I’m pretty thirsty

July 19, 2006

well, not anymore. after writing that title i got myself a big red cup of water.

mmm water…

alright, here’s what i’ve been doing:

taking photos

I got laid off from sonataweb on the 15th. Tonight andy changed the root logins, and rebooted. I guess he’s worried about me doing something drastic. Not sure why he’s so worried, he said I would be brought back in a month. Something tells me that won’t be happening though.

i stuck some photos up at the photoblog. I’m having a good time with photography, the one i uploaded yesterday is my favorite.

I’m kind of worried right now. I have about $439 in paypal, but I’m worried I won’t have the money to pay my server bills after that 439 runs out.

That’s all i’ve got.


One Response to “I’m pretty thirsty”

  1. Krista Antonini Says:

    The photo of Chicago I would crop down the top and pull up the center and the areas under the bridge on the left and the break wall strait in front of the river. I’d mess with it for a while because that photo seems worth it.

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