week of the dragon

November 5, 2006

Evening folks,

I’ve been busy this week. Here is what i did this week

passed out candy for halloween

Didn’t sleep monday night, stayed up all day waiting for fedex to come. Fedex came at 5pm, long after ups, DHL, and even the USPS. They gave me my camera, i messed around with it, and then at 7 dad got home with my bike. Trek turned out to be awesome awesome, and they upgraded me to an 2007 8000 frame, up from my 2005 6700 frame. Here’s a picture of the new bike: http://a.photos.cx/bikenew-b3c.jpg . Also, my new camera came. It’s a nikon n80. I bought it from Ankit who owns cernax hosting, and he threw in a whole bunch of extra stuff, including a 75 – 210mm sigma lens, a bag, 5 rolls of kodak film, and all kinds of other, super-awesome stuff. Here’s a photo of the camera: http://a.photos.cx/nikon002-424.jpg. I woke up with a zit, and it was swollen. I tried popping it, but nothing came of it.

went out on bike. Did 14 miles. Zit is the same size

Zit has swollen up a little

Some terrible misinformed person tells me that putting a heating pad on the swollen zit will loosen things up. I stupidly follow their advice

Face is balooned up greatly. It’s hard to see out of my left eye. Person changes their mind, and remembers that heat makes things swell up more, and it’s ice that makes things swell down. I still ride 6 miles that day. Later that night, I tare open the zit, and squeeze out this ridiculously full peice of puss. After that, I bleed for a while, but I do manage to get a lot of bad stuff out of my face.

And now we’re at Sunday. I finished my first wheel of film. I’ll be taking it to the local professional darkroom for development later this week. I talked with their head technician, and they say they can do all kinds of stuff, like scan extremely high quality, 20+MB tiffs for me, and print large, canvas-quality images. The name of the place is “Oxford one hour photo”. Hopefully they’ll do a good job.


3 Responses to “week of the dragon”

  1. Krista Antonini Says:

    A zit is Silvex, a chemical that was used as a weed killer along roads. I was a coder for DOW chemical corporation. They got sued.

  2. Krista Antonini Says:

    I am the dog. And I used to work in a tavern up North. In any bar, the better jokes that you can tell the better tip you get.

  3. Krista Antonini Says:

    It probably takes just as many people to terrorize someone as it does to make a film.

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