far far away

April 15, 2006

Is where I was.

How I got there was another story. Would you like to hear the story? Well, I’ll tell you anyway.

I got on my bike, rode through oxford lakes, glaspie, and orion. Then I rode down some road that took me through some orionese subdivision, and that took me down some dirt road.

At that point I wasn’t lost.

Then I got onto some paved road in downtown orion, and instead of heading west like a good boy, i went east, to engage in the discovery of lands I had never traveled to.

So, I rode that for a while, and it was fun. Curvey sidewalks, bridges, not knowing where I was, all a good time.

Then the rode I was on became dirt. So, I rode it for a while until I was at the end of it. Then I had a choice of heading east, or going west. There was a hill in the eastern direction, but there was wind from the west. So, I went east.

West was fun. Hilly, but fun. At the top of one of the hills, I looked north, and saw the top of a monastery in the distance. I had visited that monastery a few years ago.

I continued for a while until another biker rode up. I asked him where I was because I had no idea, and he told me i was on indianwood lake road. I asked him if there a route to lakeville road, and he told me to just continue on for a few more miles, and I would be on lakegeorge road, which would lead me onto lakeville road.

So, i rode it for a while, and i got to lakeville road after many miles of biking.

I got home after about 13 miles of biking. Woohoo yah alright

and that’s the story.


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