cool and unusual punishment

April 13, 2006

yeah kids i’m awake


last night we had chinese. i was yummified.

I’m gonna go out for a long long bike ride as soon as the drier finishes it’s run. I’m gonna try and do about 20 miles. We’ll see how that works out. I’m probably going to try and get lost somewhere out on some highways, here in oakland county. I’m not sure which direction I’ll travel. Either south, or west.

South would be less lost-making.

Man i’m tired… Maybe I shouldn’t be doing it.

I think i’ll just go up town and get lunched. Then I’ll come back home for rest, then go back out after food processes.

and that’s all I have to say. Here’s some lyrics for the people who were googling the title of this post:

Absolute shibari, cold noodles and hot sake
The mistress bar in Roppongi is the place
For Japanese hardcore, not the kind you’re gonna find at the record store
Not the kind designed for the kind hearted

Do not pass go, do not get bail
Go directly to Osaka Jail
Where you get locked or drunk under the table

For just under 10,000 yen
You can visit hell and come back again
For the process of hurting and healing
Cake and candle wax dessert
It’s not fun ‘til someone gets hurt
Who’s the next to get hung from the ceiling

So if you want rewards and consequence
They got the cool and unusual punishments
Get on your knees for Japanese instruction
Rope and Cigarette burns, forget about any health concerns
This is pure assisted self-destruction

Kanpai and bottoms up, unhelping hands hogtie you up
One bad deed surely deserves another
Bruised from bamboo caning
Coming home try explaining this to your significant other
Good fucking luck…


2 Responses to “cool and unusual punishment”

  1. Jon Says:

    Those straight edge people are being hypocrites.

    I live a clean lifestyle myself. I don’t smoke anything, and I rarely drink. I don’t harass people who do. I feel that humans can do whatever they want, as long as it doesn’t hurt someone else.

  2. sXe Courage Says:

    First off kid, you were never straightedge if youre not now. I used to drink about over a year and a half ago, but haven’t touched that shit since. I have always hated drugs, well illegal drugs including pot, because of the scum that uses them. You can have a good time without the use of any of that mind altering shit. I am 24 now, and am damn proud to be a druggie hating, college educated, arrogant, 100 percent drug free asshole. Straightedge people being hypocrites, you know nothing. Hardline straightedgers are about as dickhead as it gets, but mainline straightedgers are usually Xian high school kids that do it because it’s cool. I am somewhere in between. I hate druggies and I hate pushers but other than that if you want to drink and smoke cigs it’s your body have at it. As for drugs though I show no mercy.

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