even you could be saved, but time is short, Satan, the father of lies knows this fact (Rev 12:12).

  156. Randal Says:

    Hwill pay for his wicked ways Allah will put him in hell for eternity when he dies

  157. Rd Says:

    I think that,no I know that everyone has there own special gift from god if u know the lord !i believe that Peter is blessed with gods anointing but not always hearing from god,and the gifts god gives us can b abused and used against us by the devil and maybe Peter fell into that trap but I know that the way Peter and his wife minister they know the lord and I pray that if god continues to use him that he will continue to use his gift accordingly we all fall into temptation and like I said I think Peter is gifted it jus that he may not b hearing from god always as he proclaims but he blessed I believe with the gift of prophesying over others that jus didnt come from no where!so I say I pray he will continue in doing wat he does righteously and not mid use his gift

  158. I wone you pray for me,to get a job.

  159. Hope Says:

    I happened to be a childhood friend of Peter Popoff’s child. What a great guy, Great family all around actually . Used to take mje to youth group when I might have otherwise not ended up there, amongst us though as kids we joked about it …..”GIVE ME 50 BUCKS AND I WILL WIPE YOUR SIN AWAY” type stuff.

  160. john petzold Says:

    I think he is the most evil prick fuck in some time! If I thought I could get away with it, I would put a end to him and every rotten scamer connected to him! He is what’s wrong with humanity. He is a fucking piece of shit and I hope and prey he dies a horrible death, and then rotts. In hell!

    • barb Says:

      and he will rot in hell.. taking advantage of vulnerable people.. I called him once just in fun when with a friend.. have silly anwsers to his questions.. I am now on his mailing list. I get mail once a month. I sent him a once cent casino slip with a sarcastic message on it and i sill am on his list.. sheshhh

  161. Joe Says:

    Give and you shall be given is a universal law like gravity. You dont have to believe it but its still true. You also dont have to believe in gravity but if you jump off a 10 story building, you are bound by gravitys laws and you will be a big spat on the sidewalk even if you dont believe in it.

    You also reep what you sow “meaning”, you make your own bed in life and you need to lay in it each evening. There is NOTHING wrong with giving to charity, giving to church, etc. just use your common sense people!

    If some Douche Bag on TV says to send him $ and he alone with make you rich, then its their call to make if they send it or not. If he/she is a scammer, then GOD will deal with them someday.

    Research your charities / churches and think with your head, the head and brain God gave you. Trust ONLY in God, not man as he is failable. God is perfect in everyway, so trusting in God is the only way to go in life but remember, God says to give, just be smart about it.

    Peace out!

  162. big bitch Says:

    Your a jackass who needs to get a life. Just because you don’t believe in the lord don’t try to bring everyone down with you. Pinche mayte culeto.

  163. Foster Villas Says:

    Good information. Lucky me I came across your blog by accident (stumbleupon). I have bookmarked it for later!

  164. Porchia Says:

    It is such a shame how popoff is exploiting a lot of people by making them believe he is such a healer. I was one of those people who believed in him. He caught me at my most venerable. I sent money for the ministry and for my harvest. He would tell me in letter form that good things are a head of me. That money for unknown sources were going to be taking from a sinner into my hands. Everytime I sent money nothing never happened for me. What he is doing is making people non believers of god. He says that all information is being told to him from god, which is a huge lie. It took me to investigate behind the scenes on him to know the truth. Thanks James randi for spotting a try CON ARTIST.

  165. website Says:

    Hi there to every body, it’s my first visit of this blog; this webpage consists of amazing and really excellent data for visitors.

  166. Ronda Says:

    I dealt with Peter pop off for about 2 years send money everything that he told me that was going to happen did not happen I did the spring water, putting coins in the dirt sold us over your door everything is nothing did he says have came true…… it said that is people out there they use God’s name in vain to con people out of their money

  167. Nardo Says:

    Peterpopoff is satan and i dont understand why he shows all these black people on his informercials is the money people sending paying these people to lie on tv it must be a ponsie scam to trick lost black people bec its a joke another jimjones the only difference is hes killing poor people with his fake prayers giving people faucet water n people believing its spring water all i have to say is watch out turn the channel because if your weak he might just hook u

  168. Daisy Says:

    Be very careful how you talk about a man of GOD he told me in 2011 that my house was going to be paid in full and my house was paid in full in Aug, 2012 and i have my contract that’s stamp and it says PAID IN FULL praise the living GOD and made God continued to bless peter popoff. and I don’t send him money only when my spirit tells me too so please BE VERY CAREFUL HOW YOU TALK ABOUT A MAN OF GOD…

    • tomrock81 Says:

      Man of God?!?!? How dare you insult God like that! If he’s a man of anything it’s evil and your house being paid off was a coincidence and nothing more. If he’s such a great guy and man of God and God speaks to him directly as he claims, why did they find he had people working for him in the crowd that was waiting to get in getting information? Also what about him wearing an earpiece so his rotten wife could give him all the info, names, and illnesses gathered while people waited in line? You are the reason this jerk is still in business. Last time I checked Jesus rebelled against the money changers, what do you think he would do or say to peter popoff and his wife? The whole program is centered around getting people to send him money, nothing to do with scripture. For God’s sake, he even looks evil. You really need to use your head. You’re giving him money so he can make payments on his multimillion dollar house and his porsche. Why not put that money towards homeless shelters or any cause that is better than throwing it away to that fraud popoff? I’d burn my $$$ before I gave that piece of garbage a penny.

      • flavia Says:

        Only God knows if he is insulted.. we cannot speak for him . IF SOMEPEOPLE BELIEVE thats is whats necessarybfor miracles to happen.. and about talents… everyone of us has a talent. Some are more connected with a higher power and things manifest faster and more properly. No one should give his work talents for free, we live in a world where money isbthebtrade symbol, so whats wrong with people exchanging? To invest in a motivational guy who is deluvering exactly what jesus said which is do like me and or better.. that includes healing and more… whenbpeople belueve they have hope.. no one isbforced tobgive money but I would if I enjoy the message being preached because it strenghtens me , it really does

    • Anonymous Says:

      Is that you peter?

  169. tomrock81 Says:

    This “man” and his bitch wife have no Conscious. They’ve probably never worked a real days work in their lives. They have no sympathy or empathy for the people they rob that are in rough times as it is. Also at fault are the people that are gullible enough to believe this bullshit especially after he was outed numerous times. Others at fault are the stations that run his garbage program. I’m strongly believe that what goes around comes around and if I were him I would be very nervous for that time when everything comes full circle. “Petey it’s your wife, I hope your ear piece is working because if it’s not you’re in trouble”. Pieces of shit!

  170. tomrock81 Says:

    If you want to get back at this son of a bitch here is what you do….

    1. Send away for the miracle water. You may want to send for like 5 to 10.

    2. When you receive the package you get the water and a letter which you throw away. HOWEVER you KEEP the pre-paid envelope.

    3. Take the prepaid envelope and fill it with the heaviest things you can find, you can even tape the envelope to a brick. I prefer a handful of pennies, .50 or .60 cents worth of pennies is pretty heavy and will cost him.

    4. When the post office delivers what you sent he has to pay for the weight, so the heavier it is the more he has to pay. Trust me it’s a nice chunk of change, especially when you send him 5-10 or more of them.

    If we could get thousands of people to do this it might shut him down, his whole business revolves around those prepaid envelopes he sends out hoping to receive checks.
    Anyone that’s interested in putting an end to this POS email me and we will setup a bombardment of weighted prepaid envelopes that will cost him thousands, if we stick to it we can really hit him where it hurts him the most, his wallet.
    Fight fire with fire

  171. shaywowmothafucka Says:

    fucking lying mother fucker, all the people who make out on this show are on fucking welfare and the only way their debt is cancelled is because OBAMA is in fucking office, they owe the government 30,000 dollars and he decides to pay them and give them a fuckin “obama phone,” get the fuck outa here you stupid ass mother fucker… “i got miracle spring water” no, you cater to the fucking welfare leaches of the country and for that, i fucking hate you, thief.

  172. THE AARDVARK Says:

    Yeah fuck this guy i just saw this bullshit on tv.

  173. pregnant Says:

    I am really inspired along with your writing skills
    and also with the format on your weblog. Is that this a paid theme or did you modify it your
    self? Anyway stay up the excellent high quality writing, it’s rare to peer a great blog like this one nowadays..

  174. Bonnie Says:

    Some of these people making comments just crack me up,some quoating scriptures not knowing the meaning of the scriptures.Just be sending money to anybody without doing any checking to find out anything about the person.Just be falling for anything,and everything.There are some true men,and women of God,not all are for the right reasons.Always consult God on all decisions in life through pray.If you don’t feel good about your decisions don’t make the move. Have a great day! Bonnie

  175. shermaine Says:

    Yea peter pop off got me I was sending ill money 7.00 29.00. 30.00 17.00. That kind of money up so one day I was reading a latter and I notice in spell words and he also would give me the date. The money was comeing and I never got the money so he would send out another latter of sum more dats of money when I ain’t even got my first blessing

  176. Natasha Tuncap Says:

    He is extremely pathetic. I don’t see how someone can claim he’s a man of god rob so many people. I, unfortunately was a victim, simply because I wanted answers and I wanted miracles to happen. We as Christians face so many hardships in life we seek the closest people linked to god for prayer, miracles, blessing, and help. How could one do such a thing? I invested my time and a whole lot of money. All just to fill a filthy mans pocket? I still have faith in god, and forever will have faith. We as Christians just need to have a more open eye with who God’s TRUE prophets / people are. He will sure get his. He will have to answer to God, for he probably won’t live in the gates of heaven, but will suffer in hell.

  177. lionel Says:

    yes,he,s asuper mother fucker,he send me a few letters bu i never sent,not even a cent,is the devils son,super mother fucker.

  178. Mack Says:

    Wow. Peter a church gangster. He be ballin. Might as well slang and carry a gat, pimp hoes, and make a video with Too$hort . Seriously though . I hope he get it right with GOD before he die!

  179. flavia Says:

    I like him when two people or more believe and sometimes one, healing can occur. Its better to believe than to be a non believer in miracles…

  180. richhomie Says:

    idk but i put my faith in GOD this man has a n anointing that the lord has blessed him with to be able to help others so you mean to tell me that every single pastor of prophet in the world is fake cuz they tryna say that all of them or fake and thats just not right im telln u everybody dont know about peter popoff and that holy water does work but you gotta have faith and believe why would u put holy water on yo penis that aint even god like u contradicted yo self right there most of yall just idiets and dnt know nothing

    • Anonymous Says:

      Except you cant spell and your username is richhomie. But yea we are the idiots. Keep drinking peter popoffs toilet water let me know when it works. There is a difference between believing in god and following a false prophet like sheep. Peter is the devil himself he nuts in his toilet water then packages it up and passes it off as miracle water. This guy is a low life scumbag!

  181. Mariah Mills Says:






  182. Terrific work! This is the type of information that should be shared across
    the internet. Disgrace on Google for no longer positioning this
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    . Thanks =)

  183. JoAnn Says:

    Sir, I’m sorry you had a bad experience. I was on your side of the fence. I didn’t believe either until one night I watched his show and thought “I have nothing to loose “,because. You see, I have a house that’s in. desperate need of repair that’s been worsened by a bad storm that caused our roof to leak. Our car caught fire and we’re left without transportation, the state allows us $23.00 a month for food assistance and my income is disability and part time hours helping my moms company. Then our refrigerator goes up. Money for repairs? What money, I asked my husband. Then I received the miracle spring water with a prophecy saying that he sees the start of money coming in a few days. I think, hum, where? But ok. I took the spring water and anointed my refrigerator …
    today? It works like a brand new frig! That money? It was $134.00 plus change ….from my mortgage company. Yes, I still have many needs, but I was at least able to help buy my grandchildren some school clothes. Lord willing the other needs will begin to be met. I hope soon, including a healing …I hope things turn around for you. Take care.

    • Joe Siczpac Says:

      That doesn’t prove a thing except (a) coincidence; (b) power of suggestion; (c) dumb luck. Don’t send any money to that lying C0CKSUCKER who pulls in millions per year and drives cars worth more than your hovel.

  184. will Says:

    Well yall are the suckers and who darn cares you cant police The world get over it

  185. Rafa Says:

    The way I see it, everyone can keep buying and keep believing, as long as they do that they’ll keep away from impacting someone else’s life in a negative way, crooks, thieves and criminals don’t commit crime as long as they believe in a higher power. So all of you followers please continue to do so.

  186. joe blow Says:

    I used to party with Peter Popoff. He uses his money to buy cocaine and prostitutes.

  187. benhoody Says:

    So what are you saying joe blow, He quit qnd you are still doing it.

    • joe blow Says:

      Benhoody. No man. He was getting to crazy with fucking getto bitches and bad drug deals. I had to seperate myself from all of that so that I didnt get caught up on some charges.

  188. sorbey Says:

    he probably has a big wiener himself else his wife would b scam artisting with some other dude..

  189. sorbey Says:

    having a small dick should be like.. you should get free disability for it.. it is a disability.. i should get a handicap sign..and stuff..

  190. kimberly Says:

    I watched peterpopoffs show the odd time while flipping through the channels. I’m not that much of a believer in maracles or being so faithful and in return faith fulfills you and your life. But I was having a tough time in my life. And I thought maybe I should apply for letters of inspiration from peterpopoff even though the name sounded odd. But I wanted to believe in anything at that time in my life that I believed my faith was getting stronger. I would read his letters apply to what he said for me to do even if it sounded or seemed weird I did it. I even tried his maracle water and I read the scriptures in his letters as requested. And sent him money on behave of God’s gift over a hundred dollars even when I couldn’t afford to send anything I did. I continued with perterpopoff for almost 8 months sending him money in that time. Even when my parents didn’t believe in him and thought he was after my money. I did have some doughts about peterpopoff especially when I never received any money when Mr. Popoff said I would have a surge off money come into my life on this day or around this time, nothing really came from his letters words. I just thought maybe I didn’t send enough money or believe enough. But it was like his letters were reading everything exactly to do with what I was going though or dealing with… that how could I ever think of peterpopoff as a scam till now. I stopped getting his letters because I moved and had other things on my mind I kind of forgotten about him til I came across his number and website so I type it in and see that under the web addresses was scam so I clicked on it and now I learn the truth.” What trust and faith I had in him and in myself for him is now lost. How can I ever continue to trust in anyone with procalms of being God’s servant for his people again.

  191. Dixie Says:

    My question is this what ingrediants are in the spring water. Im surprised the FCC doesn’t try to find out what he tells people to rub on their bodies and drink he prescribes this water like a Dr prescribes meds so what is in the water where does he get it from I sampled the water myself I put it on my knees and back I could not walk across the room I am doubtful it would work Five minutes later still in pain so I rubbed it in intensively on my knees and back 5 minutes later the water was burning in my legs much like deep heat does.I could walk jump without pain so my question is this what ingredients are in this water?????? Im 58 years old first time in my life I could walk without fibromyalgia pain…..Im a skeptic but something in this water . Whats the ingredient No I didn’t send him money I didn’t even read his letter!

  192. Megan Rye Says:

    I called the peter organization thing in February following this i got into a wreck, lost my job, being denied unemployment and on the verge of losing everything i own. I dont do drugs nor am i a bad person i always do,everything the same. So making that call was something out of the ordinary. Believe the call resulted in my bad luck. This man is of evil not of God. I guess it’s just for those who have a lot of donations.

  193. Freddy Says:

    That phony jerk should be strung up.
    I have no idea of how gullible or depressed that a person has to be to believe this troglodyte’s bulls@%t. His wife should get the same rope.

  194. Vicki querns Says:

    So peter is scamming people that is hurting how is he getting away with this ? Don’t people turn him in I saw his program and I called just to receive the letter to see if he was asking for money and I received the letter and he is asking for 27.57 I feel if it was put on his heart by God we should not have to pay to revive God don’t work that way.

  195. dora Says:

    I have been believe because I am sick also I need help with my son’s court case also I have been giving him money that I don’t have an I mean to tell me this don’t work it’s all a lie

    • Anonymous Says:

      I cant tell if your trolling or being serious but if your sending this guy money please stop. If you want to look for healing in faith make it between you and your god and nobody else. I never understood why there is a need for a middle man (priests and pastors), especially when they all have nice houses, cars, and eat well while preying on others misfortune.These guys would take all your money and leave you in a ditch if you let them. I hope you get better and everything works out for you, I’ll pray for you for free 🙂

  196. dora Says:

    I hope this is not bullshit to get people’s money

  197. dora Says:

    I havent said shit yet

  198. J Likewise Says:

    I believe Popoff is a scam artist, but you should be able to convey what you think without using all of these curse words. It honestly makes you sound stupid.

  199. Joe Siczpac Says:

    Having had my usual three vodka screwdrivers late at night, I happened across the C0CKSUCKER, popoff. I’d like to pop one off on his wife’s face and tits. Anyway, I called the LYING C0CKSUCKER’S phone line, and provided a rambling semi-intelligible plea for help. Naturally, the DEGENERATE SNAIL-TRACKED REPULSIVE C0CKSUCKER’S organization has been faithfully sending BULLSH|T PROMO items about once per month. I thought I might smear some CAT SH|T into the return envelope and send it in.

    • Dave Trainer Says:

      Cat shit hell You gave me the idea Im gonna take a shit in his envelopes and faithfully send it in with maybe a few mexican pesos He ll love it Here it comes peter bbblllppphhh Hey Lets all shit in his envelopes you want a way to stop him heres a shitty way to do that LOLLOLLOLLOL Amen

      • SR Says:

        Gotsta say, I DO dig ur style, Dave…cut straight to da heart of da matter, good on ya!

  200. 大发真钱 Says:


  201. Anonymous Says:

    Honestly if people dont realize this dude is a scam the second he opens his mouth they almost deserve to lose their money. Im losing my faith in humanity. This guy should never have made it to a point where he needs to be “exposed”. The second I watched his commercial marketing his toilet water as miracle water I looked up his net worth and was astonished. Are people that stupid that when they are in debt they send this mollionaire money thinking it will get them out of debt. Just burn this candle and drink my toilet water and all will be good lol. Im all for faith in good but when your that blinded by religion all your common sense flew out the window long ago!

  202. Greg Says:

    I agree. My 8 yr old son was watching peter popoff with me and only took him a few mins to say dad this guy is a scam artist. Sad part is if a normal 8 yr old can pick up on it. How bad is it that all these adults have contributed to peter popoff making over 4 million dollars a year and have a 10,000 sq ft house

  203. Pauline Says:

    He is a wicked crook god should deal with him the very hard way

  204. CHRISTIENA Says:


    • Barb Tull Says:

      Maybe we can all go live in his multi million dollar home and have no need for money.. He is a crook..

  205. roger landriault Says:

    I agree a group of people should picket hes home and picket any service he holds….and find people in the u.s. government to shut him down.

    Roger Landriault
    North Bay Ontario Canada

  206. Mamando gallo Says:

    Peter pop off has stolen everything from me, he said if I handed over all of my life savings, property titles, & let him talk in privet with my wife for an hour, that it would all quadruple for me, I’m homeless now & my wife left with Peter pop off, I didn’t even get miracle spring water, & I actually got beat up by his thugs in front of my children, when I called the police, they planted cocaine & a handgun on me & I went to prison for 5 years in which I was constantly beaten almost to death, raped & forced to perform oral sex for the inmates & the guards- at the same time. Thanks Peter.

  207. Yolonda Cramer Says:

    I Know that A lot has been said Against him. I,Myself have been to many of churches where Their was s Prophet and Laid Hands upon me and I Felt the Touch of God Run through me. Back in 2008,I lived n Dallas County. A New friend Invited me to Co.e to his Church i n Dallas. I was Going through So Much Personal Stresses&Finacail Pressures to. Felt I Was Being Crushed from Both sides.I Didn’t know If he was for Real or not.I too Heard all these Scams &so on against him. But I was desperate I had to See for Myself.Not just Take other’s words only. So I Stayed Up All Night with Only an Hrs Sleep before Going to see him. My friend told me,We Don’t Go to him, But God Leads Him to The One’s God has a word for. Personally, I was “afraid” I wasn’t going to be “picked”. I was Second to Last. Everything I Had been Praying about(I hadn’t even told my friend) Peter Popoff Told Me&Answered My Heartfelf( secret prayers). I Needed a Break on Countless of Different Stresses ,BefoyI Broke into,myself. I Felt God’s Holy Touch(just like with the other’s from my past,growing up+). “He “spoke to me as If We had been Talking Before. As if I Told him Everything!! So I Know God Used Him that day .me & 6 Others.
    So No Matter Who said what or Did or Didn’t happen in the past, Petter Popoff Was Truly Being a Vessel of God &The Holy Spirit Was Very real in him. .I’m one who Checks things out for myself,In Person, With an Open Heart,Mind &Spirit. Not a Pre Judged one.
    I Gave Seen with My Own Eye’s, Pple Completely Heals!! From their eyes to someone’s HIV( wasn’t gay). I myself have been Slaned in the spirit and Rise up feeling Refreshed and Wiser even. Pains Lifting Out of me. All those things you have Said &Listed, Wasn’t the Man himself that Did all these Unbelievable, Remarkable Healings!! Just a Man if God that Was Willing To Believe in the Wholeness of God & a Willing Vessel to. It’s Not Peter or Anyone Else,But the Wisdom&Loving Touch from Our Saviours Hands!!
    I’m Deeply Sorry for Whatever has you So Bitter Against Christians who Believe in Working in the Fullness of God. Maybe someone you Loved Passed away and Wasn’t heals, No matter How many Prayers’ was Said. I Too have “Lost” Countless of Friends and Families too. Tho I Cannot Sleek for God’s ways in so.e area’s. I Will say: Sadly Death is apart of life. Sometimes, Dying here on Earth is Better than Suffering on Earth.
    Maybe they were Being Spaired Something Horrific that was going to come on their life. I Don’t Believe that Every Single thing is “God’s will ” to happen. Theirs Evil Surrounding throughout This world.devil &All he’s evilness Is here to:Lie,Kill,Steal & Destroy us All!!! Mainly Believer’s of God. We’re Misunderstood /Made fun off &Called Everything But Human!!! We All Make Mistakes. Some Huger than others. But that’s BC We Ate Not ,Not Flawless!! None of us are Without Sin in Our lives. From tiny to Major.
    Tho U Will add me to your “Hate List” ,I’m fairly sure of, I Pray Somehow, Someday that You too are Heralded:Heart wise,Emotionally and Live life to the Fullest, Like God has Designed you to be. Good Luck and Yes..,God Bless you.
    PS:My Son Anthony &I Both Died together While Trying to give birth, My Faith Believing Mother Laid Hands Upon me &Spoke words of Life Back into Both of Us&Spoke in the Holy Spirit too. My Son turned 28 in Jan of thus yr& I’m Now 45. I was almost 18 then. Miracles Happen. That was Only 1 out of Many … Remarkable Miracles. That Other’s Would Call: Unbelievable/Lies.
    Just had to share.
    We All Don’t Get What we want/think we need. But God Always is Their for us according to he’s Will for us. God Knows things that Well Never will(maybe).
    God be with you and Restore or Prove to You Just How Marvelous and True
    God Really Is!! Once you’ve been Truly Touched By God, You Will Never be the same as before. You’ll Never Know Until You Learn His to Become Truly: Humble & With a Child like Heart Before Our Lord&Savior. I Pray You Too,Will Have IN Your Life a Touch from God, in a way You’ll Never Forget. BC You are Not Forgotten.
    (Sorry, I wrote So much, but Spoke from My Heart Only &From a Godly Love/Concern for You ,as well)

    • S Reilman Says:

      …run-on sentences that go absoLUTEly nowhere much, Rhonda??? Get a cogent thought, or 2, and check back in…maybe…

  208. Jim Says:

    People have to wake up. No wonder we have Obama as president. For instance, you send me $50 and I will tell you who is going to win a football game against the Vegas point spread. I get your $50 and tell you to bet the Vikings -3.5 over Green Bay. If I am wrong, I will pay you $75. How can you lose? Well the next guy that calls, I tell him to bet Green Bay +3.5. So you see every two idiots that call me, I make $25. Popoff is the most obvious scammer I have ever seen. Hopefully because of his greed, some entrepreneuring individual will turn the tables on him…..

  209. Melissa Says:

    His personal home telephone number as of June, 15, 2016 is as follows:. 626-256-3748. I was able to find this number after only a few Google /white page searches….so it is available to anyone. Please call and leave a message.

  210. John Says:

    I had a ton of debt and saw peter’s commercial on tv. Bought Peter’s holy water two weeks ago. A day after I got it which was 3 days ago I won $10,000. Thanks Peter! Such a great and holy person. And the best part is he said he is going to put me on one of his upcoming tv commercials! He said he put the people on who were helped the most by his holy water. Such a great person!

  211. Melissa Says:

    No, he has blatantly claimed the the spring water cures AIDS. Google Images: Peter Popoff cures AIDS, and you will see a picture of a screen shot from one of his info-mercials that says in bold letters “healed from HIV”. This guy is so sick.

  212. What must be finished is logistically complicated, however conceptually easy:
    empower people to live informed, healthy lives with equal rights.

  213. Derrell Says:

    I watched this crooked Bastard and laughed like hell this is the stupidest shit I have ever seen in my life and to think that people actually believe this crooked son if a bitch, it’s hilarious.

  214. James Franck Says:


  215. James wilson Says:

    He is know good he sent me letters getting my money telling me lie an when.I found out he was a haugon a bokor mean a voodoo Priest why would a man of God need your hair he used it to put a cruse on me he sent me a serpentine snake sprit which is still on me today peter poffoe use Haitian voodoo on people that’s his secret to take your place to move you out to steal your blessings. Jesus said I m the vain with out me it is nothing that why he is rich stealing people blessings that why he attached me he put this on me in 2008 now it 2016 lift is mess up being stuck by needles or pin’s head hurt all the time seeing snakes around me losing jobs my prayer are being block the only thing I hear is you toll my business I toll you not to tell. My name is James Walter Wilson Jr. 1509 YoureeDr 71101

  216. Joe blow Says:

    I cant believe that people are stupid enough to think that this nutsack is real. Peter Popoff. Sounds like porn star. Makes me sick to see this dickhead making millions in Gods name. His day will cum when Satan pops off in his face

  217. S Reilman Says:

    Fantastic site,all …glad that SOMEone is callin out these fools & freaks for what they are and in no uncertain terms,congrats!

  218. Mbw Says:

    Popoff is friggin scum

  219. Lynn M Brown Says:

    What joke peter popoff is. I mean look at his name. That says it all. His water is probably tap water. What a POS he is. F U peter popopoff

  220. John the B Says:

    This fuck should be buried in Potter’s field, with all the poor people he put there with his BULLSHIT. AND HIS WHORE WIFE SHOULD BE RIGHT NEXT YO HIM! I pray they both fukin rot in HELL. (Tell me i’m not pissed off!)

  221. RJ Says:

    I just kept sending his letters back asking for money(seed). I’d write back on the same letter telling him(jackoff) I mean Pipoff, I mean pop off, I mean Popoff, that he needed to sew a seed and send me some money. Hmmmmmm. The letters stoped coming.

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