The trouble with life

September 14, 2006

I haven’t been outside in 2 days because of rain.

I haven’t been feeling happy in a long time. A lot of people give me shit just because they want to take me down a notch. No valid reason, they just want to check my response.

Being a biker, I always incur the rage of drivers. Regarldless if I’m in their way or not, they always think they’re better than me. A few weeks ago i was traveling west through oxford, and some fat dick yelled “faggot” from his pickup truck. No reason to, I guess he just felt he needed to.

Laws say we’re supposed to be riding with traffic, but I know that drivers believe we are an inconvience, so I stay on the sidewalk when I can. However, this driver made me quit caring about drivers, as well as my own safety. So, I’m going to start biking on the road more. If I get hit, I’m completely in the right, and I’ll collect a big settlement if a driver hits me. And if I get in the way of a driver, slowing down his trip, he can just deal with it.

Drivers need to learn one the basic rules of the roads, drive defensively. I’m getting back to learning how to drive, and I’m going to make sure I never forget that. Too many of the rednecks out here drive like they own the road, and I believe it’s time to take them down a notch or two.

Wanna hit me? I’ve got a good memory, and I’ll have your license plate memorized. I always wear a helmet, so unless you turn around and attempt to kill me, I’ll survive. After I heal, I’ll stake out that fucking road, find your car, and follow you back home. How would you like that? Having all of your construction wages going to someone who is probably going to spend all your money on a new bike? How about the inevitable fact that your wife will probably take your kids and leave you after the money runs out?

Remember this, drivers. If you fuck with one biker, he is crazy, and he will ruin your life if you choose to fuck with him. He might even hang out with other bikers, who will assist him in ruining your life. Maybe you should go back and read your “what every driver must know” book. Many of you have forgotten the basics.


2 Responses to “The trouble with life”

  1. Krista Antonini Says:


  2. Krista Antonini Says:

    People should walk more and slow down in general.

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