a crack of the neck

April 8, 2006

I did one of those just a second ago… well, now it’ sbeen 10 seconds ago, because I had to type all these words.

Bike is at the bike shop.

I bought a helmet. that cost me $40. It’s really big, and should keep me from being killed if i get run over by some crazy person here in oakland county.

Tonight I shaved my head. I’m looking better now, than I did last november when I did this.

I hope to get my bike tomorrow, or at the latest monday. it’s going to be in the 60s tuesday, and I’m hoping for a chance to go biking out to some far away land. I’m not sure which land I will travel to, but I am interested in traveling the pollyann trail back to that unknown subdivision in orion, to find out exactly where I was.

I still need to buy some shoes. Perhaps I can make a trip out to a shoe store to buy some new shoes.

Ordered 512mb of ram tonight, I need it.

I have no other news to report on.


2 Responses to “a crack of the neck”

  1. Randy Tellez Says:

    Rofl you lucky SOB! If you would have fked around with her you would have probably got caught and went to jail, she probably has an STD too!

  2. Jon Says:

    Another young mommy. Poor kid.

    Lucky you, Mikey.

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