so tired…

May 6, 2006

So yeah, I did my 15 miles today.

From home back through park, from park past old high school, from old high school to oxford lakes, from oxford lakes to glaspie, from glaspie to town, from town to pontiac street, from pontiac street to library, from library to powell lake, from powell lake to pollyann trail, from pollyann trail out to some magic road on the outskirts of orion, from magic road to some other road, from that road to pinetree road, there i met nana, and we had a chat for about a half hour.

From nana’s house to some road, to some road, to some road back to pollyann trial, to powell lake, to library, to pontiac street, back down lakeville road home.

16.1 miles for this trip. Add that up with the rest: 101.1 miles for the week. Woohoo for completing goals.

On the first leg of the trip, i was goign up this hill by powell lake and this jogger guy was standing up there. I heard him say something as he said something, but i couldn’t make it out. As I road down the hill, i saw some fire. I yelled “what the fuck?”, and then biked quickly out of there. I saw some guy with his daughter standing at the top of the other hill i was at smiling like they had set the fire.

Six Tacos for dinner, yum.

fucking tired okay.


4 Responses to “so tired…”

  1. M Says:

    Geogia trip!!??!!

  2. Jon Says:

    Sweet iPod. I have a Shuffle myself, nice and small.

  3. mikey Says:

    going to georgia for cousin’s wedding.

    read this blog more.

    ipod should be coming some time this week. I hope it doesn’t screw up.

  4. Krista Antonini Says:

    I can see why you would want to bike and write your way through a war.

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