lights out lights out

April 17, 2006

hey earth,

You’re live in mikey’s blog thing. I’m mikey, this is my blog thing. How’s everybody doing tonight? (flips the applause button), Alright! Let’s get on with the show.

Today was easter. How was your easter? (flips the anti-catholic riot button). Yeah, I had an OK easter. Family was cool. Arranged plans to make trips to a couple different family members’ homes to fix computers.

Yeah, Internet. That’s the name of my new internet startup. I made a little website. The domain doesn’t resolve right now because something is wrong with the internet. Domains registered with enom usually resolve instantly. Not this time I guess. I did put up a website. You can look at the little peice of work here: Perhaps I’ll offer hosting some time in the future. We’ll see. For now, I’m just providing consulting on subjects related to the internet. Website & Identity creation, coding, server administration, unix software advice, etc. Right now, the website is just a little contact form. I’ll build something more after I generate some interest.

I rode 10 miles today. Wind from the east makes me angry. Hopefully it won’t get windy when I have to bike to western oxford, or southern orion this week.

I have never liked lunch-dinner combination meals. I always get hungry around dinner time. Probably because I always undereat when around family. Aye, I gotta get over that problem.

I love bacardi & cola commercials. I wonder if I can download them from the internet.

That’s all I have for you people. Laterios.


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