Live from TN!

May 18, 2006

hey people,

I’m here on a laptop in TN right now. Just updating everyone on the progress thus far.

We left this morning around 7am. The trip through michigan was quick, and we reached ohio in decent time.

Ohio was pretty miserable. Bad roads, irritating pro-america trends, bad weather.

Then we reached kentucky. Kentucky was great. Great roads, beautiful landscapes, halfway decent weather. We were driving in and out of rain. In KT, we stopped at a wendy’s for lunch.

After about 10 hours we reached our destination at my uncle’s house in TN. We got a little lost in kentucky, but we managed to make it out.

For dinner we went out to this secret little restaurants who serves all you can eat catfish. It was very tasty, and i ate a great amount of food. It was at this restaurant, that I got a taste of sweet tea, the best drink in the south. Before this, I had to add sugar to tea manually in order to taste the sweet sweet goodness.

Anywho, I’ve got to be going. I’ll update all of you whenever I get access to a computer. Tomorrow morning, our trip will pick back up, and we expect to reach georgia after about 5 hours of driving.

Laterios internet.


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