I got hit by a golf ball today.

April 18, 2006

I was doing my regular 10 mile route, and I was riding down this golf course path, when I saw this cart coming towards me in teh distance. Then the cart went off the path, out to the middle of the course. I wasn’t paying much attention, but about 5 seconds later I saw this ball come flying over by me. The ball hit the ashphault path, and then bounced right towards me. I ducked, and it hit my helmet.

I continued for 5 feet ahead to the usual spot I start climbing the hill to the high school. The guys then rode up on their cart and said “dude, are you OK?” I said “Yeah, it bounced off my helmet.”. I then continued on my way up the hill.

It was pretty funny. I was trespassing, and they were wreckless. Both of us were in the wrong, but we both continued on our way without any problems.

There wasn’t any pain. My helmet did a good job of keeping me from being killed. It just suprissed me a little.

I continued through the rest of the trip like any other trip. Another day of wind from the east. That’s the worst direction for wind to come from.

Did 10.3 miles. I now have 216.0 miles on the odometer, yay excercise.

and that’s all I have for you.


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