chocolate frosting

July 24, 2006

hey internet,

When was the last time i blogged this thing? I can’t remember.

Well, I’m still laid off from sonataweb. Andy says he will hire me back in a month, but I’m still a little skeptical.

I went out on a few photography trips. On Saturday I went on a 20 something mile trip out to Lake Sixteen in orion. The trip was made based on art friend joe’s recommendation. The lake was alright, and there were some decent trails around the lake. I was kind of creeped out after seeing a sign warning the public about a poisonous snake in the area, So, that kind of kept me from taking any photos from the swampy side of the lake. I did get this photo at the lake though, so i’m happy with that.

I went on a trespassing adventure at the gravel pit last night. I took my bike out there, but the terrain was really rough, so I couldn’t bike for a while. As I was heading back, I decided it would be cool to head in the direction of this new subdivision, so I took what I assumed was the correct route, but I turned out to be wrong. So, I got to walk around this huge gravel pit for a while, and as it got dark, I got really creeped out. At one point, I looked up this really big hill, and I could have sworn I saw someone wearing a silver colored jacket, but when I looked back, it was gone. At that moment, I got freaked out. So I ran as fast as I could, and jumped on the bike to speed through this really rough terrain, and barely avoided crashing.

The adventure was alright, but I don’t think I’ll go out there again. this photo came from it. And, that makes everything worth it.

Here’s a photo of myself chilling out at the gravel pit.

That’s all i’ve got. Get your RSS readers on the photo blog, I update that more often.


3 Responses to “chocolate frosting”

  1. Jon Says:

    Wow, 28 miles. That’s good man.

  2. Krista Antonini Says:

    I’d pull just a pinch of white out of the overall picture. Just so that you can see that glistening point.

  3. Krista Antonini Says:

    For my photos it takes a filter or too and sometimes you have to put the negative in upsidedown or backwards. This usually helps with the astetic value. I try not to leave the lens cap on.

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