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April 28, 2006

yeah, it was an alright day.

Rode 11 miles against some fierce winds. Odometer now shows 290 miles. I’m I’m going to do 10 miles tomorrow, and then try to get 300 miles by next sunday.

Dad went to the bike shop and got my rear rotor. That should fix the problem with my rear brakes. I don’t know when he’s going to install it. Probably tomorrow, or this weekend. I hope to make a trip out to Addison oaks this weekend, or possibly tomorrow afternoon to bike down this monsterous hill.

I’m thinking about going out there with the dad, and filming the whole thing. It would be nice to upload it here to the internet for all of you to see. I’ll tell ya what, I’ll go out there today with my digital camera, and i’ll snap a couple pictures of the hill before I bike it. The hill itself is extremely steap, and very tall. The chances of me crashing are very likely, but it would be awesome if I could make it all the way down.

There’s going to be a 12 hour race at addison pretty soon. Me and dad visited the race last summer in the middle of the night. It was a pretty cool experience. I wouldn’t dare enter the race for a couple reasons: 1) I don’t have the endurance to ride 2 laps at addison. 2) I would probably crash into a tree in the middle of the night, and be lost until the following morning.

Just 20 days until I have to go out to georgia for the cousin’s wedding. Dad’s not going. I’m kind of dredding the trip. I won’t get to bike for a week, and I’m going to miss out on a ton of stuff.

I got woke up by the garbage man at 9:30am this morning. I got up, and remembered that I forgot hitting the publish button on this post because i got carried away with other things.

Here’s to publishing.


2 Responses to “internetter whatever”

  1. adb22791 Says:

    Congrats on the 300 mile mark :).

  2. Jon Says:

    Yeah, that’s great.

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