hey internet

May 8, 2006

yeah, it’s time for the writing to happen.

Today’s trip was a lot of fun.

from my house throught the park, past the middle school, through oxford lakes, down glaspie to town, turned west in town, rode all the way down to the pollyann trail, hammered all the way down it to get to lake orion, rode back up indianwood road, narrowly dodging cars, took m24 back to oxford, went back down glaspie, all the way through town back to the golf course, then I got kicked off the golf course, and took some back roads back to the pollyann trail, and i took that & the bike path on lakeville back home.

Yeah, I got kicked off the golf course. That was no fun. The guy called me a liability, I asked him if I could sign a waver, he told me I couldn’t, and I was forced off the course. Then I as I left I got pissed off, so I turned around, and continued back down the course, They yelled some stuff, but I didn’t listen. I just rushed off the course, and managed to make it out.

So it looks like i’m at war with the golf course now.

my ipod nano got shipped out tonight around midnight, it should be here in two days.

Total distance rode was 17 miles. I have a big 450.0 on my odometer. Still managing to do the 15 miles per day thing.


2 Responses to “hey internet”

  1. Krista Antonini Says:

    “PAR FOUR”
    You know what would be really cool, that you might want to think about, is if you worked on your stuff and had me write the Owen Winkler piece into the middle of your Beat style writing. It would be a nice crachendo for a book.

  2. Krista Antonini Says:


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