the straight edge years

April 16, 2006

For a few years in high school i was a straight edge kid.

Straight edgers don’t drink, smoke, do drugs, or be promiscuous. Some of them took the vow as far as to become vegans, and even stay away from caffeine.

I became a straight edger after watching america’s most wanted, and hearing about a group of straight edge guys who took the vow as far as to attack anyone they saw drinking, and smoking. A few of the straight edge kids actually got together, and did drive-by’s in the city they lived in.

After hearing about them, I researched the straight edge lifestyle, and decided It would be the right thing for me.

So, i started listening to some straight edge bands: earth crysis, a few others. They were OK, but i wasn’t too wild about them. I just enjoyed being part of the cause.

Part of the straight edge thing is drawing x’s on your hands. It’s supposed to reflect what’s done at clubs, when you can’t order alcohol. So, i started doing that every day.

Then one day I was standing in the lunch line, and i got waved over by this older kid. He lifted up his long sleaved shirt, and showed me some drug free tatoos that he got on each of his arms. He went on to tell me about straight edge being bad news. Aparently he had been straight edge, and he joined a gang of them. Then, he ended up leaving the gang, and doing drugs. From there, the gang proceeded to threaten him, vandalize his stuff, and even break into his home to steal stuff.

I continued being straight edge. I talked with the guy a few more times, all was cool.

One day I started browsing a straight edge website, and I met a girl named Jessica. She lived up north, and was straight edge. I started talking with her on AIM, and IMs moved on to phone. We talked every day for along time, and remained friends on AIM.

Then one day i got grounded from the computer for a long time after I got suspended from school for posting the top ten hottest girls of oxford high school. Jessica and I continued talking on the phone. She announced getting a new boyfriend, and I was pretty sad, but i was OK with things. Then I started hanging out with a guy from school named seth.

One day, Seth got me to try pot. I did it, enjoyed it, and continued doing it.

After that first time, I got on the phone with jessica and let her know that I had tried pot. She got really mad at me, and quit talking to me.

When I got back online, some guy that she knew started harassing me. Saying him and his ‘crew’ were going to find me, and beat me up. I didn’t take him seriously.

Jessica hasn’t spoken with me since, and her straight edge friends never came to my house. Perhaps it’s better that I not be friends with people so judgemental, and controlling.

I could return to being straight edge, but the people are assholes. In addition to that, it’s gotten kind of religious, and there’s all kinds of wacked out people joining in on the cause.


2 Responses to “the straight edge years”

  1. yerrrr . Says:

    okayy . well , im straight edge and yuur a fuucking reatrd throw up the xXx’s for life . I’m stright edge its true i think im better then you .

  2. mike bailey Says:,
    Sweet grammar.

    non-internet tough guy / fascist,
    mike bailey

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