I broke the bike

October 16, 2006

As posted on wht:

I think it broke as a result of really hard peddling up hill. All I remember is the second to last time I rode, I was heading onto a trail, and my bike started making this wheezing, and clanking sound. I stopped a few times, and determined it was a result of the chain. When I got home, I asked the dad about it, and he told me it’s probably the chain.

I left the bike for a week due to the freezing weather until today. Then I got on the bike, and it continued to wheeze, and clank. I watched my crank as I peddled, and it looked like my dérailleur was moving back and forth, hitting the the chain. I had to continue on because I had some errands to run, and then on my way up a narrow singletrack hill, my peddling just got stuck, and I almost crashed. I walked the bike back up the hill, and got back on it. Then, as I was riding I looked down and noticed my secondary water bottle cage was moving back and forth with each peddle rotation. I then paid closer attention and noticed that bar moving back and forth every time I pushed my right peddle down. Then i looked to the left, and saw the crack there.

So, I went back home, broke open my warranty info, and found that the bike is still under warranty. So, tomorrow I’ll be going to the bike shop I bought it from, and they should be replacing the frame.

The bike is a 2005 Trek 6700-Disc. We don’t think they still manufacture the frame, so I might luck out and get a 2006, or 2007 frame. I’m also hoping that my frame will be incompatible with the rest of my components, and they’ll have to replace the entire bike.


3 Responses to “I broke the bike”

  1. Trek have a warranty for a lifetime, if you broken your trek, you go with them and they have to give you a new frame…

    I had a trek 3900 and i loved it….
    I cant imagine a 6700 disc !!!!!!!!!!


  2. Krista Antonini Says:


  3. Krista Antonini Says:

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