ping timeout

May 7, 2006


15 miles today.

I’m getting very tired, doing 15 miles per day. I hear it only gets easier from here though.

Left to bike at halftime for the pistons game. Pistons kicked cleveland’s ass. Did 10 miles in i don’t know how many minutes. Probably about 45 minutes.

got home, watched rest of game. we won, yay basketall.

ate some pizza for dinner.

went back out on bike for 5 more miles. Was very tired at the end of that trip.

Watched tv, did internet.

Ordered a 2gb ipod nano from for the georgia trip. Should be nice.

I have a hunger.

yeah, that’s all. Laterios people.


One Response to “ping timeout”

  1. Krista Antonini Says:

    I still owe my dad a beer from the Super Bowl two years ago. He picked the Patriots and I went with Phillie. I lost.

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