April 10, 2006

i haven’t slept so fuck you.

got bike back, it’s still screwed up. woohoo incompotant mechanics.

biked anyway, ran into alex williams, didn’t stop. i had a lot of stuff on, so he probably couldn’t recognize me.

i sweat a lot when i wear a jacket. no more jackets on trips starting now.

wind from the south makes excercise difficult.

I realized that when i go riding, i’m not in my excercise mode, but my “make trip easy” mode. I should be thankful for the wind, it’s making me produce more energy to get skinny.

i want a hawaiian shirt.

i have a head ache because my helmet prevented my head from obtaining the oxygen that i needed to not have a headache.

then the allergies, ugh.

got lights, yeah, dad couldn’t manage to mount it on my bike because of whatever engenering problems there are on bike.

If you are fat, do not buy a trek 6700. you will break it.

what the fuck is there a truck outside for, it’s 12;31am

have you guys ever seen a kerry/edwards, or even remotely democrat sticker on a truck, or SUV?

that’s all.

and i hope swr finds his dog.


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