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May 4, 2006

Yeah, it’s been a good day.

Got up, did internet, had tunafish sandwich, drank pop.

5:30, Went out on bike. Made decision to do 18 miles to make up for the mileage loss of the week. According to my figures, doing 15 miles 6 days, and 10 for one day will make things better. So, I couldn’t ride tuesday, that will be my 10 mile day. So, I just made up those missing 10 miles during these past two days.

Sunday – 15 miles
Monday – 15 Miles
Tuesday – 0 miles
Wednesday – 22 miles
Thursday – 18 miles
Total Right Now – 70 miles
Future readings…
Friday – 15 miles
Saturday – 15 miles

That will give me a total of 100 miles by saturday night. I’m going to continue doing 15 miles per day into next week.

Today’s trip was pretty fun. I took a trip out to orion. In orion, I got bunch of waves, and smiles from a bunch of random people. The weather was all great, traffic wasn’t too paniced. I saw a homeless person who looked a lot like wookstock up by a car dealership. We gave eachother a nod of the head, and passed by.

I rode out near nana’s house, but didn’t feel like riding deep into orion to her house. So, I just turned around, and continued back into oxford. In oxford, I looked at my odometer to find that i only had about 8 miles. So, i decided to continue all the way through oxford, doing my usual 10 mile route, with the first oxford lakes bit cut out.

First trip through oxford was both aggervating, and depressing. Wind from the west and north, coupled with all of these overweight, angry, reckless drivers made the trip a bit of a downer, but I managed to bike the whole thing without being killed, or crying.

Back through oxford, I got 30mph going down the big big hill. On the way back through town i stopped by zak’s to check out their laptop offerings. They now sell asus laptops, and it’s a pretty good deal. I may buy a laptop from them when I have the cash ready.

Went back through oxford, the bike path was blocked off by a group of 12 speed walking women. I tried asking for them to make a path for me, but they weren’t listening. I ended up just raging off the path onto the road to pass them. They yelled sorry, i continued on.

Back through oxford lakes, that was OK. No terrible wind.

Got back home. Happy I managed to make it for the full 18 miles in a single trip. My previous 15 mile trips were broke up into 1 10 mile trip, and 1 5 mile trip.

I hear the weather will be worse in the coming days. I shouldn’t have trouble doing 15 miles for 2 days in a row though, unless there’s another full day of rain. Then, I don’t know. I’d have to have to do a 30 mile day though.

I’m probably going to have to go out to bike earlier tomorrow, since there’s going to be so many drunk drivers out there during the evening hours. I’m considering purchasing a bottle of el toro for myself, but I only have $28 left, and I am considering buying a bunch of things. Eh, I’ll just skip on da booze for now.

The tip of my middle finger goes numb on every bike ride, and today I figured out why. I always use the tip of my middle finger to apply pressure to my brakes.

That’s all I have for all of you, Laterios.


9 Responses to “this is the topic of a title”

  1. Krista Antonini Says:

    Speed walking or not most women don’t listen.

  2. Krista Antonini Says:

    You could tell a woman not to do something 18,452 because she’s actually bouncing her head off of a fucking wall and they will insist upon bouncing their own damn head off of a fucking weall and then turn around and call their husband or boyfriend a woman bashing male shovanist pig.
    Sometimes it gets so bad that these retarded bitches end up bouncing my head off of a fucking wall.
    Frankly, they fucking suck.

    I prefer white ass German slave boy and I’m hoping that I can get me some once I’m back in town. I’m thinking having some ritchous funds should help me reel in the punk.

  3. Krista Antonini Says:

    My art company should help out his end of things so it’s probably a good deal.

  4. Krista Antonini Says:

    Lettering in sports
    1- Cheerleading
    2- Dance
    3- Track
    City Sports
    1- Scynorized Swimming Patch
    2- Competative Swim Team Patch
    1st- blue 3 (2)
    2nd- red 2 (3)
    3rd- white 1
    4th- yellow 1
    5th- *the colors repeat except for brown and orange 1
    6th- 1
    7th- 1
    8th- green 1
    9th- brown 1
    10th- 1
    11th- orange 1
    12th- white 1
    *total of 15 ribbons
    Cheerleading bars and stars
    There is a large star for captin and a small star for co-captin
    1- small star
    There is one bar for each year in cheerleading
    1- bars 8
    There are pins for football and basketball
    2- 2 pins
    *the stars should be small after the football and basketball pins are issued ex. large star-Captin, small star co-captin, tiny star 2nd year football or basketball (like the tackel stickers on a football players helmet)

  5. Krista Antonini Says:


  6. Krista Antonini Says:

    I. CITY
    a) Circular patches
    b) Bars for the years
    c) Small Stars / Metals for each ribbon in higher competition
    *major city sports in St. Clair, Michigan are syncro and swim team (gymnastics program – underdeveloped)
    a) Letter patches
    b) Bars for the years
    c) Stars – explained above
    d) Metals for each ribbon in higher competition
    III. College
    *I dropped out.

  7. Krista Antonini Says:

    When people illiminate all-city athletes they have a personel problem. All city athletes start out young and should be allowed to wear an all-city jacket into a high school on their first day of high school. No questions asked. These kids started at the ages of 2,3,3 and 5 years old and continued into competative sports at the ages of 6,7,8,9,10 etc. and there is absoutely no reason they should be eliminated from competition due to their drive, ambition and good natured competative spirit.

  8. Krista Antonini Says:

    My jacket will have:
    I. Three High School Letters (the sport is embroidered on the letter)
    II. Two City Patches
    III. 8 Bars with 7 small stars for a total of 15 stars and bars
    IV. One Medium sized star on the left shoulder (Jr. High School co-captin)
    V. Independent name embroidered on the back (art company name)
    VI. first name embroidered on the front right hand side
    *wool sleves

  9. Krista Antonini Says:

    Other jackets may have:
    I. Independent companies on the embroidered on the back
    II. First name embroidered on the front
    III. City patches or substitutes for lost city patches (pictures are valid proof of performance)
    IV. Stars and bars indicating the years in competition and teams of competition

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